Time to run

I’m just going to drop this here and go to bed since my stomach hurts… Anyhow, welcome in 2021, not much has changed! Let’s finish the third chapter this year!

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Okay, I’m all good now, please don’t worry!

So, the obligatory question – any new year resolutions or goals? I have plenty. I like setting those and then getting depressed by the end of the year heheheh But actually, I didn’t get sad this time around, I feel good about picking up writing for real and actually making some really good progress. In 2020 I have decided that I’ll become a better writer and I’ll do so by writing a book every tear until 2025 so five books in five years. Ambitious, when you’re working full-time, drawing a weekly webcomic, working on a visual novel, and trying not to stare at the computer screen 24/7 because you’re going blind already. I have managed to edit and send a novel I wrote a while ago to beta-readers and gotten some positive feedback, I wrote the story for the second chapter of Historia (look forward to it! coming in May 2021!) and drafted another novel. Pretty darn good! And all because I traded the work commute for writing – the only good thing about working from home and this whole pandemic business.

I’m determined to squeeze as much writing-goodness out of 2021 as possible too. I’m editing novel no. 1 at the moment (just a final polish after the beta-readers’ feedback) and plan to hunt for an agent or publish it in 2021 (probably in the second half of the year). I want to polish and send to some beta-readers novel no. 2 and draft another one. I already have some ideas, just need to start drafting the actual outline (yes, I’m an outliner, I like things neat and organized). And I don’t care if those will be crappy! I’m doing something, I’m learning, I’m getting feedback. In 10 books I’ll be awesome, I’m sure. And don’t worry, you’ll hear about whatever I publish for certain because no one else will even know that my books exist, you guys will be my only crowd πŸ˜€

So yes, I’m very excited about finally putting some time into what I’m passionate about. But that doesn’t mean I’ll ditch Replay, oh no. Comics is a difficult medium, I’ve been drawing Replay for 6 years and still have no idea what I’m doing, thank you for sticking with me for so long guys, I really appreciate it. Maybe I can get better at making comics too, one day, heh. The same with Historia – we’re working hard to make the second part happen and the third (last) one is in the making as well. This will be an exciting year for sure. But hopefully without any terrible surprises.

Sorry for babbling so much! As you can see I can blab about my projects for hours. See you guys next week, I’ll be trying to squeeze in another 40 minutes of editing before sleep. Cheers!

11 comments on “Time to run”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Convenient, sure, but do you know?
    the price that he must pay to glow?
    Surely you do, you’re just the same,
    exchanging love and peace for fame.

    Now the time has come to run,
    no more games and no more fun,
    powder’s shot, the ammo’s out,
    and yet there comes, another bout.

    No longer time to stay and stand,
    the three are on, the deadly band.
    They come to rip you limb from limb,
    it’s time to run, to sink or swim.

    Or do you really want to stay?
    Unsheathe your sword and fight and pray?
    Hoping that there won’t be more?
    Three to Two is now the score.

    But even if you run, ‘Where to?’
    you might well meet another crew,
    of deadly demons, laying waste,
    caught from the front and also chased.

    Please tell me there’s a safer spot,
    a barrier placed in advance thought.
    A place you can lock yourself in,
    and wave goodbye to demon’s grin.

  2. Dragon Master Reply

    Looks like Rob half melted, or split the Coral Cat Demon in half. Lucky neither of them were caught in the splatter zone. Or perhaps unlucky. Like if they smell like a demon, maybe they can traverse the area quicker and safely, because the demons don’t seem to be cannibals or bother there own kind. I’m going along the thought line of Goblin Slayer’s world, drenching yourself in Goblin Blood makes it harder for the Goblins to detect you.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Assume you smell blood of your own kind.
      Quite a lot of it, at that.

      And you can tell that the blood must be exposed to the air, otherwise the smell wouldn’t be as intensive.
      Now, that means that either someone of your kind is heavily bleeding and requires aid…and demons appear to be perfectly capable of social interaction and intelligent action as implied by the three on the rubble.

      Now…wouldn’t you go and check out who needs help?

      Point being: If anything, they would likely attract more attention than they deter by ‘bathing in the blood of their enemies’.

      If anything, they’d need to go the Princess Mononoke route and literally wear the skin of their enemies, although I’m not quite sure that this would be enough to fool them either.

      All that said, personally I don’t think that they have ‘super sense of smell’, at the very least not all of them.
      Because if they had, Ada and Rob wouldn’t have gotten as close to the rubble without being detected.

      • Dragon Master Reply

        Fair point. That does make more sense.
        Also I LOVE Princess Mononoke! I’m thrilled to meet another fan! Are there any other Ghibli films you like?

        • Refugnic Reply

          I wouldn’t call myself a ‘fan’, actually.
          I just happen to have a fairly good memory for essentially pointless information, that’s all.

          As for Studio Ghibli movies…well, I liked ‘My neighbor Totoro’ (as does my 6-year old son, gotta adore that bus).
          ‘Spirited away’ was fine too…what I did NOT like was ‘Pom Poko’. I mean, the main plot was simple enough to follow, but other than that, the thing’s been all over the place.

          For a ‘mind your environment, we only have this one’-kinda movie (which I classify it as), it didn’t work as well as it should have.

          • Dragon Master

            Yeah that one was weird and I didn’t really like it. Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro were real nice too, although I always found them both to have kinda sad endings. Although funnily enough I once watched Todoro with a friend who was a big Pokemon fan, and when he first saw Totoro he went “Holy crap, that is a huge Snorlax!”.

          • Refugnic

            Yes well, we made the very same connection when we watched it (Pokemon gamer of the first hour myself and my son has taken a liking to the critters himself), although we much rather thought of Munchlax when the little guy first showed up. πŸ˜€

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Now the question becomes are these three smart enough to get reinforcements?

    • Refugnic Reply

      Now I remember the original movie about ‘Judge Dredd’.

      ‘Aren’t we supposed to wait for reinforcements?!’
      ‘The reinforcements are here.’

      Anyway, seeing how they’re apparently preparing to charge them, they seem rather confident that they can take the two of them by themselves.

      Thing is, if Rob and Ada run…well, ‘running away’ and ‘staying clear of trouble’ rarely go well hand in hand.
      So if they run, they might well get stuck between the three demons there and whatever they stumble across while trying to run from them.

      In RPG’s what they might well be getting caught in would be called a ‘Mob train’…and if they cannot handle the three in front of them (and don’t have an AOE attack(er) setup somewhere…well, how are they going to handle an entire mob train?

      • Dragon Master Reply

        The ideal way to handle that is find a tight space to act as a funnel, preferably with your back to a wall so they cant get behind you. Thus making it so only 2 or 3 of them at a time can approach you. You can then kill them and at the same time use their bodies to help build a blockade. Of course that all depends on which runs out first your stamina, or their numbers.

        • Refugnic Reply

          That sounds like a sensible scenario, however you are forgetting that not all demons are created equal, as in: They have different properties.

          Who’s to say, that they don’t have a bullhead demon who just happens to sleep behind the wall they are using as cover.

          ‘…hey, do you hear that noise?’ – Famous last words before the wall behind them explodes into meat and teeth.

          Of course that’d be very bad luck on their side, but definitely possible.
          I should shut my trap now though.

          After all, one should not give the GM ideas, if they want their characters to live, am I right? πŸ˜‰

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