Long night

Those who held their fingers crossed – congrats! You’ve succeeded!

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Not much is going on, honestly. I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do outside of work even if I just sit at home and focus on drawing and writing. It’s hard, especially that work is also pretty demanding this work (for various reasons) and I want to do my best there as well. I’m stressed out from trying to be on time, ugh. To the point that the trip to Nikko that we’ve planned for the next weekend is only exaggerating the anxiety. I don’t like being like this. Hopefully, I can get my head to stop freaking out about not being on time with what I do as a hobby??? Hello? How silly is that? But yeah, I’m very serious about my hobbies. Also very strict with myself and self-set deadlines.

I’ve finished one of the promised anniversary postcards! I’ve got flat colors for another one ready and most of the lineart for the third one. I honestly wasn’t happy with the sketch for the one below but I like how it turned out in the end. I hope you guys can enjoy it too~


16 comments on “Long night”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    A lovely Thanksgiving gift of life still living.

    Take some tea time for yourself and deliberately do something/draw something, whatever, then mess it up.
    Alternatively make a list, be detailed, include time allotted for panic and stress. Then burn it.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    And at long last a new day breaks,
    high, too high were last night’s stakes.
    In sunlight’s warm and and safe embrace,
    you’ll soon wake up, the same old place.

    Gone by the terrors of the night,
    the cold, the dark, the demon blight.
    Hidden by the magic light,
    just a scrape, a hopeless fight.

    But as the sun runs its due course,
    words shall be spoken, to the source,
    of terror, folly and dismay,
    she will yet live, you’ll rue the day!

    Now there she lies, in sweetest slumber,
    her dreams, albeit, a different number.
    When you wake, a cup of tea,
    shall wait for you, cold, strong and free.

  3. Regis Earsquake Reply

    I really like pages lake that. It might have text (and it probably is better with text) but you don’t really need to read it, to understand what is happening. Really great visual storytelling

  4. Rarawr Reply

    Creators are often the most hard-pressed people on the Earth because of how hard they try to improve their skills, become more efficient, and grow their audience and approval. Creators are also their harshest critics. We get lost in our heads over the smallest things: it’s attention to detail.
    It really helps to sit back and look at all the things you have accomplished. Look at the pages you reworked and enhanced. See how far you have come from where you have started. You are really inspiring!

    I absolutely love the backgrounds, Not Important!!! And I am glad Nina could be saved!

    Great job with the postcard designs, they are gorgeous!!! ^ ^

  5. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Good to see that Nina and Stephan are both alright* minus the attempted suicide. NI great work on the post card! Also don’t over work yourself hope your work isn’t to demanding.

  6. Alex Reply

    I like how that stuff in the syringe has about the same color as the tea. I wonder if there’s some symbolism here. 🙂

  7. Mai Reply

    Brain: hey it’s Mon—
    Me: *clicks*
    YAY SHE BE ALIVE!! But wait! Where are the quillies? I wan more scary beast ;P

    • sorry Reply

      From Wikipedia: “There is currently no known antidotes for yew poisoning.”

      maybe mad scientist stefen figured it out

  8. Nekoyashiki-san Reply

    Thanks for the dedication and great story! ^^
    Good job doc! Now time for some useless magic maniac idiot to get some yelling and maybe slapping some common sense in their head to explain things properly this time.
    Should we ship Stephen or will he end up in the great sage position? x)
    And don’t burn yourself, you’re doing great! 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! Doing what I can here, I guess I’m fortunate enough that nobody here complains about me only drawing a page per week haha

      And about Stefen + Nina… I’m not going to say anything!!! :X

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