Sudden confession

Filip became floppy.

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How are you guys doing? The rainy season is over so it’s 35C every single day and it’s a bit taxing to even go for a walk… Damn, even just sitting around the house feels tiring. I don’t know why but too much sun makes me kinda apathetic, maybe my body doesn’t like it. I have officially entered the “waiting-for-the-summer-to-end” mode.

Doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing. I had to watch the second season of Umbrella Academy (go and watch it, it’s great) but other than that made some good progress on Historia and started outlining a new novel I want to write. I hoped that my friends from Poland will visit in November but it seems pretty much impossible with covid cases growing more and more so I’ll probably attempt Nanowrimo instead.

What else… Well, the usual I guess, please enjoy the page and leave a comment, vote, say hi on Discord! Thanks for reading and sticking around. I’ll hopefully start working on the sketch suggestions I got last week. I missed a chance to make a stream this weekend (morning is the only time I can go out and not get fried alive and that kind of became a priority, also, I’m a bit nervous to make a stream lol) but I’ll definitely draw all those suggestions!

Have a good week ahead everyone!

14 comments on “Sudden confession”

  1. 動物 Reply

    >made some good progress on Historia and started outlining a new novel I want to write…

    Hooray! Historia (ch 1?) was so well written and the plot development left me cheering at the end (maybe that seems a bit effed up, but I really love what you did with the story). New novel? Do you already have a book out somewhere? Please point me to it if you do…

    Thank you for sharing your well-honed skills with us 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Woohoo! Glad you liked it! 😀
      And yeah, I finished writing one recently but it’s not available anywhere, it’s not polished yet and honestly I haven’t yet decided what I’ll even do with it haha I’ll definitely advertise it all over Replay when it’s available for reading. Thanks for being interested!!

  2. Refugnic Reply

    In the light of fireflies,
    questions rise and respect dies.
    Come now, friend, to bed with you,
    get on up, your legs’ like goo.

    You did…what did you just say?
    why’d you do that?! Are you gay?
    You’d better have a reason good,
    lest soon you’ll be, lil’ Laura’s food.

    I’m the pits, the worst you claim,
    yet for the end, you’re not to blame.
    Or are you, by chance, him in disguise?
    No there’s no chance, no not you guys.

    So tell me, friend, what drove you here,
    into the hammock with too much beer.
    What reason could there even be?
    for you to leave, your source of glee?

    • NotImportant Reply

      The first two lines say it all hahaha and would be a perfect haiku for this page xD

  3. Alex Reply

    I am the exact same as far as heat goes. However, here in the Black Forest it has been a little below 30°C, so I’m able to keep my room at around 25°C max without air conditioning (which I don’t have). Do you have AC?

    • NotImportant Reply

      I do have AC, yes. The electricity bills have become painful xD I didn’t have AC when I was living in Poland (not popular there outside of offices and malls) and we had an attic apartment under a metal roof. That was quite painful. Here the humidity + temperature is the worst. Still, almost everyone still wears masks which is quite remarkable.

      • Alex Reply

        I wouldn’t be able to live in Japan without AC, either. 🙂 Heck I am so glad that I don’t have to sit in my office, thanks to Corona. I can just be in my underwear and take showers whenever I want.

          • Alex

            Hehe, I obviously get dressed real quick when I have to do one, but afterwards the clothes go right off again.

  4. Darque Hellmutt Reply

    UN-ACCEPTABLE!!!! I just stumbled over this masterwork today, backed up to day one, AND HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THE ENTIRE STORY-LINE TO DATE !!!! Now, I’m back to the mundane world of only getting a once-a-week dose. Booooo!!!

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