And there you have it. Don’t eat yew, kids.

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I’m not going to write much because we went to Kyoto for the long weekend and I’m tired after climbing mountains and running around all the temples. It’s cool to see Kyoto slightly less crowded though, the trip was a good idea. Unless we both get covid, but there’s probably a bigger chance for that in Tokyo than here.

Anyway! Time to end the voting for the postcards! We’ve got two winners (there’s a tie) and since so many people decided to support Replay in September (for which I’m super grateful) I’m going to draw BOTH and send 3 postcards (2 from the sketches below and one mystery postcard), from Japan, with a personal thank you, to each person pledging $10+ in September πŸ™‚ Thank you for those amazing 6 years and I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy Replay! I’ve been blessed with so many amazing comments, votes, support, and enthusiasm, really – THANK YOU.

Enjoy the page if you can and try not to eat your fingernails as you wait for the next update.

Btw, if you want to see some photos from my Kyoto adventures you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Thanks!

17 comments on “Yew”

  1. Swot Private Reply

    Oh man. Well Stephen, being a doctor, is probably the best person to find her but still not looking good.

  2. Swot Private Reply

    Well bollocks. Stephen, being a doctor, is the best person to find her but still this doesn’t vor well.

    P. S. I apologize if this comment shows up twice the form isn’t quite working for me (or it is working and this comment ends up being posted twice.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    The doctor’s in, the cause is found,
    but is her soul now heaven bound?
    Or will there be some hope left yet,
    no time to waste, not time to fret.

    But what to do, the die is cast,
    by godly grace, she may yet last.
    Empty her gut and make her throw,
    and fetch a drink, this much you know.

    And once you’re back, with or without,
    be sure to give that fool a clout,
    for failing hard to treat her right,
    for sullying her brilliant light.

    But time is short and danger near,
    for in these woods live death and fear.
    Can’t help her there, they’ll come too soon,
    And blood will flow, watch will the moon.

    A foolish child, no hope, no joy,
    she felt betrayed, used like a toy.
    Yet she forgot that people cared,
    maybe forgot, the time they shared.

    Hang in there child, help is right here,
    now don’t you die, hey, do you hear?!
    The chorus of the voices far.
    Keep shining please, oh little star.

  4. ι ­γŒε―η¬‘γ—γ„ Reply

    yum, yum. The aril (the red berry around the seed) is unusual and kind of tasty – and it won’t kill you. If you eat the seed in the middle, or some of the leaves though, your heart will stop. Make sure you pull the seed out first if you try, don’t just think you’ll pop the whole thing in your mouth and spit the seed out. The fruit kinda falls apart without the seed and makes a mess in your hand, but better than a mess in your heart, eh? A little can even kill a whole horse!

  5. G Reply

    50 gms of yew needle is enough to kill a human in spite of resustication efforts. Damn I really hope our girl here hasn’t eaten that much

    • JW Reply

      50 grams sounds like a lot. I think that’s roughly a quarter of a cup. So hopefully she stopped before ingesting too much.

  6. killerog Camp dweller Reply

    That’s why I wouldn’t survive this kind of event, I’m too much of a city person to not eat the wrong stuff in the wild πŸ˜€

  7. May Reply

    So…Nina basically tried to commit suicide? Is my guess?

    Also, hi, I’m not a new reader (been reading for…1 and a half years? 2?) but I am a new commenter! I love this comic, the art style inspires my own art so much πŸ’›πŸ’›

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! Glad you enjoy Replay and my drawings! πŸ˜€ Hope to see more of your comments from now on!

  8. Dragon Master Reply

    I’m seeing all these comments about Stephen being a Doctor, but I’m fairly certain he’s not a Medical Doctor. I think he had a Doctorate in either Science or Engineering, but then again he is a magical Doctor and a Mad Scientist so he may be able to do something. In any case Filip is in a world of trouble.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well, he did identify the Yew berries and knew immediately that they are poisonous.
      Those are two things I did not know (personally I’ve been taught: Don’t touch what you don’t know. Served me well enough thus far).

      Now, if he knows what ‘Yew’ is and how they are poisonous, it stands to reason that he also knows what to do in case of such a poisoning…even I know that ‘making the subject throw up and dilute the poison with lots of water’ are generally a good approach…you know, in case an ambulance is kinda unavailable.

      What’s more, there’s this scene that he was working with Renate on researching the demons, which implies at least a certain understanding of biology, though of course I may be mistaken on that one.

      On that note, I don’t think it’s ever been explicitly stated, what kind of Doctor Stefen really is, has it?

      • JW Reply

        even I know that β€˜making the subject throw up and dilute the poison with lots of water’ are generally a good approach

        And feed them charcoal, because it absorbs poison/chemicals.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Welcome! Very happy to hear that, thank you for reading and letting me know that you liked it! πŸ˜€

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