Sneaky little bugger

I was quite happy with this page and the demon! I think it turned out pretty cute~

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had some time to relax and forget about this whole pandemic business (I know, it tries very hard not to let us forget). I could only wave to my family from in front of the pc and we had a Christmas eve 7 hours apart, hah. I still had a lovely time with my fiance — we cooked delicious food and lazed around.

I received a bunch of fanarts over the last days (and earlier too, in case you missed them) so check out the fanart section! 😀 The one below is from Nohealforu and there’s plenty more in the gallery. I enjoyed getting those a lot, thank you so much!

Christmas Padoru Sofia by Nohealforu

What else… I obviously wasn’t totally lazy, because I don’t know how to achieve that kind of state, and I ended up drawing a bunch of stuff for Historia and making good progress on editing my book. I still sometimes get pulled in and keep reading and laughing at my own jokes like a fool instead of adding the missing commas so I have to catch myself, go back, and continue the struggle. I’ve read this story around 15 times by now (I’m not kidding) and I still love it, so hopefully some of you will enjoy it too once I finally publish it. Should be sometime next year, one way or the other.

Alrighty, I need to go to sleep, I still go to work tomorrow. I don’t even get 31st off! I’m so sad. I should have requested time off, but I ended up hoarding some of my paid leave. Oh well, I’ll have more next year. And I shall use it all on writing nyahaha~

See you next year guys! 🙂 There’s still a bunch of exciting things planned for this chapter and we should wrap it up in 2021 so please keep reading!

11 comments on “Sneaky little bugger”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Sneaky, sneaky, sneak around,
    keep your head low to the ground,
    stay out of trouble, away from harm,
    not once, not twice, three time’s the charm.

    But alas, curse Lady Luck.
    a fellow strikes and you are stuck,
    between a rock and a hard place,
    cue deathly cry, followed by a chase.

    For those three you tried to avoid,
    unless they’re deaf are now annoyed.
    And turn to you from their debate,
    still time to run? Or much to late?

    And once again the glow prevails,
    hammers in its coffin nails.
    And spells quite out, ‘Yes, you’re my prey.’
    No more regrets, no time to play.

    But Robert, tell, how do you fare?
    just how much more can you yet bear?
    Another life, another fight,
    the price to pay can’t quite be light.

    The knight may wane, drained of all power,
    and before long, comes judgment hour.
    When the witch needs now to make a stand,
    run and hide, or face the band.

    Stand strong, once more, the time is nigh,
    unless, of course, to make her cry?
    To see whether she truly cares?
    to see her answer to your prayers.

    No, no, you fool, you cannot fall,
    the three will come, can’t fight them all.
    The trick’s to know when it’s time to run,
    from a battle, that can’t be won.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    *Checks exploded bits for those weird stone things found back at the previous camp…..nope carry on.

    Distorted gap on the whole page from ‘notice’ and some of the author’s note below. In this one as well. It’s like there’s a break line in the whole webpage scrunching things together.

  3. Sabreur Reply

    Antler-Cat-Demon-Thing is awesome and terrifying. I love it, and I’m also very glad it exploded.

  4. Brian Harvey Reply

    To proofread your writing: Start at the end of the book and read backward, one word at a time. That way, thinking about the meaning doesn’t get in the way of actually seeing the words in front of you. (I learned that trick from a professional proofreader.)

    • NotImportant Reply

      One word at a time? The meaning of the story disappears then, right? One sentence at a time might make some sense though.

      • Brian Harvey Reply

        When you’re proofreading, you /want/ the meaning of the story to disappear. That’s the point. When you’re aware of the meaning, you see the letters that should be on the page instead of the letters that actually are there.

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