Having fun

Time to explore the city! There will be bodies. And demons. You have been warned!

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing well. My long vacation is coming to an end so please keep your fingers crossed for my migraines, I hope they won’t return as soon as I open my work laptop. What have I been doing those past two weeks? Well, writing a book. And I have finished the draft just yesterday so I feel extremely accomplished. My loyal alpha-reader (my fiance) has binge-read through it all and we’re now brainstorming how to make that story even better. I’m a bit tired, but mostly just excited!

What else and what now. I’ll most likely focus on Historia for the time being, since the next Comiket is in May 2021 and that’s when we want to release the second part of the visual novel. I hope I’ll manage, there a ton of art to draw! Special thanks to those supporting this project, making a visual novel has always been a dream of mine. If it goes well then who knows, maybe I’ll make one for Replay too. Would you want to join the camp and live through an adventure with Ada and the others? Isn’t that exciting?! It’s very exciting for me. But that’s for after Historia’s done haha~

For the postcards – I’ve sent out most of them! Some people still haven’t given me their addresses so I’ll be trying to reach out again. Thank you guys for pledging in September and making it possible, I enjoyed drawing and printing those and then sending all the letters. I still have tons of leftover postcards so maybe we’ll have a small contest in December? I don’t have any great ideas yet but I’ll think of something.

Enjoy the page and please vote on TWC! Thanks!!!

10 comments on “Having fun”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Hark, the otherworldy beast,
    has come, once more, to have a feast,
    but lo, behold, it does not know,
    for these old blades are not for show.

    You see, my friend, you don’t live long,
    by mere ol’ luck or angel’s song.
    They haven’t come quite unprepared,
    they’ve come to kill, they aren’t scared.

    The blade held tight, though is it wise,
    to attack head on, what if it cries?
    You may be strong and hit it hard,
    but noise goes far, be on your guard.

    Listen girl, take his advice,
    this is no time to roll the dice.
    Don’t leave to chance your fate today,
    for for mistakes, you’ll dearly pay.

    It’s not good to have much fun,
    with this old game, that death has won.
    For those who live life by the blade,
    shall one day meet, a gruesome fate.

    Do what you must do right now,
    but don’t forget, unspoken vow.
    To return back to the camp,
    Intact and good, not hurt and damp.

  2. Alex Reply

    Don’t worry, Ada, a monster can only kill you if you declare your love for Rob right before heading into battle.

  3. Alex Reply

    “Would you want to join the camp and live through an adventure with Ada and the others? Isn’t that exciting?!”
    Generally speaking I’d say yes, but visual novels specifically are “games” where you can’t do anything yourself, right? If you can at least make choices that can lead to different outcomes, then that would be exciting. Of course it would be even more exciting if you could hack and slash through tons of demons like in all those MMOs, but I know that that’s probably too difficult to do. πŸ™‚
    A hidden object mini-game in-between could be fun, too. I want to search demon guts for clues. πŸ˜€

    • NotImportant Reply

      I agree that being able to slash monsters would be best πŸ˜€ We’ll see, those are very distant plans, if I make a visual novel for Replay, ever, I’ll definitely add choices.

  4. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Ada you ok their sweetie isn’t Robert a cat. But, really NI it looks great colors of the city are great. Maybe we could add like a Christmas post card and them put them up on the Replay shop or something, I’m just spit balling

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Waiting for the squirrel demon that hoards people bits inside one of those vehicles.

  6. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Don’t let your anger make you careless Ada, we love you and prefer you alive.

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