Crack the glass

Robert turns pink!

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I hope you guys are doing great! I’m both a bit hyped and tired since I’ve just finished revising The Cleansed Ones and I landed on 126k words. It’ll have to be enough, I don’t know how to make it any shorter without mutilating the plot. I’m plenty happy with the result and should soon be ready to query this baby… I think I found another comp title too – The Gutter Prayer. I’ve barely started reading that one but it seems fast-paced and full of action, just like what I’m trying to do in The Cleansed Ones.

What else… well, covid cases in Tokyo are growing, so I’ve been trying to keep myself busy at home. With editing my book, pretty much. Now that I’m done with that novel, I’ll resume working on the next one, which still needs some polishing after the second revision. Damn, writing is a lot of work. I wanted to draft another book this year too, but I’m not sure how that’ll go. Seriously, writing books is 80% editing and 20% writing. I’m not kidding. That’s pretty much my ratio lol

Has anyone read Basara (it’s an old manga)? It got recommended to me, but I haven’t had a chance to start reading yet.

12 comments on “Crack the glass”

  1. Doom Reply

    I’ve said it before, and this page merits saying it again: Happy Ada makes me happy.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I find that rather unlikely, actually.
      I assume that there isn’t much electricity on the grid right now and the emergency generators (if present) are likely to have depleted their charge as well.

      What’s more, there are two kinds of alarm, one being the noisy kind meant to scare potential thiefs away, the other one being the silent one, which serves to inform the guard personell…which is simply not present at this point.

      I haven’t broken into any museums, so I don’t know which kind of alarm they’d employ, but if you wanted to catch the perp, the ‘noisy alarm’ may not be the smartest choice.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Swordie, Swordie come to me,
    oh please, oh please, be mine.
    Soon, so soon, we’ll set you free,
    release you from your shrine.

    Now come, my servant of the dark,
    and open up its casket.
    Feel the power, feel the spark,
    now come and pop the gasket.

    Wait, this power that you wield,
    are you sure that you’ve got this?
    The glass is cracked, the blade unsealed,
    but gone is all of my bliss.

    This power that has saved our hides,
    I cannot comprehend.
    It rips apart, and then divides,
    but cannot understand.

    I fear, one day, this chaos well,
    that you are tapping into.
    Will one day toll your very knell,
    and no more you will come to.

    I fear I may have erred today,
    to ask you to stay quiet.
    I fear I spelled for us dismay,
    and may have caused a riot.

    What if, maybe, you lost control?
    So much we do not know yet.
    What is the price, what is the toll?
    A gift or yet one more threat?

    This power, which she taught you then,
    the sharpest blade you’re wielding.
    The question is not ‘if’, but ‘when’,
    it will be you who’s yielding.

  3. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Hm, do they need to use magic? I mean, sure this is probably some kind of hardened glass, but still, with a mace or something that must be lying around the place, this should be feasible. They need to save their magical energy, don’t they?

    • Refugnic Reply

      The problem here is ‘noise’.
      Cracking the thing with a mace may well attract a lot of unwanted attention.

      But yeah, in terms of narrative I think this page mostly serves to show how powerful Robert really is.
      Though I cannot help but worry about the price he’ll have to pay eventually.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Good point. Well, I sure hope he can stop the glass from making noise, then. And that no alarms are still active…

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