The seed of doubt

Robert is eager to help, but it’s not that easy. The seed of doubt is already there~

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I don’t really like chaos magic because when it’s portrayed in books, it’s always in a way that “you can try a little bit harder and it works”. So the main character can’t really be in a pinch, they will focus a little more, wish a little harder, believe a little stronger and miracles will happen! I don’t like that. With ritual magic, the limitations and gains are much clearer.

Not much has changed for me, I’m still trying to finish all Historia assets on time although the Comiket has been moved to December so I’m not sure what we’ll want to do with our deadlines. For now, I just continue as if nothing had happened and I’m very busy drawing one scene after another. Visual Novel development is hard… Especially when you’re the only artist on the project hahahahahaha…

I’ve been listening to Dresden Files while I draw and I’m in the third book right now. It’s enjoyable, so if you like urban fantasy and haven’t checked that one out I can definitely recommend it:

See you guys next week!

8 comments on “The seed of doubt”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Planted is the seed of doubt,
    but it’s too late for backing out.
    Too late indeed to try and run,
    there’s no more time for games and fun.

    Yet still, to fight this magnitude,
    time to accept that you are screwed.
    Take your loss, go run and hide,
    for all is lost once you have died.

    The visions of the desert red,
    won’t come to pass once you are dead.
    There’s still a job you have to do,
    so get to it, yes both of you!

    Grab the girl, be on your way,
    and live to fight another day.
    You came here once, can still come back,
    prepare diversions, which you lack.

    You came prepared for glorious death,
    to do your task till your last breath.
    But these old stories must be told,
    or glory’s lost to deaths’ cruel hold.

    So you see, no point in dying.
    No point in leaving young girls crying.
    So run inside, do smash and grab,
    instead of tryin’ to slash and stab.

  2. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Is it just me or does this demon keep looking bigger every time we see it. Roberts hair looks great on panel one NI.

  3. Grault Reply

    “To fly, you must believe you can. Eventually, reality follows.” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan
    I actually thought of Robin Williams killing fairies with disbelief, but this quote works better.

    • Just_IDD Reply

      I prefer the Douglas Adams school, “Flight is the ability to fall and simply fail to hit the ground.”

    • JW Reply

      *lol* I wondered what you meant with “machump”, but apparently “Machamp” is a pokemon that actually kinda looks like our demon over here.

      It sure would help if he was frozen in place. So indeed, let’s see…

      • NotImportant Reply

        Oh man, I shouldn’t trust my brain. I didn’t realize this at all lol

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