Too much

Someone’s at their limit, it seems.

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I hope you guys are doing well! I’m kinda stressed out lately, so I’ll just retreat to my little drawing/writing hole and continue what I’ve been doing. I don’t really deal well with stress — I can hide some of it and function normally, but if it drags for too long it starts affecting my health in mysterious ways. I was thinking about trying meditation, but I just sit there, being terribly bored, and the fact that it doesn’t really seem to be helping stressed me out even more. Yes, I’m now at the point where resting is stressful. I’m sure I’ve dealt with this before but I forgot how.

On the bright side, it seems like spring will come to Tokyo early, so I’m excited about the cherry blossoms and fewer tourists during hanami!

Anyhow, I hope you guys are doing well, and please look forward to the next page!


11 comments on “Too much”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Now what was what I used to say?
    A yes, a price you’ll have to pay.
    So now the time finally has come,
    as your body tingles and turns numb

    As you tear him, limb from limb.
    (‘Poor baby’, I hear someone simp…)
    a pain splits head and even soul,
    without the sex, drugs, rock’n roll.

    Rest well, my friend, I knew thee well.
    ‘Not dead quite yet!’ I hear you yell.
    ‘It’s just a headache, quite severe!’
    ‘Should’ve left alone that beer…’

    And as the last of the three falls,
    in these once clean, hallowed halls.
    And there, in silence, metal sound,
    the sacred blade drops to the ground.

    Now rise, my friend, your job’s not done.
    Not fair to leave her all the fun.
    There’s still a task you have to do.
    You promised that you’d see it through.

    Say Ada, that concern I see?
    You did not think it came for free?
    No price to pay, no toll for him?
    To slice apart all on a whim?

  2. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I hope they will be careful not to overexert themselves. Not being able to concentrate on their magic when they (inevitably) get in trouble is obviously not desirable…

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Pile the bits outside the door, shut it, and brace it. Unless anything has wandered in already through the windows this Should be a relatively safe place for a rest.

    So, Burnout huh? Hopefully not but it seems so. Doodle something then destroy it, sing, dance, go for a hike, really cold shower then a hot bath, just Anything you can do to focus on only the present and nothing else.

  4. Kaminoan Reply

    It can be hard to just go quiet after such a high pace. I find organization with a to do list with deadlines help and stepping away to watch a film or something that distracts and lets my brain focus on something else helps. While my brain is focused on this other task in the foreground it is still turning the big problem in the background. When I return to the main issue it is easier because I am better prepared. Good luck!

  5. Doom Reply

    At the time of this comment, Replay holds the #2 spot on Topwebcomics. A good spot for Replay, though it’s too early in the month to tell if Replay will stay there.

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