Not as planned

Oooopsie. Well, at least the sword is in one piece?

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How are you guys doing? I’m fine, although that might change very soon, as I’m getting my second jab of covid vaccine tomorrow. I’m very excited. I hope I get to spend at least one day in bed, reading books and doing absolutely nothing. As you might have already noticed, your favorite slave-driver of an author doesn’t know how to rest and only fever can stop me from doing things. And I don’t get sick often.

Not much is going on at the moment, I work on Historia (polishing the details and adding the still missing assets) and on my second novel (to prepare it for beta readers). Both are slow because my work is demanding lately. It’s not annoying or anything, just tiring, stressful. I hope that in two weeks I’ll be able to return to hiking (right now it’s a bit scary, with cases growing in Tokyo) so I’ll be able to de-stress better 🙂

I hope you guys are doing great. See you next week!

11 comments on “Not as planned”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Notice He is fine. So either that magic doesn’t harm the caster, or chaos chance is being nice This time. Can’t say the same for anyone caught in shatter’s blast radius though.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Once more, chaos has asked for blood,
    and took it from a friend.
    The shards cut skin and feelings bud,
    as this spell’s out of hand.

    The scrapes themselves are not so bad,
    but still, the damage’s done.
    The pain did drive your interest mad,
    the mutual trust is gone.

    So what was that, you said you did,
    with Julia all this time?
    And please don’t lie and please don’t kid,
    and do speak in rhyme.

    Afraid I must, oh Ada dear,
    for t’is the form’s that’s chosen.
    She told me to control my fear,
    and now I stand here, frozen.

    I swear to you, I did not mean,
    to cause this harm to you.
    I thought I had it, got it clean,
    but now I wish I knew.

    This power is most terrifying,
    and way out of control.
    Please, my dear, I am not lying,
    I swear upon my soul.

    I simply should have smashed the glass,
    and deal with all the noise.
    Now I feel like the last ass,
    who plays with devil’s toys.

    And how was that, ol’ Fuller said,
    that those who use his toys,
    will soon take up his sword instead,
    and be of the lost boys.

    So please forgive me, did not mean,
    to ever harm you, dear.
    To use this power I’m not keen,
    to hurt again, I fear.

  3. Sabreur Reply

    I love how expressive Ada is. That’s one heck of a scowl in the last panel!

  4. HKMaly Reply

    Ok. I think it’s obvious now that breaking the glass with mace would be less dangerous.

  5. Joanne Brewster Reply

    I would (and have) felt that I would die if I inadvertently harmed the one I love.

  6. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Well this sure soured quickly.

    Best wishes for low side-effect NI. I have my second dose on Wednesday so I’m hopping for the same.

  7. Steeeve Reply

    Ha, Ada can be rather badass. Just pulls a big shard of glass out of her arm all like “it’s just a flesh wound”.

  8. Alex Reply

    Rob: Oh we were mostly watching Shingetsutan Tsukihime. Does it show?
    Ada: I will force-feed you that sandwich you threw away days ago!
    Rob: Do it mouth-to-mouth. If you dare.

  9. Der Wipe Reply

    Aaaahhhh Ada don’t just pull out a glass shard like that it just makes the wound bleed more (and this one looks like it needs to be stitched)

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