Glorious death

This is the only city view I’m moderately happy with.

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I hope you guys are well! I had a very nice trip to Shizuoka and we walked almost 90km in 3 days just exploring the city and its surroundings. I think our little walks are getting slightly out of hand at this point but that’s the only exercise I get during the pandemic lol

I’m not going to write much since I need to go to work, but I started the final edit pass on my novel and the team is still working hard on Historia so please keep your fingers crossed for both of those projects! Also, thanks A BUNCH for the TopWebcomics votes, this is crazy and I have no idea how you achieved it but I’m super happy to see Replay so high up on the chart. Thank you so much! <3

Well, enjoy the page, we’re not bailing out! 😉

14 comments on “Glorious death”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Distract it while she spray paints the place? Don’t know if she brought enough for that building though.
    Nice touch to be able to trace their route to here by the bloodstains.

  2. Melda Laure Reply

    You wave your little finger and cut off JUST its head.
    I give you a cranium and neck massage when you pass out… GEEZ!

    • Refugnic Reply

      More like a madman or someone who sees no other options than to fight to the death, because his ‘backup plan’ (flight via teleport) just went down the drain.

      Though he just seems a tad too eager to ‘die a glorious death’ in that last panel, so I’m leaning towards ‘I’m living on borrowed time anyway, so I might as well make it count.’

  3. Zenanii Reply

    Oh oh, is Ada going to weaponize the teleport spell? Like, teleport just the lower torso of giant demon/teleport a building, destionation: Inside giant demon.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    Mission failed, can’t fight this beast,
    please get us out of here at least!
    Or would you’d rather be squashed flat?
    You cannot possibly want that!

    No way I’ll run, we’ve come this far!
    We’ll show this thing just who we are!
    Now raise your blade, stand by my side,
    I have a plan, I’ll be your guide!

    Glorious death it will be then,
    lead the way, I’ll be your man.
    So what’s the plan, what do I do?
    I’ve started this, I’ll see it through.

    Now what’s that ruckus over there?
    Bloody spatters! I declare!
    Those two worms I spy from here,
    my feet shall make them disappear!

    They bathed themselves in demon blood,
    I shall crush them into mud!
    For this transgression they shall pay!
    They’ll rue the day they crossed my way!

    The dice are cast, the plans are made,
    the pair is armed with wit and blade.
    But will this truly be enough?
    Or is Ada’s plan a bluff?

  5. Just_IDD Reply

    I was thinking teleport it straight up about 30 miles. The trick is getting it to stand in the circle. Alternately…drawing with demon blood if you don’t have paint.

    • JW Reply

      I’d worry a lot about the cost of teleporting something that big. We still don’t really know how magic works, but it clearly has some effect on Ada and Rob when they use it. Teleporting something that large might not work at all, or it might outright kill Ada.

        • JW Reply

          The gravitar hash is different, so I think I used a hyphen instead of an underscore by mistake. Easy typo to make.
          In the comment section of another comic I sometimes got another default avatar for the same reason.

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