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I’m feeling a bit under the weather today so I’m not going to write much. Sorry for being so quiet lately, I’m working hard on a bunch of stuff and I can’t believe it’s already April… I’ll actually finally finish the final edit of my novel after the next week and it terrifies me how much time it took. I assumed it’ll be smoother, go faster, but polishing a book can truly take as much time as you’re willing to give it. Well, I’ll be done in a week.

Historia stuff is slowly moving forward too, but I feel like I haven’t drawn as much as I’d like this week. Some unexpected things (not bad, not good, just unexpected) screwed my schedule and I ended up not having as much time for drawing as I wanted. Hopefully, the next week will be more productive. I still made a new background so I’ll add it on Historia’s Patreon.

Anyway — enjoy the page, stay healthy, and see you next week!

10 comments on “Wham”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    And there he goes, he’s falling down,
    falling down, falling down, there he goes,
    he’s falling down, my fair Ada.

    And as he falls with one big ‘Wham!’,
    buildings fall you’d better scram!
    Too late to run or look for cover,
    come, rush in, you would-be lover.

    The cloud of dust, dirt and debris,
    so hard to breathe, so hard to see.
    Get on down and shield your face,
    incoming rubble! Hold on! Brace!

    Now tell me, did you think this through?
    Knew what your spell would really do?
    The buildings raised in glorious past,
    all now are razed in one fell blast.

    Let’s hope, at least, it fell down well,
    lest you will need a cleanup spell.
    To dig through tons of rotting flesh,
    for your objective’s buried fresh.

    Plus, what’s more, you better hurry,
    before more come all in a flurry.
    To check on what did make him fall,
    the whole town surely heard this call.

  2. Just_IDD Reply

    Enjoy your spring. Ours is always strange, low 70F early last week, snow on friday.

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Same – Ohio. 70s then 30s and 20s. If’n it ain’t May 20 – Winter is not over. The flower pics were purty, NI. Ditto on enjoying your Spring, everyone.

  3. Rycan Reply

    …they’ve probably got about one minute before all Hell breaks loose. Two, if they’re lucky.

    • TheMasterMicah Reply

      Rycan your wrong hell has already broken loose hell broke loose like 6 years ago.

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    That was totally WICKED!!!!

    (To quote Mr. Incredibles’ neighbour).

  5. Sean Murphy Reply

    Look out for shrapnel unleashed by the air squooshed out from underneath that big blob of unconnected organs!

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