The gloom

There’s no need to complain about that last bit, Ada.

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What do I have for you this week… I’ve finished two pretty sweet CGs for Historia and will post a video for one on Historia’s Patreon very soon. We’re almost done with SFX for the second part of the game, which is pretty rad! I still have a ton of art to do but I’m moving forward so I’m not too worried for now. It’s been harder for me to spend time in front of the pc lately and the reason is pretty silly. My eyes are sensitive to light and Japanese super sunny and dry winters are starting to kill me. Every other day I’ll wake up with swollen eyes hehe. I need to buy better eyedrops. Or curtains. Or new eyes or something.

Apart from Historia, I’m trying to edit my novel, and that is actually extremely slow. I’m learning a lot about interpunction, but I’d still prefer this process to be a little bit faster, ugh… Once I’m done I’ll start querying literary agents, which will probably happen in… February? We’ll see how it goes. If I get depressed then you’ll know why.

As always, thanks for the votes on TWC, and have an extra sketch I did yesterday!

12 comments on “The gloom”

      • Crestlinger Reply

        if you already have a good set, all’s well. These ones are just the first I have come across that have provable UV blocking via the lens itself And a coating, more detail from their FAQ at the bottom.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha thanks 😀 Yeah, I have some I bought in Japan but it’s definitely not enough on sunny days with that extra glare. I need curtains =_=

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Hi Ho! Hi Ho! And off to work they go!
    Just stay well clear, be full of cheer,
    hi ho! Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!

    But joke aside the danger’s real,
    be on your guard, not full of zeal.
    For zealots die, you know as much,
    be gentle with your every touch.

    Stay close, stay near the riverside,
    they might yet lurk, hidden inside.
    Within the buildings shadow realm,
    can’t fight them all, can’t overwhelm.

    But there’s another option here,
    which might just be a cause for cheer.
    What if their time was numbered well?
    their food ran out, returned to hell?

    They might well sleep, I give you that,
    no need to rouse them, tell you flat.
    A task it is you have to do,
    and you’re alone, yes just you two.

    The witch, the fool, her guardian beast,
    and all his longing, unreleased.
    A friend in need, a friend indeed,
    yet on his sorrow they might feed.

    Of knowing he can’t call you his,
    not give you love or just a kiss,
    Yet keep you safe, he tries to hard,
    he acts the knight, he plays the part

    Yet sorrow lingers, just beyond
    the surface of this friendship’s bond,
    How often must his heart yet break,
    and be turned down each time you wake?

    • NotImportant Reply

      That was on the previous trip, this time they took both since there are two magic users in the camp now – Julia and Laura – and city is way too dangerous.

  2. Doom Reply

    The extra sketch is very pretty! Though Ada’s fur does not feel as bright and vibrant in the sketch as it does in the comic.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I feel like her hair changed several times in the comic too haha xD Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind for the next one.

  3. Dragon Master Reply

    I liked your sketch with Ada wielding Talismans. It seems like a legit thing she’d do, already have spells written or mostly written out on the paper, then throw or plant them on the demon for a big KA-BOOM! Or an instant warding spell, for after those longs days of walking and slaying, who really wants to walk in circles around an area muttering arcane phrases? We just want to collapse on the nearest bed roll and sleep for a solid 8 hours. xD

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