Great advice from the former cultist. But hey, at least she’s not after Robert!

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Thanks for all the support guys, both on Patreon and on Topwebcomics! I don’t stress that often enough but for me to continue this labor of love after my regular work some motivation is definitely necessary (do you think it’s quick to draw a page like this? it’s not). To see you guys vote, chat on Discord, comment, throw money at me, it all helps tremendously! So thank you! If not for your presence under those pages I probably wouldn’t bother continuing, I know the whole story anyway~

Some extra art happened this week! I post everything on Discord, Patreon (free), and Twitter so take your pick and follow me somewhere! I also updated the cast page since there were some complaints about arrows being out of date 😀

What else, still working on Historia whenever I have a moment and brainstorming another story that I want to start writing soon. We’ll see how that goes since there’s a ton of art to draw for Historia’s second chapter, I don’t want to make impossible plans and then get depressed because of them. Although it would be really sweet to have a draft ready before this year ends, just sayin’… Ekhem…!

Please enjoy the page and see you around! I’m not on social media much but I do lurk on Replay’s Discord! Stop by and say hi! 🙂


11 comments on “Useless”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    ‘To make someone like you, you must be useful or indispensable to them’…um, no.
    That doesn’t make people like you.
    On the contrary, it may well serve to have the exact opposite effect…they keep you around, because you are useful/indispensable, but like or even love you? No.

    For that, you need to be a likable person.
    And useful and especially indispensable persons are rarely likable…because they are too busy staying useful/indispensable to be likable.

    But then again, I’m an idiot in social affairs, so you might well be better off listening to the previous cultist leader.
    I’m sure all those people genuinely loved her without any sort of manipulation on her part.

    • JW Reply

      I’m sure they loved because of all the manipulation on her part.
      Of course using tricks or manipulation to win someone’s love has the same dilemma as using a love-potion (were such a thing to be real); it’s a really poor basis for an actual, and equal, relationship.

      Anyway, a trick I heard for getting people to like you, is to ask them do you small favors. Then (supposedly) cognitive dissonance gets into play, and because they did something for you, their brain decides that they must sort of like you, because why else would they do something for you.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Yes, I believe I’ve heard of that before myself.
        I do not remember the context, but apparently, asking someone nicely to do you a (small) favor, increases your chances of getting them to do favors for you in the future, because the gratification in our brain associates the person we are doing a favor for with the feeling of ‘having done something good’.

        Kinda messed up, really, but most of psychology is kinda messed up. 😀

  2. Refugnic Reply

    A sad, sad little kitty, stands below the tree,
    just cannot rejoice, that her man seems to be free.
    To top if all off, she receives friendly advice,
    but please don’t take it blindly, please do think twice.

    ‘Good luck’ she says and walks away,
    yet already, the thoughts keep running astray.
    “It’s not that simple!” our kitty exclaims,
    don’t act like it is, as if it all were mere games.

    Farewell now, get lost and leave me alone.
    Did not all your ‘useful’, kick you off of your throne?
    And where you once sat, now a king reigns supreme.
    oh only, if only, it was all just a dream…

  3. 動物 Reply

    Great job on this webcomic – recent new reader and everyday voter now.
    Also, took the time to read through Historia… wow! Anyone reading – do yourself a favor and check it out!

  4. Alexander Travassos Reply

    Really like the webcomic so far! Part of me hopes Sofia does succeed in getting Robert’s attention like she hopes she does in the long run 🙂

  5. NoriMori Reply

    I guess a former cult leader (or cult… middle manager, I guess) WOULD know a lot about how to make people like you…

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