Hold your tongue

Hold your tongue, Ada! Your jealousy is spilling out.

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It seems like she’s already forgotten that she was supposed to keep her distance and leave the poor guy alone. Or maybe being close again makes it harder to control the emotions? Either way, a lot is going to happen on that little trip to town!

By the way, if you’re interested in Japanese swords and how to clean them properly, I used this as a reference: https://dengarden.com/cleaning/How-to-Clean-a-Japanese-Katana-and-Saya

What else, whenever I have time I try to work on Historia’s second chapter. It’s going well, I sketched out a whole pile of new assets to draw and it’s starting to take shape! There’s still a long way to go but I’ve learned a lot while making the first chapter so now I know how to manage myself better. I’m super excited for this chapter (I know, I keep repeating this) and I hope you guys will enjoy… Ahhh I cant wait!!!

And I’ll be going to Hakuba next week, going to take a break from work, stare at the mountains and maybe hike if the weather allows. Not a smart move to go to the mountains during the rainy season but I need a break. I’m becoming irritable from being tired and that’s not cool. My teammates are all fantastic people and I’m kind of scared I’ll start taking out my weariness on them xD Nope. Let’s just go to the mountains. Sounds like a better plan.

And finally! THANK YOU KINDLY FOR ALL YOUR VOTES! This is amazing, we’re up like a 100 positions on TWC, you guys are crazy! The second page of the mini-comic is still up if you haven’t seen it yet but it’s going to change tomorrow! Vote and catch them all if you can! ;D


8 comments on “Hold your tongue”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Your little white lies, as thin as those papers,
    you just keep on trying, drive away those vapors,
    of jealous words, you so carelessly speak,
    now you face the fallout of the havoc you wreak

    ‘I’m just pulling your leg’, you now try to jest,
    but in lying to yourself, you have always been best.
    Just for once in your life, be honest and true,
    about what you feel, give the poor guy a clue.

    The blade has been cleaned, his eagerness sparked,
    the plan’s been laid out, the target’s been marked.
    But please now, dear Ada, for all that is good,
    just once face your feelings, and say what you should.

    The fallout of awkward we’re waiting to see,
    when you at last, your wishes set free.
    You’ve often neglected, the chances you’ve got,
    you’d better act soon, lest it’ll all be for naught.

  2. Andy Reply

    Okay… I’m with Robert on this one: Wha???

    I may be being particularly dense here, but what other part (without being inappropriate or gross please), of an adult human/wolf-hybrid male, beginning in ‘L’ could you possibly be pulling, if not a leg?

    I’ll accept ‘spoilers’ as an argument!

    • ERA Reply

      It’s not that she was going to say something else that started with “L” and then went with “Leg.” Instead, because she was flustered, she stumbled over the “L.” I will admit that is an odd consonant to stumble on and the “P” in “Pulling” would have worked better for that purpose.

  3. Alex Reply

    I wonder what would happen if Rob got a clue and decided to win Ada’s heart by making himself scarce until she couldn’t take it anymore.

    Or I’d like to see Nina throwing herself to Rob, but only for the purpose of not wanting to be single, and then watching Sofia, Ada and Stefen do the fireworks. 😀

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    It’s not like I’m jealous of someone else for getting to spend time with your or anything…

  5. I.T.B. Reply

    I’ve finally caught up! I just want to say that the comic is amazing, and is probably my new favorite!

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