Late-night visit

It’s a matter of mood, not the amount of alcohol.

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Hey guys, there’s only one thing to note: a new month has started and Replay is in dire need of your votes! Please spare a minute and vote! It’s free and makes me happy (I know you guys don’t really need any more convincing). Thanks a bunch for your hard work!

Apart from that, I kind of want to try some streaming and sketching so I opened up sketch requests for Patreon patrons: If there’s anything that you want me to sketch out just let me know in the comments! I’ll pick some of the ideas and try to sketch them out over the weekend. If you want to see Ada and Rob’s gender-swap or ask Sofia a question that’s your chance! Below are some sketches I did previously:

I guess I also drew this over the weekend: Rem from Re:Zero in Replay’s setting!

I was watching Re:Zero again (a new season is coming out!) and kind of wanted to try drawing Rem as if she was a Replay character 😉 Not super happy about the result but it was still fun to paint. But now I want to draw her crushing demons instead of drinking tea lol… Anyway, stay safe and healthy guys and see you on Discord or in the comments!

Also: a warm welcome to all the new readers!!! <3

11 comments on “Late-night visit”

    • Refugnic Reply

      Best recipe against the hangover after you stop drinking?
      Simple: Never stop drinking and you won’t be hangover.

      Of course it would be even better to not even start drinking in the first place, but an alarming number of people apparently seem to be unable to bear this world without a little help from everyone’s favorite disinfectant.

  1. Refugnic Reply

    The night shall draw soon to a close,
    a new day will begin.
    some sleep, some wake, just as they chose,
    a few do with a grin.

    There on the ground, fallen from grace,
    a man, once proud and strong.
    He no longer has a place,
    say have you been there long?

    ‘How many beers now did you have?’
    (And where to find some here?)
    ‘Only one, barely a halve!’
    ‘But I’m not drunk, you hear?!’

    I’ve done goofed up and let her go,
    the lady of my life!
    I sought the things I did not know,
    pain cuts me like a knife.

    So leave me here, oh good old man,
    and carry on your task.
    Imma stay here, cause I can,
    no more, oh please don’t ask.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ohh you even went beyond this page! What will you write for the next poem when this dialogue actually pops up! 😀

      • Refugnic Reply

        Then I shall use my super awesome non-existing powers of prophesy to figure out what happens after that page and include that!
        Or I’ll just use my less impressive, but still very useful ability and just make something up, we’ll see. 😀

  2. Lynara Reply

    Wow, just discovered this comic and read it all in 2 days. Thank you for the awesome story. Definitely adding this to my list of web-comics I check on regularly. Keep it up, its going great! ^.^

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank youuu! Definitely very cool to hear feedback like that when I wake up haha!

  3. Howard Reply

    I remember this! This was me my first time I tried Vodka in collage still not sure how I ended up sitting on the kitchen floor but I was very comfortable there!

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