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Drawing those two together is fun, hah. Mostly because I enjoy Sofia’s one-sided rivalry that Julia has no idea about lol

I’m back from my little trip to Hakuba! It was raining the whole time, flooding warnings, all hiking trails closed, we basically spent the whole week inside, listening to the rain. I wish we were able to hike a little bit but it wasn’t so bad. At least we both rested so that goal has been accomplished.

I finished reading Sanderson’s Starsight and, as unusual as it is, I can’t really recommend it. It’s YA sci-fi and I think the Y part is too strong for me in this one. Foreshadowing was too blunt and some resolutions too weak for me to really enjoy the book. But still, if you want a light sci-fi it might be worth checking out, most people love it and Sanderson is an excellent writer. I also opened a new channel for books recommendations on Replay’s Discord!

Thanks for the votes guys, Replay is still hanging around 25th place which is absolutely amazing. We’ve got a bunch of new readers in the past couple weeks too (hey guyyys!) so I’m full of motivation and enthusiasm πŸ™‚ Please keep voting and I hope you enjoy both this week’s page and the silly mini-comic! Thanks!

17 comments on “Confrontation”

  1. Regis Earsquake Reply

    Somthing tells me that Sofia isn’t toooo fond of Julia. I think Julia has an idea that that might be the case as well

    • JW Reply

      Yeah, but Julia seems to have the idea that it’s because she helped bring about the apocalypse, whereas Sofia seems to have more of problem with Julia hogging all of Robert’s attention. Priorities. Well, I guess one’s easier to fix than the other.

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Posted a similar thought on the twitters. πŸ˜‰ Hoping to see a handsy-slap fight with the next page. That tail twitch (swish?), though! Still makes me laugh from the previous page.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Good try, but the source of Sofia’s grudge is in another castle.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    I know I’m being nitpicky here, but could it be, that Sofia’s tail is a wee bit too far to the left?

    As far as I know, the tail would originate from the spine, which should be pretty much in the middle of the back, give or take a few minor deformations.

    Of course I could be mistaken, seeing how I’m not an actual art critic or anything. πŸ˜€

    • JW Reply

      You mean in panel two? I think she just her her butt/back turned a bit. So we’re not looking at it straight on.
      I did think it was perhaps a bit high, considering where I think my vestigial tailbone is.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I thought the same, a few times during the whole comic, actually.

        On the other hand, I have no idea where our tail would actually exit our back if we still had one. However, seeing that, if we stand upright, our tailbone sort of points inward, its location in our anatomy would probably not be where our actual tail would be. (It could work if we were walking on four legs.)

        I think just above our glutes would fit the bill, so about two or three centimeters above its current location. For me that would be pretty close to the waistband/beltline…

        … I checked in a mirror just now. I think that the tail would come out between those two dimples one migth have above the glutes (or even a tiny bit above that). For good measure I also cropped up my shirt and did a half squat. And you know what: I think, the place I tried to describe would actually look a little too high up. Just like in the drawing.

        Therefore, I conclude that we are not used to seeing bipedal people with tails and that the actually normal position of the tail just looks strange to us.

        I also just thought that maybe, NotImportant would probably already have checked just this. Since she draws bodies extremely well!

        • JW Reply

          I think the tail would come lower than those two dimples. But in fairness I don’t know how those two dimples correspond to the anatomy on, say, a monkey.
          There are some people born with vestigial tails (though those are usually removed soon after birth). And there are some pictures on the internet claiming to be of people with such a vestigial tail. But at the same time I’m not sure they are actually real. If they are real, they also suggest a lower position. ( halfway down the page.)
          Maybe there’s something more definite in medical literature, somewhere.

          • NotImportant

            Their anatomy is not completely human. And the position of the tail is an educated guess, one might say. I made the tail start around the same height as the top of the pelvis. Might be too high, might be too low, it’s hard to say. I don’t think those human with vestigial tails are a good resource since there’s no bone in that, it’s just a flap of skin.

          • JW

            Well, I guess the only way to resolve this vital question is to genetically engineer catgirls.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    A kitty in a tree, once wallowed in despair,
    along came a young woman, with platinum colored hair.
    ‘Come down, lil’ kitty, I wish to talk’, she called up to the tree,
    ‘It won’t take long, I promise you!’ she shouted full of glee.

    The grumpy kitty, full of anger, jumps off the tree in style,
    stands to face the woman, her expression one most vile.
    ‘What is it?’, asked the kitty, her tail a furry whip,
    A quiet smile, no gruesome fight, not even a lil’ quip.

    The woman stands, a face of pain, expresses all her sorrow,
    Apologizes, offers help, for a better tomorrow.
    Caught off guard and at a loss, stands now the angry kitty.
    ‘How am I to hate you now, if you make me feel pity?!’

    But little does our Julia know, ’bout what is going on.
    The end of days, she could live with, with people being gone.
    Now speak, lil’ kitty, make your claim, and let her know for sure,
    that he’s your prey and yours alone. That are on his spoor.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Sofia has heels! Their height is mentioned on the cast page, they’re both pretty tall.

    • Sean Murphy Reply

      I forgot the heights of the characters, and Sofia acts young enough that I just assumed her to be short. She AIN’T short!!!

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