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Okay, so the news is… that I’m not getting vaccinated. Not anytime soon, at least. The government made a big mess and the company that I work for didn’t receive the vaccines or personnel to carry out the vaccinations and the whole deal was canceled. I was not able to sign up for the mass vaccination either because it was gone in a minute and the system was just absurd. Anyway. I’m tired (for other reasons) and kinda upset, so I won’t bore you with my whining.

The good thing is that my trusty alpha reader is now reading my second incoming novel – The Mind Drummer – and he’s in the middle and he likes it so far. So that’s pretty sweet! What I’ll do with The Cleansed Ones (the book that needs to shave 10k words) – I haven’t decided. I think I’m going to pick a chapter and see how much I can shave off by just rewording things and removing glue words. If that doesn’t help (would need to be a 1k per chapter to work!) I’ll probably just try querying with 130k and hope for a miracle. I will not chop the book in half or remove any scenes. I believe them all necessary and I’d just damage the book for the sake of querying which is ridiculous. If nobody wants it – I’ll self-publish and so be it.

That’s it. Stay safe and see you next week!

18 comments on “Awesome”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Welcome to the storage station,
    but this place is a bust.
    All this junk, from all the nation,
    this bad luck is not just.

    Bite your nail and count to three,
    then you’ll know where to go.
    To the displays, past debris,
    at least this much I know.

    Now move your butt, we’re wasting time,
    I’ve cost us far too much.
    Let’s find the stairs we need to climb,
    need blades and not some crutch.

    ‘Waste our time’, is what you said?
    You were awesome, Ada!
    Faced that thing and now it’s dead,
    and long gone from our radar.

    So you fainted, psh, big deal,
    you have deserved a rest.
    I can’t tell you, how I feel,
    but know this, ‘You’re the best.’

    Surely you’re exaggerating,
    there’s no glorious fainting.
    I’m telling you, there’s no debating,
    that fight deserves a painting!

    Let’s put it on the grand display,
    ‘Ada versus the giant’!
    The witch that keeps the bad at bay,
    the eternally defiant.

    Can it, Robert, you’re a fool!
    But only around you.
    So tell me, Ada, why so cruel,
    since now we’re only few?

    If only I could tell you here,
    how much you mean to me.
    But it’s not here, not now, I fear,
    the moment’s not to be.

    So let me shower you a little,
    with compliments galore.
    For when you fell, I felt so brittle,
    and shaken to my core.

    Did all the cracking, heaving, dragging,
    while anxiously I waited.
    And since you won’t, I’ll do the bragging,
    instead of being frustrated.

    And if it means, you’ll stay this pretty,
    I’ll tell you this, all day.
    Yes, I know, I’m being petty,
    please never go away.

  2. Alex Reply

    Good choice regarding The Cleansed Ones. A good publisher shouldn’t make a fuss about 10K words, but instead view it as a guideline. 200K words would be a different story (figuratively and also literally :)), but less than 8% really shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    Regarding vaccinations I’m lucky to be in Germany, because here everything is organized fairly well. Some time ago I watched a video about the USA, saying that they don’t have enough patients for the vaccines anymore, and even here some people are starting to ignore their second appointments, so maybe Poland can strike a deal with another country to get more stuff.

    @comic: Just a few more compliments and Ada will grin like she grinned in that flashback when that other woman told her that she had stopped dating Rob.

    • T3hOgre Reply

      I am thinking a retort is in order for Robert’s use of the F*word! 😉

      She was overcome by a severe need to nap. In the middle of the square. Whilst buildings and demons collapsed around her. She did not faint. Rob faints. Ada naps involuntarily.

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s not Poland! I live in Japan and despite the Olympics and everything they’re still running out of the vaccines. I’ve just learned that they canceled vaccinations in one of the prefectures until the end of July…

      • Alex Reply

        Wow that’s sad. I know that Japan can be chaotic when it comes to organizing stuff, but damn, organizing vaccines was something they had plenty of time to do.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Yeah… I love this country with all my heart but some things could have been done better (as many other countries show). But, it’s not like it’s the only place that had cancelations, vaccine shortages and other adventures. It’s just sad that they didn’t try as hard as with the olympics. I’m only glad that people are reasonable so everyone’s wearing masks and we never had an insane number of cases so I didn’t go bald from stress even while living in a huge metropolis. What happened in NY was terrifying…

          And I managed to schedule a vaccination for 16th today. We’ll see how that goes.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Geez she’s self-depreciating. Ada you just took down a Kaiju! With a rock and a spell! Celebrate for once!

    It’s all about perspective and research, keep the book as is, find someone like Brandon Sanderson’s editor and you’ll go through in no time when they realize it is something that Isn’t thicker than most encyclopedias. Or self publish (Kickstarter that thing!)

  4. Loreminder Reply

    Yo, this is really good.
    Can’t wait for more.
    Sorry to hear about the vaccine.
    I really need to get better at writing comments.

    • Refugnic Reply

      You’ve written a message and submitted it to the page, letting everyone know what you think in an understandable and civil way.
      As far as I’m concerned, your comment is perfectly fine. 🙂

  5. Doom Reply

    First panel ponytail! So pretty!
    Nice long bath for our heroes, please!

    • JW Reply

      Yes, you’re right. I hadn’t paid enough attention to that, but the back of Ada’s head, with the ponytail but also the other details, really does look quite nice.

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