In the woods

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So yes, I’m working on the postcards but it’s probably going to take a bit since it’s 3 extra illustrations haha, I was planning to only do two but so many new people pledged that I’m willing to spend extra $$$ to print more stuff. Thanks a bunch, it really makes me happy to see that you’re interested in getting some prints! I’ll be reaching out to all $10+ September patrons once the month ends (so probably next weekend) to collect addresses. I still have two more slots for the Corporal pledge with a custom avatar, if you like that kind of thing. Some examples below!

I’ve been working on Historia too (made 16 new sprites this weekend, heck yeah!) and trying to do some writing but the trip to Kyoto cut some time out of that. We were running around like crazy and I ended up not spending too much time in front of my laptop. It was a great trip though and we managed to avoid the crowds anyway by going to the less popular destinations or visiting the popular ones very early in the morning. I was still surprised to see so many tourists though… I guess life is pretty much “back to normal” in Japan, although everyone still wears masks at all times and diligently disinfects their hands in all public locations. Maybe that’s how we managed to avoid an explosion of cases so far.

You can visit my Instagram for photos from Kyoto:

Well, enjoy the page guys, next week’s one is crazy nice and I’ll have a poster from one panel from it! Keep your fingers crossed for our poor Nina and see you next week or on Discord!

8 comments on “In the woods”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    In a deep, dark forest night,
    the demons prowl for prey,
    in the cold, pale forest moonlight,
    their skulls shine bright as day.

    No surprise there, over here,
    I saw it coming clear.
    Now calm your heart, I’m not a seer,
    but smell they can your fear.

    Take cover, hide, don’t try to fight,
    these hellish band of death,
    Calm your heart, survive the night,
    say, can you smell their breath?

    Does it reek of death, decay?
    Or did they take their mint?
    Stay down you fool, don’t even pray,
    please do not catch their glint.

    Keep safe this girl, this poor lost soul,
    and bring her home instead.
    If you’re spotted, pay the toll,
    and then my friend, you’re dead.

    Oh granny please, a sound, a light,
    whatever you can do,
    distract this ghastly demon blight,
    so Stefen might slip through.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    If Nina saw them creeping around and thought no way out that would be motivation enough to do the yew right there.

  3. TheMasterMicah Reply

    Does anyone else think that the 3 row down 2nd across look like cat Keanu Reeves.
    Also the forest looks great NI keep up the good work.
    I have been reading for like 5 years first comment. NI I love your work every panel is beautiful.

  4. Doom Reply

    I’ve been enjoying your recent sketches on Twitter. The most recent one is very cute! And I’m amused by the preview crop on that one. Twitter knows the importance of Fluffy Tail it seems.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nice! Happy to hear that 😀 I’m enjoying making those sketches too haha, great mini-breaks during work. And yes, Twitter is either merciless or extremely wise, hard to tell hmmm.

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