Into the forest

A fair warning that the couple next pages might be disturbing to some readers!

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I have the postcard sketches ready! I’m planning to make a secret postcard that will only be revealed much later and another one that you guys will be able to pick from among the sketches! I’ll make the poll next week, in case I have any more awesome ideas. For now, I have 4 doodles ready~ If you have special requests I might consider those so let me know your ideas! Become a patron right now to get the postcard!

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From other news… My fiance changed his job, hopefully he’ll be a bit happier now. Financially that means we’ll need to pay more for the apartment since his previous job offered a special program for that. So yeah, 50% rent increase for me heh. But that’s fine. As long as he’s happier — that’s fine. As for me, I’ve been kind of occupied with work and work-related thoughts since we had a 3-days long hackathon and I was trying really hard to make something cool. And it paid off haha, I had a blast but now it’s time to slow down again and work more on Historia (which is moving forward!), Replay, and my writing.

I’ve recently read Under the Dome by Stephen King and I enjoyed it quite a bit (no rubber monsters at the end, that was a nice surprise) but it was less horror-like than I’d like. Just greedy people raping and killing each other. Do you guys know any good supernatural horror books…? I’d love to read some if you have any recommendations.

9 comments on “Into the forest”

  1. Alex Reply

    Well, as long as the ghost doesn’t say “too late” Nina might just survive. I wonder if the ghost is her mom or grandmother.

    Oh man, if Filip wants to ever be useful, magic or not, he needs to learn to communicate no matter the emotional circumstances. Otherwise he can’t be trusted in battle and should just stay out of everyone’s way. He can’t be expected to act any differently when faced with painful death, be it his own or the death of one of the rest of the cast.

  2. Alex Reply

    As for horror:
    Well, not really a book, but I’ve been reading a couple of articles from the SCP foundation wiki every now and then. There’s some really good psychological horror in there:
    After playing Lobotomy Corporation (awesome game except for the super high difficulty towards the end) I became kind of addicted to the SCP genre, so I need an occasional fix.

    Also I’ve read The Call of Cthulhu once. It’s a bit hard to read, because it’s such an old work and rather verbose, but its copyright license has expired, so everyone can read it for free online, and for me it was nice to finally see where all the Cthulhu-themed works originated.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Dearest Nina, what have you done?
    What is your plan, where have you gone?
    Moved far from safety, far beyond,
    the ghastly lady leads this bond.

    The friend you need is on his way,
    please be safe, don’t run astray.
    Please don’t die for Filip’s sake,
    or else he’ll face, ol’ Stefen’s wake.

    Though who’s this specter, trying to save?
    A loving granny, from the grave?
    A ling’ring thought, a desperate plea?
    Or maybe worse, a real banshee?

    If that were true, all hope’d be lost.
    Her cry means death to whom you’re tossed.
    But try he shall, despite all odds,
    And face he will, even the gods.

    Destruction lurks beyond the light,
    well on his way, this strange old knight.
    In science and reason he once believed,
    the world has changed and he is peeved.

    • JW Reply

      I suspect it’s a previous, now deceased, owner of the bracelet. And probably Nina’s grandma or something.

  4. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Oh, I missed an update…

    Wait… did Stefen just leave the protective circle?! Nina, what have you done?

  5. Twisted Weirdo Reply

    I don’t mind “disturbing”. Being the twisted weirdo that I am, I look forward to “disturbing”…

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