Feel the power

I wonder if you guys still remember the poor assistant and her research haha

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Honestly, not much has changed for me during the last week: still working both on Historia and editing my novel, work is moving forward at an okay tempo but it’ll still be a while before I’m done. I’m hoping to at least wrap up the novel in the next 3 weeks so that’s exciting. I’m getting faster at editing, I know what I want now and what mistakes I tend to make in my writing. After I’m done… I’ll look for an agent to represent me. I doubt I’ll find anyone since I realize how difficult that is, but who knows? Gotta give that luck a chance! I’d like a writing mentor too, but I have no clue how to go about that. Maybe I should take some courses or a masterclass, make some more connections, no idea. If you know any fantasy authors that want to do some babysitting or agents that are looking for a new voice – let me know hahah

Apart from that, I got promoted at work? Maybe that’s interesting from some of you. I got many congratulations and it was nice, now I’m going to be stressed for a while (or maybe just plain afraid of disappointing everyone). But yeah, I’m doing good work-wise and I’m among the lucky ones whose employment wasn’t affected by the pandemic. And, as random news go, I had my first “earthquake in an elevator” experience and I didn’t enjoy that much. Kinda scary! Luckily, the earthquake wasn’t very strong in Tokyo. I live on the 10th floor so it’s not such a long ride but it still managed to catch us already in the motion.

That’s it, I’m going to go back to editing now ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the page and please check out Historia if you haven’t yet! We’re still working hard on the next chapter of the kinetic novel!

13 comments on “Feel the power”

  1. Alex Reply

    Ooooooh, I feel a Shingetsutan Tsukihime reference incoming. Go, Ada, slice his lines. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Renate yes, remembered well,
    reaped too soon by beasts of hell.
    She played with meatballs, dug through flesh,
    Sung a tune, kept spirits fresh.

    Ripped too soon from mortal realm,
    when demons rose to overwhelm,
    the whimsical defense of man,
    soldiers did the best they can.

    If not for theses twos blades and wits,
    they would have all been torn to bits.
    But yet they live and stand and fight,
    take out the cores, kill demon blight.

    Now you see what they suspected,
    their weakpoints now you have detected.
    The too big foe no blade could harm,
    may soon be sent to maggot’s farm.

    But tell me girl, how would you reach,
    the points so high, the skin can’t breach.
    Close your fist will squish its balls?
    But do stay clear please when it falls!

    Return you must to tell the tale,
    of how one may once make them fail.
    Their heart and kidneys, lungs and brain,
    must stop them all, none must remain.

    The flow of mana through this beast,
    now is revealed to you at least.
    But tell me, what to do right now?
    To crush this flow, please tell me how.

  3. HKMaly Reply

    No we don’t remember. Ok, I do remember there was someone trying to dissect the monsters, but I don’t remember if she found out anything useful before dying. Maybe you could put a link to the page you think about in commentary?

  4. Brandi Lynch Reply

    Hi, an author here! I don’t know the details on your novel, but you can look up agents and their likes on MSWishlist.com. You can sort it by genre and age group. I would look for a good critique partner or two, for sure. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have if I’m able.

  5. Torjin Reply

    Definitively remember poor Renata, whose lovely sense of black humor became apparent by the song she sang. I am still convinced that her early passing is a loss to the comic.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well, there’s the theory that those who get killed by demons become demons themselves, so her death just MIGHT not be the last time we’ve seen her…not that we’d actually recognize her when we meet her again, but it’s possible.

      • JW Reply

        not that weโ€™d actually recognize her when we meet her again

        Unless we encounter a demon singing “Alouette”

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