Not alone

And that’s the end of this scene 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed, despite the extremely heavy subject, and will continue to root for our little Nina. She’s in good hands at least! We’ll go back to Filip and the whole issue again a bit later (but still in this chapter) so don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about him.

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So yeah, I’ve been pretty quiet lately and I admit that I’ve been focusing on work and trying to stay sane. It’s not that anything bad happened, it’s just that I seem to have started stressing out way more than usual for some reason and developed nasty migraines that bug me every single day. Not sure what’s the reason since I don’t “hear” my stress-thoughts. I’m hoping it’ll just pass on its own, I’ve just started my 2-weeks long vacation so should be plenty of time to recuperate.

First, an update about the postcards: I should get the first one printed today and if it looks good I’ll order the remaining two and start sending them out this week or the next. Please update your address on Patreon (or send me a message with it) if you haven’t done that yet! Thanks! 🙂

This month I’ll be focusing on art for Historia and finishing a draft for my novel. No, you can’t read my writing anywhere, yet 😀 I have one novel waiting for me to fix some things after the beta-readers’ feedback (for which I’m super grateful) and I’m drafting another one, using this year’s NanoWriMo to accelerate the process. It’s almost 70k words long (standard fantasy book is around 100k) so almost there. I’ve trying to take my writing a bit more seriously lately and want to write 5 books until 2025 haha, buckle up guys!

For Historia, I haven’t been updating the Patreon lately, I need to catch up on that… I’ll let you guys know when there’s new stuff there. I have finished a bunch of things but just didn’t share the progress, sorry about that.

What else… please vote on TWC since a new month has started (I know the voting incentives have been stuck, I messed up the schedule, I’ll fix it today) and please stay safe!
Thanks for reading!

17 comments on “Not alone”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Tea, a smile, and the realization you, you specifically, Matter to people with cited examples of why.
    So Many People Need This. Especially Now.

  2. Regis Earsquake Reply

    the combination of a really bad state of the world, passing of time and the feeling that connections to other people don’t go as you want them to go is really nasty.
    I don’t even know if I’m talking about the comic or RL anymore ^^’
    (to be fair, in RL it’s all a couple of levels less extreme than in the comic, at least for me ^^ That there are parallels to a comic about the apocalyps is bad enough, though)

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Three times the charm, they like to say,
    in love, in life…in death? No way!
    There’s no ‘again’ once you are gone.
    No more dark nights, no hopeful dawn.

    Just in time, the rescue came.
    A gentle smile, a gentle dame.
    A man, destroyed and at his end,
    now look at him, a true, good friend.

    Stay with me, a little longer.
    For thanks to you, I now am stronger.
    I’d rather die than loose you too.
    Drink up, the tea, I made for you.

    I cannot make you want to stay,
    I’m begging you, don’t go away.
    This world is dark, it needs your light,
    won’t let you go, without a fight.

    Now rest, my girl, and dry your eyes,
    we’ll find a way, I tell no lies.
    ‘Bout the fool that hurt you so
    I’ll talk to him and make him know.

    Three times the charm, they like to say.
    In love, in life, in death? No way.
    Drink your tea and take my hand,
    for by your side, I want to stand.

  4. mai Reply

    awwww can I say I love Stephen’s and Nina’s relationship even though this is quite a heavy page~

  5. Grault Reply

    Thank you for an eloquent expression of my thoughts on suicide. I normally avoid expressing them because they make people think I’m either a monster or suicidal.

  6. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Get your blood pressure checked, Ni, *NOW*. Recurrent migraines are often a sign of high blood pressure, and daily migraines could well be a sign of what is called “blood pressure crisis”. That’s when your blood pressure is dangerously high, and it can be fatal — after weeks or months of misery. The good news is: it’s fairly easily treated, just a kinda spooky blood pressure check at the doctors, an even spookier lecture from a doctor, and then a daily pill to keep your blood pressure under control. It happened to me at age thirty, and probably should have happened to me earlier. Now, go get it checked!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you for worrying about me so much. I believe those were somehow work/stress induced since I haven’t had any for a couple days now, so that’s good! But if they come back once I go to work after my vacation I’m going to the doctor. I’m not going to sit and wonder what is wrong.

  7. NoriMori Reply

    Dunno if he knows this or not, but personally I think it was an excellent move for him to point out that there was something about her, specifically, that helped him keep going. This might plant the idea in her mind, consciously or not, that her existence, her presence, has had a measurable effect on someone’s life. It’s easy to dismiss the value of your own life. It’s a lot harder to dismiss the value of saving someone else’s life, or the value of helping someone find happiness.

  8. Treviisolion Camp dweller Reply

    Well dang. I don’t know what to even say about this comic.

    Also good luck with the migraines those aren’t fun.

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