Not the first time

I was laughing while drawing this page. Poor Robert. I love torturing this dude. Ada is so terrible.

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The two more pages posted on Patreon are the last ones of this chapter! I have already started figuring out the exact scenes for the next one and I’ll be sketching out some illustrations for an intermission. It’s kind of nice that I finished drawing the last page of this chapter right before the year ended. Such a beautiful coincidence, right? I admire such things.

Anyway. I hope you had lovely Christmas (whether you celebrate or not) and an exciting New Year’s eve! In Japan there are no fireworks or anything like that so it was nice and quiet. I usually get either excited or depressed when the year ends, but I am very aloof this time around. I guess I’m getting old. I can’t decide on any goals either. There’s so many things I want to do and whenever I think about them the “you don’t have time for this” red light appears in my mind and I end up giving up. I think I feel pressured for time. But, goals or not, I’ll surely be both drawing and writing in 2022 as well. Also, you can expect an announcement about Historia VERY SOON.

Books. I’ve read The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business recently and it’s a very helpful book if you work with people from different cultures/countries. Very nice, I liked it a lot and will most likely be recommending it to people. From fantasy, I started The Blacktongue Thief and I’m laughing as I read it – it’s good! I also had a chance to watch the Don’t Look Up movie and I found it absolutely hilarious.

That’s all I have. Thanks for reading Replay so far and let’s have an awesome 2022! Or, at least, better than 2021. Cheers!

9 comments on “Not the first time”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    One thing Robert and I have in common is we both clearly love seeing Ada flustered. XD

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Careful boy, don’t go too far,
    you’re treading on thin ice.
    enjoy the fact, just as you are,
    do not jinx the dice.

    But that’s the thing, you can’t let go,
    must tease her for dear life!
    It’s fine, you are allowed to grow,
    through mischief and through strife.

    Now what is that, that I must hear,
    you sure must have been wasted.
    Be glad that he yet holds you dear,
    it’s ‘just’ your lips he tasted.

    Imagine now, a lesser man,
    who wouldn’t have thought twice,
    Who’d rather hand you one more can,
    won’t care about the price.

    Back then, he chose to stay alone,
    over his wish, desire.
    For for such sin, one can’t atone,
    a burn without a fire.

  3. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Come on, Rob! Don’t tease the poor girl!

    Not the time to be joking around!

    Just be happy she’s showing you the attention you want.

    • Regis Earsquake Reply

      Well, she does love him, I’m pretty sure. Does she love him romantically? Maybe. Is she sexually attracted to him? No… as far as I can tell, that’s the “problem”. But I agree, it’s kinda mixed signals.

    • NoriMori Reply

      She might love him romantically but not be attracted to him sexually. Or she might love him in a way that’s not quite platonic and not quite romantic, and doesn’t know how to express that or doesn’t think he’d be happy with that. Or she might love him romantically but not want the kind of relationship we normally associate with that. It could be any number of things.

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Exchanging one bloody mess for another.

    Hopefully Not the statement for the rest of this year as well.

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