One more to go

It’s so tragic that it takes a month to make a single action scene.

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How are you guys doing? I had my birthday last week (some of you send me beautiful gifts and wishes, thank you, thank you) and I think for the first time in a while I actually didn’t get depressed because of it. I always get depressed on anniversaries, mostly because they remind me how much time has passed and how little has changed in some aspects of my life. I think at this point it’s just a habitual sadness because I did and changed plenty of things so far and my brain still finds it quite appropriate to get sad. Didn’t happen this time around! Maybe I was too busy!

Anyhow, I’m busy because I’m juggling three projects and a day-job at the moment. I hope you guys can forgive me for not being super present in the comments. Believe me, I’m thinking a lot about all of you, struggling to meet deadlines for all of this free entertainment I’m producing in my spare time hahaha. Please enjoy Replay and look forward to the second chapter of Historia and my novel! Those who visit Replay’s Discord might have seen a sketch of the cover (which got me extremely excited over the weekend).

What else… I added a bunch of pages to Tapas, if you’d rather read the comic there. I’ve forgotten about it for a while — apologies to those who enjoy Tapas‘ reader more than the mobile version of this website.

What are you watching this anime season? I feel like I’m just continuing whatever I was watching before: Re:Zero, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Promised Neverland. Oh, I added Horimiya I guess. Anything else worth watching?

15 comments on “One more to go”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    You know, we all have these feelings. The trick is to net let them get to us. We always tend to look back and see what we never did or lost, but we should look forward and see what we achieved and where we are now 🙂
    Yes I know how bizarre this sounds coming from me – don´t judge me 😀

    And I still believe you are not human with being able to do all of this stuff 😛

    Let´s face it, sometimes we need to stay with stuff we know, so our brain doesn´t get overflown with too much stuff 😉
    I just got myself up and started “So I’m a Spider, So What?” and still tiptoeing around other stuff (even some I watched and want to know how they continue).

    Oh, yeah, there was also a page here 😀
    A few more and the door is blocked ^^ – nice flow in the page, especially on the strike from Ada 🙂

  2. JW Reply

    It’s so tragic that it takes a month to make a single action scene.

    Could be worse, at least they don’t need to power up. And the demons don’t transform into a more powerful form to drag the fight out even longer.

    • HKMaly Reply

      Actually, considering most transformation/power up scenes are copied, that would be easy way to make it last same time but consume more pages by it :-).

  3. JW Reply

    What are you watching this anime season

    I hardly watched anime in the last half year, so I’m still catching up on what the previous seasons’ offered. And that’s aside from that I’m always trailing behind anyway. I’m still watching 2019’s Fruits Basket, among other things.

  4. Sabreur Reply

    For what it’s worth, this is a pretty sweet action scene! Worth the wait. 🙂

    I understand how it feels to be juggling a bunch of stuff at once. Best of luck to you – and a belated “Happy Birthday!”

  5. TheMasterMicah Reply

    I mean Ada and Rob are Kicking but so I can’t complain. I haven’t really been watching anime recently I got a promotion and have been working lots but replay is always a great way to end the week.

  6. Doom Reply

    High-quality full-color art is worth the wait! Love how Ada came out on this page. Also, your demons are excellent.

  7. Regis Earsquake Reply

    “What are you watching this anime season? ” Apart from all the sequells (and there are a lot of them, all for great shows) I watch Wonder Egg Priority, the Spider Isekai and Horimiya. I’m reading the manga of Horimiya, so that was clear, I really enjoy the adaption. The Spider Isekai is fun. I think Wonder Egg Prioroty has real potential to become anime of the year for me. It’s probably not for everyone, because it’s quite abstract, but I really love that. I think it makes sense for everyone to give it a shot.

  8. Refugnic Reply

    A hearty ‘Splurt’, a fiery blade,
    and one more demon now gets laid,
    to his brethren’s ‘ternal rest,
    come one, come all, t’is slaughterfest.

    One more to come, ‘I’ll take him, watch!’
    The blade withdrawn, aimed up a notch.
    Ready to strike or maybe to thrust,
    meanwhile, the lost fall into dust.

    But mind your skills and their despair,
    two down, one left, do they compare?
    Be careful or the hurt’s on you,
    cause I think, by now, they got the clue.

    One left who knows what you can do,
    but will he fall, to eyes so blue?
    And will he die by fiery blade?
    Or will he start, bloody crusade?

    And yelp for help and maybe flee,
    escape your onslaught, killing spree?
    And then return, with mighty friends.
    Will this be how your story ends?

    Now strike him swiftly, strike him fast,
    make sure that none of them will last.
    To seek revenge and your demise,
    and make your heads the grandest prize.

  9. Just_IDD Reply

    As a recent reader, I am enjoying the escape your comic brings. I would also say that with the government change in the US, things are feeling more optimistic at least to me.

    I’m usually a wreck from mid December to mid March, except unless I can work myself to exhaustion. A mix between Seasonal Affected Depression, all of these holidays that talk about how happy our lives are supposed to be and my birthday. March is when the temperature goes above freezing and I can do stuff outside again. One thing I have found that helps slightly is taking extra Vitamin D³ since we make less in the winter.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hah, I know this well. Moving to Japan helped with the Seasonal Blues for me, there’s way more sun here than there was in Europe. But then again – it’s so much that my eyes just can’t take it sometimes. I take extra vitamin D too, especially now in the pandemic.

      Glad you’re enjoying the comic! I hope it will continue to be entertaining for the both of us and everyone else who tends to contemplate how much work dressing up would be once one finally crawls out of the bed.

  10. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    idk why but that last panel makes me really worried for Rob :-/

    Happy Birthday NI 🙂

  11. DragonMaster Reply

    Well one anime I’m sure you’d like is: Heaven’s Design Team. It explains how so many weird animals came about and why some don’t exist. It’s lovely art and a super catchy opening song. Great comedy all around. The trailer is a good example of the show.
    Dr. Stone is a good one, but only if you’ve seen the first season. Reincarnated as a Slime is also great.

    If you like more action/dark themed shows Kemono Jihen and Kaifuku Jutsuhi no Yarinaoshi(Redo of the Healer) are also good picks. Kemono Jihen seems more in line with Jujustu Kaisen, than Redo of the Healer though.
    Warning Redo of the Healer is an EXTREMELY dark and hardcore show, and is not for everyone.

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