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How are you guys doing? I tried to take it easy last week and burned a page from my comic buffer but also sketched out a bunch of future pages so it’s like I’m a little bit behind, but not entirely? At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself. Next week there’s a holiday on Thursday and I’m taking Friday off too, for a 4-day long weekend. We’re planning to go to Shizuoka (1 hour away by train) – I’ll read books, walk a lot, see something new, and hopefully, my brain stops freaking out over every little thing.

From other random news – I drew a bunch of stuff for Historia last week and will post something on Patreon as soon as I finish rendering the video. I have some sprites drawing process to share and a new CG 🙂 Please consider supporting Historia VN! We’re putting a lot of love (and money) into this project so it all counts. I’m happy when people say they played and liked it, it’s my first visual novel after all! Oh, and we got a lovely fanart from Nohealforu last week hahaha it’s a real gem <3 Thanks again!

Apart from Historia stuff, I finished an editing pass for my novel. I’m planning one more — the final one — but that should go faster. And then it’ll be done! My first book, ready to publish! It has nothing to do with demons and catgirls, but I hope some of you will give it a read once it’s published. I’ll probably share some related artwork sometime soon 🙂 The book itself will be out this year, unless I actually manage to find an agent, then it’ll take longer.

I started watching Wonder Egg Priority and love it! Fantastic show and superb animation quality, I really recommend it if you like dream-like stories. And I started reading “Magic Bites” by Ilona Andrews but I’m not sure yet if I’ll like the series. It’s a bit too much of a “book for women” for me. You know, every guy is either disgusting or killer-handsome and there’s always two paragraphs or more when the main character changes clothes. Not to mention that I always need to get a description of someone’s attire, from shoes to hat. But the setting is interesting (I like urban fantasy) and there’s a lot of action so it reads quickly. We’ll see!

Ok, I’m tired, time to go to sleep. I hope you’ll enjoy the page!

18 comments on “Bigger game”

    • JW Reply

      It’s going to be so sad when it finds them sliced to pieces.

      Well, to be honest they didn’t really look related in any way.

        • JW Reply

          Maybe that is the mom. Could be one of those species where the male is much smaller.

          But we don’t know anything about how they reproduce in the first place. Maybe the children just bud off from the parent. Or maybe it takes more than two parents. Maybe they get dropped off by the stork, or grow from cabbages. Probably Brussel sprouts, cause those are evil. 😛

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Heavy steps drone through the city.
    The birds take flight, no time for pity.
    She bids farewell and lets them pass,
    as ripples spill the water glass.

    Now look at that, mama has come,
    to call her children, ‘Dinner’s done!’
    But what she finds, to her dismay,
    the children won’t come home from play.

    Instead she finds, two measly things,
    hidden between museum’s wings.
    ‘You rotten fiends, what have you done?!’
    ‘When all they wanted was some fun?!’

    Cornered, trapped and very beat,
    sitting atop dead demon meat,
    Can’t do a thing but run away,
    or hide and wait, sit tight and pray.

    But let’s now speak some happier words,
    than dying chances, fleeing birds.
    I will protect you, come what may,
    no matter what I’ll have to pay.

    I’ll happ’ly do all that it takes,
    to keep you safe, I know the stakes.
    For you, I’d bear a world of hurt.
    For you I’d give my final shirt.

    You silly fool, what are you saying?!
    What idiot’s game do you try playing?!
    If you died now, how sad I’d be!
    We’ll make it back, to our tree!

    To happy moments in the shade,
    which give me strength to wield this blade.
    we’ll make it back, we’ll find a way.
    With you, in shade, I want to lay.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Not like she’d ever admit to even just imagining that, but everyone needs a break every now and then.
        And it was a very nice scene back then, even though it was never meant to last.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Also, the best of luck with your book.
    As it so happens, I am well aware of how much work getting a book done and ready for publishing and how discouraging it can be to see those ‘Nobody cared’ messages (or general lack of messages, for that matter)…but I want to believe that if even just one person enjoys the story you wrote, if even just one person went to join your characters on their journey, then it’s already all worth it.

    At least that what it feels like for me.
    However I don’t think you have anything to worry about this ‘Nobody cares about your work’ problem at all, what with your current track record and all. (A rather successful webcomic which is ranked highly at TWC, one of the best visual novels I’ve ever played, though I am far from an avid VN player, so my word may not mean much on that 😛 and an actual community that you interact with…yeah, I think you’re doing good.)

    And even if it does not work out, there’s still always ‘the next time’.
    At the very least there is for me, and I think I know you well enough by now, to be able to claim that you’re not one to give up easily either. 🙂

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Imma turn some pages if I can find it. Maybe it will inspire me to stop pressing the delete key on my own works. Tapas, deviant art, WordPress, or Amazon? And, I hope you find an agent. Just make sure you get to keep at least 30%.

      And for once, I believe Refugnic is correct that you will be able to hold an audience with your endeavor.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha thank you Refugnic! That’s very kind of you <3 Yes, I'm not going to give up even if I get bad reviews or nobody reads it, I already have the next book drafted after all! Besides, I need to catch up to you, you wrote way more stuff than me and I simply cannot live with that fact!

      • Refugnic Reply

        Haha, so it’s now a contest or something?
        Besides, quantity and quality are not the same thing, as I’m sure you know.

        I may have written more stories than you in my life time, but what does that even mean?
        It only means that I’ve put down more words and thoughts to paper, not that any of them were any good or well executed. 😀

        Buuut if comparing yourself to measly ol’ me helps you stay motivated, then by all means, look at the numbers. 😀
        (And I really need to stop procrastinating on that proof-read run of Tisis)

  3. T3hOgre Reply

    Anyone else glad that NI is not their local dungeon master (DM)? Let’s order pizza, it’s gonna be a long night. Beginning to believe her most favorite holiday gift was a 1000 page unabridged monster guide (you know the one, with 8 monsters per page). 😉 What do you have to roll for a teleport spell?

    Love Ada and Rob’s eyes in the middle panels. I know it would be out of character, but feel those big blue anime sweat droplets would fit well here at the bottom of the page. 😀

    Plums blooming in Japan already? We just started our weeks of single digit and below in Northern Mid-west in the States.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Good point about the droplets! I stopped adding them (and apparently thinking about them) when some people kept asking what those are and I had to explain every time XD it’s tiring…!

      And yes, plums bloom in February, but they’re exceptionally early this year. It’s very warm recently!

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Landlords hate them! Learn this one easy secret for apartment removal they don’t want you to know about!

    • Refugnic Reply

      Technically it shouldn’t bother with them due to the sheer difference in size…it’s much like the difference between us and ants.

      Doesn’t mean they’re off the hook though.
      For all we know, this thing could have an extra-sensory perception, which allows it to perceive human life force or something…and seeing how Rob and Ada are likely the only humans around…

      That said, even if it does NOT go after them intentionally, it just squashed an entire building without any trouble.
      One wrong step and they’re in some serious trouble…damn, now I can just see it slipping on the remains of the other demons like they were a banana peel, flattening an entire block of buildings in the process.

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