Coming home

Time to change the scenery a bit!

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How are you guys doing? I’m in the middle of my long break from work, feeling great, writing a book, and trying to add more pages to Replay’s buffer. I have discovered that not working still doesn’t let me do all the things I want to do, hm. There’s no other way, I need to move to a different planet to live a fulfilling life. But my Nanowrimo is going well and the draft that I’m working on right now is at 92k words (which means I should wrap it up asap). I have the ending ready but I’m going through the whole thing right now and checking if I need to expand on some parts.

You might be wondering what the heck I’m even writing. So as a New Year’s resolution in 2020, I have decided to take writing (which I loved since I was a kid) more seriously. And that meant writing 5 books in 5 years. This is to force me to actually do something instead of only thinking about it. The current status at the end of 2020 is that I have: one book already read by beta readers, ready for final fixes and last round of editing before I either attempt to find an agent or publish an ebook, and another one with the draft almost ready for my alpha reader (my fiance). One way or another you’ll see me advertise those two stories (those are both fantasy but quite different from one another) but, for now, they’re still in production, it takes time 🙂

Regarding the postcards: I have everything printed and ready, just need to pack them and make a trip to the post office, this should all happen this week! I hope you guys are excited! I also printed a bunch of extras (there’s no way to avoid it, really) so I’ll probably do some sort of social media giveaway on Twitter or a little silly contest? Haven’t figured that out yet.

I’m working on Historia as well, don’t you worry, although this has been slower than I’d like. We’re hoping to launch the second part in the first quarter of the next year, we’ll see how it goes… I’m excited about that one since I wrote the scenario. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it…

And finally, thank you for all the TWC votes! This really really helps! Please don’t stop sending your love, thank you! 😀


6 comments on “Coming home”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Looks like the demons prefer warm meat, or might have digestion like snakes and only need one actual meal for an indeterminable amount of time.
    Have to wonder how long it has been since armageddon till now. a month or two?
    Good to see that they’re ready for anything, though with the trap potential maybe Not be by all the car cover. As a manipulator of murphy’s law total preparation means that the worst thing that can happen is nothing at all.

    • HKMaly Reply

      Or maybe they don’t need to eat at all. At least not meat. They may eat souls or something. Or, maybe they would totally eat them if they noticed it’s food, but they are too stupid for realizing that if it’s not moving.

    • JW Reply

      The dead woman in the first panel looks a bit too fresh for a month or two. Although I don’t really know how fast a person would decay. And it’s possible she dried out instead of rotting.
      At least the crows have something to eat.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Once we ran, from death and pain,
    now look at us, we’re here again!
    So much changed, we’re not the same.
    Today we come to stake our claim.

    Once so scared, and angry too,
    now here we stand, in golden hue.
    Blade in hand, we’ve come to find,
    weapons to protect our kind.

    The rotting flesh reeks to the sky,
    such a waste, best not to pry.
    Dead is dead, no second thoughts,
    must move on, to the planned spots.

    Traffic’s down, no coming through,
    Though really is it just us two?
    Or may there yet be living souls,
    hidden, trembling, in their holes?

    The birds look out, their paradise,
    from all these people’s cruel demise.
    Food galore for all of us!
    Strangers! Please don’t cause a fuss.

    Do not stir what’s sleeping here,
    lest they wake and make you hear,
    their earth shatt’ring, mighty roar.
    fleein’ here’d be such a chore.

  3. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Dammit demons, your wastefulness is very rude.

    Sidenote: The sky is very beautiful and uplifting in stark contrast to the rest of the scene!

  4. TheMasterMicah Reply

    My god that’s a horrifying image (bottom left corner) just a broken runover body. But idea the crows are the real demons or maybe I just don’t like crows. Also Ada’s hair is so pretty I like the messy pony tail.

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