Past the limit

You thought it’s for free…? High time we started talking about those, hm, side effects that you’re experiencing.

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Um, I’ll write more tomorrow, my maybe-one-day-husband has his birthday on Monday so we had a little party today and what not, didn’t get the time to write a proper note under the comic. I’ll try to add something tomorrow!

Stay healthy and enjoy some Ada!

Okay, I’m back for a bit πŸ˜‰ I mostly wanted to tell you guys that I’ve just finished editing my novel, it’s all done and ready, and I’ll be querying some agents at the end of the month! I doubt I’ll manage to grab anyone’s interest (mostly because I realize how much luck it requires) but if nobody wants to print it, I’ll publish an ebook sometime later this year. I’ve read the story 20 times by now, and I still love it, so maybe some of you can enjoy it too. It’s a fantasy story, something of a cross between Indiana Jones and How to Train Your Dragon. Except the dragon has, like, 80 legs. And Indiana Jones is female.

I’ll be sharing more of my writing adventures as things move forward. I still need to finish the cover drawing for the story, start outlining the next one, edit the draft I completed during the last NaNoWriMo in 2020, and so on…

And yeah, I’m still drawing Historia, don’t worry! πŸ˜‰

21 comments on “Past the limit”

  1. Alex Reply

    Well, she’s almost there, but someone should tell Ada that Bloodbending means to bend the other guy’s blood.

  2. patrician Reply

    Soo… this popped up on my rss feed, but the previous comic doesn’t link to it. was this intentional?

  3. Forrest Reply

    This is a wonderful scene. I love the display of power, and especially love that power has always come with consequences. I am incessantly surprised by this comic. (In good ways!)

  4. JW Reply

    It’s a fantasy story, something of a cross between Indiana Jones and How to Train Your Dragon. Except the dragon has, like, 80 legs. And Indiana Jones is female.

    Ooh, that sounds interesting. I’m reading Temeraire at the moment. Which is, I guess, a bit like a cross between “Horatio Hornblower” and “How to train my dragon”. It’s from the same author as “Uprooted”.
    To be honest I only bought it because of the author, without really looking into what it was about. I had kinda hoped it would have a strong female protagonist, like Uprooted, but it didn’t (which I would have known if I’d read the back cover before buying, but y’know). Still pretty good, though.
    Anyway, your story definitely ticks some boxes for me: author I like, fantasy, dragons, female protagonist. What sort of setting is it in? A medieval-like fantasy setting, or more the Indiana Jones period?

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s a different world, so I always struggle to answer that question… Technology-wise, guns are starting to gain popularity but not many have them. Politics-wise, there are no kings or queens – there’s a ruling theocracy based on an event from 200 years ago. It’s a world that survived a cataclysm and had to built order from scratch.

      I’ll need to check Temeraire, thanks!

  5. Regis Earsquake Reply

    “Except the dragon has, like, 80 legs.” So basically, how to train your Centipede

    • Speedy Marsh Reply

      Lol πŸ˜‚

      I was thinking these two are gonna end up in side by side beds in a coma ward. 😌😌

      Are we about to see a flashback dream sequence, brought to us by the Next button?

  6. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Oh no.
    She needs to be careful, she can’t be out of commission for a day – or longer – because of a headache – or worse – due to overexerting herself.

    But I guess it’s too late now…

    Fingers crossed that she will not have any permanent consequences. It’s not like they did have a choice if they wanted to fight that giant thing… (or did they, reading NI’s mouse-over text?)

    • JW Reply

      Fingers crossed that she will not have any permanent consequences.

      Spoiler: the rest of the comic, Ada’s bound to a wheelchair.

      Oh wait, we already saw glimpses of the future where that wasn’t so.

      • Refugnic Reply

        We assume it to be glimpses of the future, but what if they weren’t?
        What if they are actually memories from a different timeline, where for example this event did not happen?

        Though yeah, I also don’t think this is going to leave her physically disabled or dead…emotionally on the other hand, this might well put a strain on ‘the continued use of magic’.

        You know ‘got lucky this time, but what about the next?’

  7. Refugnic Reply

    And at long last the limit’s passed,
    now there’s a price to pay.
    Your luck’s run out, it couldn’t last,
    fatigue has come to play.

    Yes sure, it worked, you won this bout,
    but was it worth the pain?
    And did you pray, have been devout?
    To wield this force insane?

    Now all that’s left is dust and ash,
    of warrior and foe.
    You went all out and acted rash,
    and made the magic flow.

    And like a river takes along,
    both earth and weathered stone,
    It can not tell the right from wrong,
    it’s source remains unknown.

    For sure it flows from east to west,
    or maybe south to north,
    today it flowed through you, the guest,
    and burst through you, burst forth.

    So now the time has come to rest,
    eternity awaits.
    You have done well, yes you’re the best,
    stay clear of pearly gates.

  8. Sean Murphy Reply

    Yes! I am finally caught up! That only leaves three more comics I need to get caught up on and close their perma-tabs, and Chrome will finally open in less than five full minute! I kid, i’s really only two full minutes by now. Back when it was twenty comics to catch up on otoh…

    • JW Reply

      Geez, I can only imagine how long it would take with my 400+ tabs. Glad I’m using firefox then, I suppose.

      I should clean up my tabs..

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