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Here. Ada and Robert being lovey-dovey.

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So! Cute page this time around! I’m hoping to get vaccinated tomorrow, so I’m in high spirits. Until they cancel on me again. But maybe not. My fiance got vaccinated today so there’s hope. And I’m almost done drawing CGs for Historia, which means I’ll have more time for other things. I have… 1.5 CG left and some extra images for the title screen. And I should be done with drawing stuff for the game. We’re still working on special effects and music though, so it’ll probably be a while before the official launch.

For writing… not much progress this week, I was a bit tired so I let myself rest while my fiance kept reading through The Mind Drummer’s second revision. He’s just finished it, and he liked it! He wasn’t all that impressed by the first draft, so I’m glad my rewrite paid off. Yey! Another book in the pipeline haha… I’ll need to clean it up a bit, polish the text, and find some beta readers next. Writing books is a lot of work haha… But I’m fairly sure that I’ll be doing it for a while. I’ve got two books in the pipeline now, brainstorming yet another story, and filling a notebook with ideas for… hmm… 3 more, at least. All different worlds, different characters. And I can’t wait to write them!

Speaking of books: I’m reading Foundryside now and it’s turning out to be a great comp title for The Cleansed Ones so I’ll be using it in my query letter! If you like books with female protagonists, lots of action, and steampunk magic — do check it out! I’ll want to have another comp title since Foundryside hasn’t been published very recently. If you read it and know of similar books, but published in the last 2 years, please let me know!

See you next week guys! πŸ™‚

11 comments on “Museum date”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Cherish that smile, it’s far too rare,
    in a world, were nerves lay bare.
    Set out to walk this hallowed halls,
    take note of carnage on the walls.

    I’d dare say, this was rage at work.
    And I say, that you are a jerk!
    Don’t be like that, enjoy our date!
    Follow me, let’s make this great!

    Yeah sure, for now it’s you and me,
    oh and of course the killing spree.
    Bodies to the left and right,
    how many died that cursed night?

    Hey there, Robert, are you sure?
    Where we’re going on this tour?
    Yeah sure, I’ve got it memorized!
    Planned it all, you’d be surprised.

    Haha, real funny, now please the truth.
    I snatched some pampleths from a booth.
    Look, and this is where we are,
    and there we’ll go, come it’s not far.

    Nice thinking there, I must admit,
    without a map we’d need to split.
    To turn this whole place upside down.
    The worry then would make me frown.

    Why thank you, dear, you are too kind.
    Don’t push your luck or pain you’ll find.
    I’ll kick your butt to next week straight,
    might even use you as a bait.

    Ouch, that stings, why you so cruel?
    To keep you from acting like a fool!
    ’cause fools get killed, gruesomely too.
    Can’t bear the thought of loosing you.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Well Good. No lost in the museum, now they just have to worry about what comes out to play at Night.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I am somewhat certain that they don’t intend to stay long enough to find out.
      But then again, considering how clean everything is within the museum (compared to the outside world I mean), it appears to be a somewhat safe place.

      But then again, ‘this looks like a safe enough place’ is among the famous last word.

  3. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I hope Robert does not get too excited about his museum date, we don’t want him to break again…

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