I will save you

I had a lot of fun painting this and it looks way better without the top panels. You can see the “poster version” here: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/59080168?ref=studio-promote

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I’m plenty busy, trying to make progress on Historia and paint the promised anniversary postcards. I’ve been posting sketches and progress on Twitter and Discord, in case you’re interested! Also, a new month has started so please take time to vote for Replay… It really helps, it’s like a free advertisement and I get really happy when Replay gets more new readers. So please vote, or else I’ll need to throw my hard-earned money at Google.

Also, I wanted to thank you all those who decided to support Replay on Patreon in September! I didn’t suspect that so many people will want the postcards! I’ll be painting (already made good progress) and hopefully sending them this month! THANK YOU!

23 comments on “I will save you”

  1. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Great work on the “Poster version”. also were hinting at the magic amulet the Stefen has and also reaffirming that he cares about Nina like he could of just ran away at the first sign of demons. also again great work NI the colors of this one is just great.

    • T3hOgre Reply

      I am glad that I am not the only one with an inappropriate sense of humor during dramatic events… 😉 **Crawls back under rock.

    • Sean Murphy Reply


      Thank you for saying it before I had to…

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Aren’t you glad you kept the thing,
    almost handy like Zaurons ring.
    Hides you clean and well from sight,
    even from the demon blight.

    Gone away the helpful ghost,
    just in time you’d need her most.
    Hang on Nina, just some more,
    he’ll take you back, so don’t be sore.

    Now off you go, you critters all,
    while two remain in magics thrall.
    guarded by the solemn light,
    might succeed their desperate flight.

    In the forest’s heat of hunt,
    a plea is made, the demons grunt,
    a resolution, proud and strong,
    keep on living, won’t be long.

    Back in camp, no soul yet stirs,
    safe and sound as one prefers.
    blissful, quiet, quite content,
    so far away, the too large tent.

  3. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I think that Stefen needs to come out of the magic box and start telling people he’s a magic user… His knowledge micght obviously be valuable.

    • Jindra34 Reply

      I think its less magic user and more that he has found some very useful magic trinkets. Still something to share, but for different reasons.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        Well, he can also see ghosts.

        But maybe that’s because the poor soul is in great distress, who knows…

  4. Lynara Reply

    Wow, the lighting is phenomenal. Even with the horrifying nightmare creatures, this picture is just beautiful.

  5. Zenanii Reply

    Oohh, getting some strong Ancient Magus Bride vibes from those skull creatures.

  6. Mai Reply

    is it just me or are the demons SO PRETTY. AHHH. i need to try and paint the quill beasts!!

  7. Dragon Master Reply

    DAMN those some scary ass looking Mother Trucker’s! Stefen sure has got nerves of steel to not be panicking in a situation like this. Also I’m guessing that ghost is like Nina’s grandma or some other ancestress.

  8. Yellow Reply

    I see Stefan knows to follow the rule in that situation: “Stand still, stay silent.”

  9. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Oh I only saw just now that the ghost is actually saying “save MY Nina”, so she must be some sort of relative. Can’t wait for some backstory!…

  10. Sean Murphy Reply

    Actually, they are demons, and their physical anatomy is kind of slapdash thrown together, as revealed by their autopsies. They probably have magick of their own, to differing degrees, so it is possible they all COULD fit behind that one tree. But most likely it is just a trick of perspective…

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