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The princess is up!

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Some news! Amazon managed to secure the government aid for the vaccines and your frustrated artist is finally getting vaccinated! 5th July, if all goes well. I’m not looking forward to going back to the office (my writing time will be turned into commute time) but I’ll be able to go hiking again! Can’t wait to find out how useless my muscles have become over time.

What else… Still working on Historia, there are I think 6 CGs left right now. Not much! And I’m done with the second revision of The Mind Drummer (YA horror novel I’m writing) and my trusty alpha-reader is now reading through it. I’ll probably start brainstorming something new in a moment because I can’t seem to force myself to edit out those 10k words from the novel I wanted to query (The Cleansed Ones). I want to try checking if there are some useless words I can get rid of easily, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough. Maybe I can remove 6k and then round it down hahahahahahahaha…

I’ve finished reading Sailing to Sarantium and I liked the characters and prose but it was a slow book. We’ll see what the second volume will be like. I’m listening to Magic for Liars now (as I draw Historia’s CGs) and it’s also a pretty slow book. Not sure about it yet. I’m somewhere in the middle and not much has happened. I’m going through the fantasy books published in the last 2-3 years to find good comparison titles for my query, but no luck so far. Every fantasy book is about a chosen one realizing their potential when my main character just… punches people. She’s nothing special. She just happened to be in the middle of a really big mess… If you guys know of any fantasy books with a strong female protagonist and fast-paced action that got published in the last 2-3 years — let me know!

19 comments on “Hello again”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Good morning, princess, rise and shine.
    The sun will soon come down.
    I was so worried, but you’re fine!
    And there comes back your frown.

    Waking up with this sweet face,
    bewildered, lost, so pretty.
    But once you wake, without a trace,
    it’s gone, it’s such a pity.

    Your breathing steady, peaceful sleep,
    I hope you’ve dreamed good things.
    For this I fight, for you to keep,
    these immaterial wings.

    ‘It can’t be helped, it’s how it is,’
    I tell myself in silence.
    And now’s the time for the pop quiz,
    the exhibits speak of violence.

    Now have a drink, a hearty gulp,
    I need you to recover.
    So I won’t end up as a pulp,
    and never be your lover.

    Yeah yeah, I’m good, so what’s the deal,
    what is the situation?
    Stop asking me, it’s good I feel,
    your unhealthy fixation!

    After all, this ain’t vacation,
    nor some weird getaway.
    And what’s that look full of frustration?
    I’m fine, get out my way!

    Well, you see, the blades I’ve found,
    they’re rusty, chipped and broken.
    Say what?! There’s no good blades around?!
    No words left to be spoken.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Also, and while I’ve already said it on Discord, I simply adore the first panel.
    Easily the cutest picture of Ada I remember to date.
    Too bad that her trademark frown is back in no time flat.
    But then again, considering their situation, it’d be weird if she allowed herself more than 5 seconds of ‘cute’. 😀

  3. Alex Reply

    “I’ll probably start brainstorming something new in a moment because I can’t seem to force myself to edit out those 10k words from the novel I wanted to query (The Cleansed Ones).”
    What about https://replaycomic.com/comic/iii-85/#comment-215052 ?

    @mouse-over: Yeah, if Ada slept on me I’d be hard, too. 🙂
    Sorry not sorry, after seeing panel 1 I couldn’t resist. Damn she’s hot when she looks submissive.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Apologies! I thought I replied to that one but I either only thought about it or it didn’t save. I don’t mind offering stuff for free, I have a bunch of side-stories from the same universe already sketched out on the side, but I don’t think the book works without the first chapter. I need to take a good luck at that text and see if some things can be tightened up… I like that more than cutting out a chapter.

      • Alex Reply

        I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work if people just read the prequel first. Is that really worse than culling 10K words? The parts I’ve read so far didn’t look like you could just cut out about 10%.

        • JW Reply

          I don’t think it really works well when you buy a book and it says somewhere in the intro “Oh btw, you should read the prequel online first, on this url that’s probably invalid by the time this book is printed.”

          • Alex

            You don’t need to use a URL if you can just upload it as a free ebook on known platforms like Amazon.
            Also, it wouldn’t just say it in the intro, it would say so on the sale page as well, and in the summary at the back.

          • JW

            Look I get that you wouldn’t consider it a problem yourself. But put yourself in other people’s shoes.

            If they buy a book, expecting it to be a self-contained story, it may be an unwelcome surprise when it’s not. They might not like reading e-books, preferring actual book form. They might not be able to use amazon, because amazon suddenly activated two-factor authentication that only works on a smartphone and they don’t have a smartphone (real story).
            And regardless, it’s an extra barrier, however big or small it might be to specific individuals.

          • Alex

            Dude, don’t assume that I’m not putting myself in other people’s shoes. What you’re describing is merely a general problem for anyone who writes a series of books. This is not some kind of super rare problem that doesn’t have any solutions yet, it’s one of the most common problems in book-writing ever. If you buy part 2, you need to have read part 1 to understand everything, regardless of what kinds of barriers may or may not appear to be there and regardless of what you may or may not have expected despite what the book says. I really don’t understand why you continue going on about someone expecting it to be self-contained despite me already having explained that there can be plenty of messages to the contrary.

            Also note that Amazon is nothing more but an example and that there is a plethora of other ways for making things public elsewhere.

            And finally, your view-point is one-sided because you’re not comparing the things you’ve said to the disadvantages of cutting out 10K words.

          • JW

            I wonder why conversations between us always seem to turn hostile so quickly. I only know one other person on the internet I have this issue with, and I don’t see you having it with anyone other than me either. So I guess perhaps our personalities or writing styles really don’t mesh.
            In any case, for the sake of peace I think it’s better we stop replying to each other and just ignore each other.

      • Rostanya Reply

        I wouldn’t recommend putting a prequel up for sale or online if you’re trying to traditionally publish. It can potentially be an issue if an agent does take an interest in the book. It would be something you would want to discuss with them beforehand, at the least.

        If you can’t cut 10K, then you will really want to work on your query and first three chapters or so. Make sure they’re as tight and crisp as you can get them. If the story is compelling enough, an agent might overlook the word count, but it has to grab them.

        If you need another set of eyes, I wouldn’t mind reading for you?

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Hmm so spell effect major on use precluded by spell effect minor on creation. Good to know, hopefully they take note of that as well.

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