If you think that’s the end of the drama then you’re badly mistaken. Again, I repeat my warning – the couple next pages (or rather this whole plot point) might be disturbing to some viewers. You can read two pages ahead and get a postcard from me if you support Replay in September!

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So regarding the postcards, as I probably said before I’ll print two postcards in absurd quantity – one will be picked by the $10+ Patreon supporters and one will be a mystery postcard that I will release laaaater on so that the patrons can brag about it first 😉 The poll for the patrons’ favorite is now open so if you support Replay please go and vote: There are… 4 votes already and they’re pretty spread although one of the postcards has more than the others! Go go go! The poll closes next week and I’ll start working on the drawing afterward.

This is the extra sketch I did today, with some extra adorableness:

I also have a bit of a process video for the middle panel, if you are into that kind of thing or just want to have an excuse to stare at Nina for a little while longer.

11 comments on “Nina”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    At this chase’s bitter end,
    just around this forest bend,
    he finds the girl he’s looking for,
    alone, out cold, for ever more?

    No blood, no grime, does she yet breathe?
    Go pick her up and take your leave.
    Return with her from whence you came,
    there time will be to place the blame.

    Alas, a thought, a memory,
    of how cruel fate can just be,
    what if, by chance, the barrier,
    repels her now as carrier?

    Of cursed blood, of hellspawn foul,
    keeps her locked out, you hear them howl?
    You may have found her, science man,
    but now you did, what is your plan?

    The terrors prowl the woods at night,
    and you’re alone with demon blight.
    How far, how far now did you go?
    How far is it, to safety’s glow?

    No time to lose, no time to waste,
    yet did it spell your doom, your haste?
    Your weapon, what good will it do?
    Once their claws are run through you?

  2. JW Reply

    Dead or alive? Does anyone want to bet?

    Not really. It could go either way.
    It doesn’t look like she was killed by demons, at least. But she might have been distraught enough to (try to) kill herself.

  3. Doom Reply

    My current speculation: Nina ran outside the barrier and cried herself to sleep. She’s healthy… for now. Cue growling demon and chase scene!

  4. Dragon Master Reply

    As a certain Miracle Worker would say: She’s only mostly dead. If she’s all dead, well then there’s only one thing you can do: search through her pockets for loose change. xD

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