First kill

Painting this was fun, no cars on this page!

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Have you guys started receiving postcards? I hope so! Some people still haven’t given me their addresses despite my pestering, maybe they don’t even remember that they have pledged some money for Replay on Patreon… Or just don’t want to share their data. Anyhow, the postcards are waiting and I shall send them as soon as I get the remaining addresses. One sad postcard is also waiting for covid restrictions to ease up. Europe is a mess right now :/

So! What I’ve been up to. We’re still alive and well in Tokyo so I’ve been working on Historia in my spare time, trying to push the work forward. Still, a pile of art remains but I made some progress over the last week. I posted art updates on Historia’s Patreon page if you’re curious and/or want to support that project: For those who don’t know, Historia VN is a visual novel project, you can play the first part or free HERE and the second part is currently in production (tentative launch date: May 2021).

What else… Not much, honestly. And I feel like in 2020 no news is actually good news. Stay healthy my dear people and try to enjoy the comic! Thanks for reading!

13 comments on “First kill”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Have to wonder how trained they are with those blades. From the flashbacks they Were sparring with each other, but beyond that were there any other sources they used or just self taught as they go? See also: Spincut -Chrono Trigger

    Hopefully a deep enough blow otherwise she’s in melee with it.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    There she goes from top to waist,
    they move right on, no time to waste.
    Along the path they’ve set to go,
    let’s hope they’ll keep a good, sure flow.

    And as these two head out together,
    for what might just feel like forever,
    back in camp the tensions rise,
    once two lovers, cold as ice.

    A foolish man, a foolish girl,
    one walks away and leaves his pearl.
    In dismay and too much pain,
    takes a friend to live again.

    Yet they know of no such things,
    as they keep on to spread their wings,
    and strike down all who cross their way,
    until, at last, it’s time to pay.

  3. Nialith Private Reply

    Finished #12 on TopWeb Comics for November so congrats! Top 10 in December would be a nice Christmas present for NotImportant so don’t forget to vote each day. #7 as of this morning.

  4. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Remind my never to piss off Ada she’s very scary some times. I love the background NI.

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