One day at a time

I was wondering how to show the city and not spend 6 months drawing buildings so I decided to go with a map and just show some random scenes. I hope it’ll be interesting? Enjoy the ghost town!

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I hope you’re all doing fine, at least as much as you can in the current situation. Those who got their postcards already are hopefully already a bit happier πŸ˜‰ As for me, I had another 30km walk without going into any shops today, this has become our pandemic form of diversion since we can’t go hiking (we’re avoiding trains). It was fun and I posted some pictures on the Discord channel if you want to see autumn in Tokyo.

Apart from walking way too much, I’ve been working on Historia and trying to proofread my own novel. The second one is proving to be extremely difficult – a week has passed, I spent several hours already, and I still only fixed the first chapter. There are fifteen chapters, by the way. This is going to take me a while, but I’m learning a lot about typography and punctuation. I still feel more comfortable in prose than I do in comics… Replay does make me cringe from time to time when I re-read it – my own book I can read over and over again and it still excites me. That might also show that I learned something in the meantime. Look forward to the book! I’ll share it one day ;D

For now, you can for example play Historia VN, since I wrote the second part of it! And it’ll come out sometime next year (hopefully in May)! Play for free here:

Anyhow, I’m going back to editing, I still have 2 hours before going to sleep. Enjoy the page and please vote on TopWebcomics if you have a moment to spare! Thanks! πŸ™‚

9 comments on “One day at a time”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    The bridge is out, it’s walk or swim,
    but tell me, Rob, how can we win?
    No matter where we are and go,
    they’ve long been there, some fast, some slow.

    One day, my dear, one at a time,
    once we shall walk, once we shall climb.
    But no matter what, no matter when,
    I’ll be with you, time and again.

    The bridge we walk, it’s a disaster!
    the worms, they rise and hail their master.
    Brought down all we once loved and knew.
    And those who live are way too few.

    One day, my dear, one at a time.
    and if the world is full of grime.
    Of blood and filth, a stinking pile,
    I’ll walk, for you, that extra mile.

    So close we’re now, we’re almost there,
    but all this death, it’s hard to bear.
    We slay and hack and made them fall,
    yet one day, I know, they’ll get us all.

    One day, my dear, for sure we’ll die.
    Please promise me, you will not cry.
    Far off, too soon, who knows these things?
    But until then, I’ll be your wings.

    • Refugnic Reply

      And yes, I am fully aware that Ada would never express herself like that…and she’d kick Rob’s ass if he went and replied like that. πŸ˜€

  2. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Refugnic your right maybe the talk with rob back in chapter 2 i think on the mountain is getting to her head, naaaa. That not gonna happen. The city has such a range of color NI looks great.

  3. Brilliant_Watcher Reply

    It has been a while, I havent read this comic in half a year or more, I liked Stefan and Ninas story. Hope you are doing fine . Cheers

    • NotImportant Reply

      As fine as I can in the current situation, thank you. Happy to hear that you liked the story! πŸ˜€

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