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Did you guys see the sketches I posted last week? I added them on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Patreon, so go and take a look! I’m trying to sketch a bit more for practice (some sort of informal new-years-resolution?), we’ll see how long I’ll last haha… Apart from sketching, I’m trying to write the scenario for the next chapter or Replay. I have all the scenes, I think, but I still need to write down the dialogues for a bunch of them so that I know everything is in the right order… I want to make sure you guys get a dozen cliffhangers in the worst possible moments, right? πŸ˜€ Not an easy task haha

What’s new… The second chapter of Historia is out and you should play it!! The game is free, you can donate of course and it will make us happy, but getting it free and letting us know how you liked it is just as excellent! I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts since I was responsible for most of the art in the game and the second chapter’s scenario. Okay, that’s all, just go and PLAY!


6 comments on “All kinds of things”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    I’m tough, I’m strong, don’t call me weak!
    Don’t call me cute, don’t call me meek!
    What was that, we kissed you say?!
    ‘What else did I?!’ I ask and pray.

    No wait, don’t tell, oh please don’t share,
    the secrets that are hard to bear.
    Don’t want to know, I’d die, I swear!
    Of shame, don’t speak, oh don’t you dare!

    But wait, please tell, oh, is that why,
    you say that you’re no drinking guy?
    For me, in fact, consideration?
    You deny yourself this application?

    Oh please, don’t laugh, your wounds will open,
    if only you would not have spoken!
    My cheeks are flushed, my mind’s a mess,
    and all just due my lip’s caress.

    If I had known, banish the thought!
    Of all these feelings it has wrought!
    Now calm, my dear, it’s fine, I’ll live.
    Take all the care you want to give.

    But past aside, how do you feel?
    Last time your spell has made you keel.
    And even worse, you dropped on me!
    Please don’t do that, can you agree?

    ‘I’m fine, I think’, is what I say,
    the mana still does come my way.
    But we should rest, just to be safe,
    so we don’t end up in a grave.

    • DasRallum Reply

      I think they refer more to things like dancing on the table, saying stupid stuff and all the other ugly things you maybe do, if you are totally wasted.

    • Just_IDD Reply

      Not necessarily, I mean it was before the fall. A fairly long time ago. I would expect the grounding would only maintain against her ability for a period of time. The cleansing ritual is a method to shorten the required time to get back into balance. Which is why that guy (having a name issue and not wanting to archive dive to fix it) had to stop sleeping with his Girlfriend. Now she wants to have babies with the older guy.

      • JW Reply

        If you can’t remember a name, don’t forget there’s also a cast page.

        If the (ritual) magic ability reset after a long period of abstinence, I would expect it would have done so for Robert. Because I’m fairly sure it’s been a long, long while since he had a girlfriend.

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