The grumpy cat

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I’m having a week-long break from my daily life and spending the rest of the rainy season in Hakuba, watching the misty mountains and listening to the birds sing. It’s great. Also, very wet. In case you want to see the views and gawk at the magnificence of Japan’s countryside you can check out my Instagram, I put pretty pictures there!

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34 comments on “The grumpy cat”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    With a sigh, the conversation dies,
    left unspoken, truth and lies.
    With the plan, they shall proceed,
    keep on dancing, to this beat.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere, far away,
    a lil’ cat sits, full of dismay,
    in a tree, who’ll save her now?
    Who would go, face scowling brow?

    Not the one, you long to see,
    he’s still taken, his heart not free,
    no matter what, try as you might,
    he doesn’t see you, at least not right.

    And then there’s she, the blasted witch,
    comes out of nowhere, from some ditch,
    picked up, fits in, she’s so much better,
    makes him listen to the letter.

    Pretty, useful, skillful too,
    sticks around, skips in the queue.
    But maybe you do see it wrong?
    Maybe she’ll dance to another’s song?

    ‘But even so!’, you may now say,
    ‘What can I do to keep at bay,
    the terrors that now stalk the night?!
    How can I help in this fight?

    Feeling worthless, little kitty?
    Now cheer on up, you too are pretty.
    Just look around, the looks you’re getting,
    and maybe find, one better fitting.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nice! I love how you explained what’s on Sofia’s mind, it fits so well~!

      • Refugnic Reply

        I’m usually not very good at capturing people’s emotions, nice to hear that I am doing somewhat well this time around. 😀

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Sigh…and back to square one with these two.
    Honestly, what does it take for that girl to finally speak her mind?

    Apparently the end of the world was not enough yet.

    As for Sofia…yeah well, you can dwell on not being a magic user and all that jazz…or you can do the same thing Laura is doing, keep the spirit of the camp dwellers up with your smiles, maybe find happiness along the way and so on…there was a reason, why the US Army deployed ‘women corps’ near the front lines to bolster the morale of the troops.

    Or…you could climb some tree and sulk about everyone else being better than you.
    Doesn’t help anything, but if it makes you feel better…

    • JW Reply

      Sofia could always try to do the purification ritual and then try her hand at ritual magic.
      There’s definitely more she could do with her life than bolster men’s morale. In fact reading up a bit on the Women’s Army Corps, they didn’t have any moral boosting tasks either, they were switchboard operators, mechanics, bakers, chauffeurs etc.

      • Refugnic Reply

        No country can afford to dismiss 50 % of the populace for the war effort, just because of their gender…at least for a halfway serious war.

        And just because they weren’t given a rifle and sent to the front to die (at least not as a regular practice), doesn’t mean that women couldn’t contribute to the war effort.

        Quite on the contrary…women and children are the ones who make ‘winning a war’ possible in the first place.
        For what do you go to war for, if there’s nobody left behind to protect?

        But I stray from the topic.

        Yeah, Sofia could do that…but somehow she doesn’t seem to want to go down that route.

        • JW Reply

          I’m pretty sure you don’t mean to, but you keep making it sound like women’s biggest contribution is being there to be protected.

          • Refugnic

            No, I definitely do not mean that.
            On the contrary, they are the most valuable asset any country has.

            They are the ones, who keep the country back home running after all.
            Can’t win an extended war without consistent supplies, after all.

            Other than that, they, in turn, protect and raise the children (which represent the future of the country), making their contribution far more valuable to the long run than what the guys with the rifles and cannons are doing.

            Though I guess my view on the roles is rather antiquated in this particular regard…personally, I’d prefer it, if nobody had to go to war at all, but if it absolutely has to be, I’d rather have the men bashing their heads in.

            Of course women are just as capable of firing a rifle/cannon/missile as any man is.
            Unfortunately they are also just as capable of dying on the battlefield.

          • JW

            See, that’s why I think we should replace soldiers by robots. Then the robots can shoot each other and no one has to die.
            Of course the robots might disagree, but at least they can make backups of their mind.

          • Refugnic

            Or we could, I don’t know, grow as a species, finally overcome our differences and live together as mankind, instead of squabbling over meaningless thing.

            Ah well…one can dream, am I right?

      • Dragon Master Reply

        I highly doubt Sofia would need the purification ritual. She seems virginal to me. Also her personality when we first met her makes it seem like she’d have an enormous anxiety attack just thinking about trying to have sex with someone, let alone trying to do the act.
        No offense meant.

        • JW Reply

          I think I remember she has had a girlfriend. Not sure how canon that was, though.

          • NotImportant

            Yeah, that’s canon. We haven’t seen that story yet, though. Just a single, old sketch.

      • Andy Reply

        In my humble opinion, sulking is also a very valid communications tool…

        I have a Mute Son and a baby Grandson who both use that tool to devastating effect. They are also, both, not below throwing in the puppy-dog eyes for emphasis. Grandson especially…, a very powerful tool indeed – ‘cos he is (mostly) blind. Blind puppy-dog eyes are awesome, could quite possibly be weaponised. (Don’t aim all that well though.)


    • T3hOgre Reply

      Ada’s mind is settled. It’s her heart she’s not listening to.

      As for Sofa-cat – she’s got the problem in reverse. Curiosity begs the question for me, has Julia become the new rival in Sofia’s mind and she’s accepted that Ada is just in the way?

      I do love to see a panel of my purple tailed favorite – even broodily swishing.

      Nice job on the move upwards in the ranks, NI. hope to see it continue.

  3. UpInSmoke Reply

    I have fallen in LOVE with this comic! Thank you for all your hard work and efforts. I usually do not comment but you have made me aware how much creators look to/rely on feedback so I will try to do better for all of my favorite ones! Thank you for also sharing about life in Japan, I’ve always wanted to visit but financially cannot make it without someone else to go with…maybe one day I can…

    Now to anxiously await the next update!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank youuuu! I’m very happy to hear this 😀 and don’t worry about Japan, keep your dream close and don’t give and one day an opportunity might appear! Coming from a poor family, I honestly never thought that I’d be able to go there, not to mention actually staying and working. Life is unpredictable!

      • Dragon Master Reply

        How hard was it to learn the language and culture to live and work there? IIRC you said you were from Sweden(?), and while I’m no expert I believe that’s a Germanic Language and is extremely different to Orient Languages, making it much harder to learn them. Romance languages as I understand are the midway point in all others. They are “supposedly” the easiest to learn.

        • JW Reply

          She’s from Poland, actually.
          I doubt it will make much of a difference to learning Japanese though, since it’s not part of the Indo-European language family like Slavic and Germanic languages.

          • Dragon Master

            That’s interesting, if Swedish isn’t a Indo-European language what grouping is it? I highly doubt it’s a Romance language, and there is no way it’s an Orient. Is it just it’s own thing?

          • JW

            No, I meant that Japanese isn’t an Indo-European language. Whereas both Polish and Swedish are. So it’s probably roughly equally hard/easy to learn Japanese regardless if you’re Swedish or Polish. (At least going by how distantly related languages are.)
            Romance languages are also Indo-European.
            Now Finish, on the other hand, like Hungarian, is one of the few non-Indo-European languages in Europe. Those two are both Uralic.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Hey, so I’m actually from Poland and as a programmer at Amazon I don’t really use Japanese at work at all. It’s useful when you get a slip from the tax office and have no idea what went wrong haha or when you need to order furniture and stuff like that. But I came to Japan not knowing much of Japanese and (unfortunately) that hasn’t changed much in the last 3 years. I’m still learning but I don’t use it at work at all.
          Remembering kanji is very hard and it’s annoying that there are many homonyms in Japanese. The grammar is very different but rather simple. Also, many Asian languages have separate rules and words that you use for speaking politely and that’s like a skill on it’s own… Probably also a reason why it’s difficult for a foreigner to handle business meetings in Japanese.

          • mariusz391

            I knew it
            Country Rzepki
            Licence plate on motorcycle PO from Poznań
            Surname Kolanko meaning small knee
            And a lot of Polish landscape
            This is so many signs you have something to do from Poland
            Pozdro z Radomia 😉

          • NotImportant

            Haha pozdrawiam! Ta rejestracja ma jeszcze więcej do powiedzenia jeśli zmrużysz oczy ;D

          • mariusz391

            hah, fakt nie zwróciłem uwagi PO BABCI 😀
            No i jeszcze typowo polski znak przystanku autobusowego

          • Dragon Master

            My bad then, I hope that wasn’t rude calling you Swedish if you’re actually Polish. Some folks get upset if you mistake their nationality and it’s perceived as being rude and insulting. I meant no offense.

          • NotImportant

            Oh wow, I can’t even comprehend why anyone would get upset. I’m a chill person, it’s hard to anger me 😉

          • Dragon Master

            It’s primarily folks from the Celtic Isles who will get testy about it (the Irish and Scottish especially) , as well as Chinese, Japanese and Koreans who will definitely get pissed about being mixed up. And, so I’ve hear, the Norse, Swedish and Finnish, don’t like being mixed up with each other. Mostly they just get unhappy about it but that’s all, the others can get pissed.

          • JW

            I think it’s probably fine as long as you don’t mistake someone for their ancient historic enemies.
            If you mistake a Fin for a Swede, they might get upset, but if you mistake them for a Japanese or Kenian they will just be bemused.
            It’s the small mistakes that are most upsetting. 😛

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Shirt was perfectly useable except for the gut wound from its previous owner. Fortunately tailoring and boredom go hand in hand…

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