Let me

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How are you guys doing? Still one week before the holidays, although I’m not really in the mood for them, hah. I didn’t even think about drawing something for Christmas, and that’s telling. But I think I’m getting over my frustration, and we even planned a little trip for the week between Christmas and New Years. I won’t be able to spend the holidays with my family this year, but it can’t be helped. Perhaps next year the antiviral drug for covid will be ready and we’ll be able to forget about those terrible, terrible years full of loss and isolation.

I’ll be brief since it’s kinda late and I need to go to work tomorrow. I’m reading the second volume of Bone Shard Daughter and I still don’t like second volumes much haha… I can’t get into it. I ditch most series after the first volume, hungry for new worlds, and even if I loved the first volume, the second one can’t really grab my attention all that much. I think Mistborn was maybe an exception to this, although I hated the second volume for how gloomy it was. Still, I read the whole thing during a plane flight in a single seating, so it was definitely a good book. What cool books have you guys read this year? Extra points if they’ve been published in the last 2 years since I can use them as comp title in query letters to agents hahaha

Stay well and have happy holidays! I hope you can enjoy them the way you want to, not stuck somewhere like me haha And if you are stuck, well, we’re in this together.
See you guys next week!

18 comments on “Let me”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Now look at that, aren’t they cute?
    With her emotions, she’s a mute.
    Can’t voice, can’t speak ’bout what she feels,
    and yet he’s there, head over heels.

    Now rest, be calm, and heal some more,
    don’t let this moment be a chore.
    Be grateful that you got to live,
    and take that hand, take all she’ll give.

    It may not be for what you yearn,
    yet in this world of twist and turn,
    this tender moment, hold it dear,
    for it won’t last, this much I fear.

    It will go back to how it was,
    away will go, the blood, the gauze,
    become a fleeting memory,
    and stances hard, like emery.

    Be straight, be kind, I’d like to say,
    but these here words, they’re not okay.
    Can’t be what is not within you,
    it’s fine, I’m good, I’m pulling through.

    So tug my heartstrings, play some more,
    this melody, until you’re sore.
    And then we’ll dance, for all we’re worth,
    might be the last ones left on Earth.

  2. Sabreur Reply

    A very bittersweet page! Even with the best of intentions, it’s rough when people want different things from a relationship. It takes a lot of maturity to step outside your own head for a bit and think about what the other person wants and needs.

  3. JW Reply

    I think I’ve rarely, if ever, read a book within two years of it being published. Usually I wait for the paperback, which already adds a year or two, and then it lies in the pile of books till I get around to it.
    Coincidentally, I started on the second volume of Mistborn just a while ago. It’s almost as thick as the previous book I read, but it has twice as many pages anyway. So it’ll take me a while, also because I’ve been reading less than last two years than I usually would have. I should do something about that..

    • JW Reply

      Stay well and have happy holidays! I hope you can enjoy them the way you want to

      I think I’d need advanced alien technology to do that… That’s the trouble with a lively imagination. You want things that can’t be realized.
      I’ll try the enjoy them best I can, though 😉
      Best wishes to you as well.

      • HKMaly Reply

        You would ONLY need advanced alien technology? I suspect I would stretch Clark’s third law to its limits like this … I mean, just getting Dad to enjoy the holidays with us would be quite a challenge this year and it wouldn’t get better even if Covid would be eradicated which doesn’t seem likely but with advanced alien technology …

        • JW Reply

          Well, it doesn’t even really need to be alien, to be honest. It’s just that I don’t think we have technology anywhere close to it, and the universe is big, so maybe some aliens somewhere in the universe have it already. Frankly, I usually imagine I just send it back in time to an early version of myself. But time-travel technology brings a whole slew of other problems with it. (Like having to prevent other people from inventing time-travel and stopping you messing around with time travel.)
          And there’s always the question of whether things are physically possible at all. I have some hopes sufficiently advanced technology could do what I hope for (aside from the time travel). But if it’s physically impossible, then I’d need real magic to bypass the limits of reality.
          There’s probably the option of living in a virtual world as well (one way or the other). Which opens up a lot of possibilities. But that always comes with those philosophical questions of whether you’re just deluding yourself, and whether that’s a bad thing.

          In any case, in our current version of reality, I’ll probably have to substitute sufficiently advanced technology with sufficient amounts of chocolate. 😛

  4. Alex Reply

    “I ditch most series after the first volume, hungry for new worlds”
    I’m literally the extreme opposite or else I wouldn’t still read this comic and a few dozen others. 🙂 I like it when characters recur, not just in comics or TV series, but also in novels (like Discworld and the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy). Yeah, I haven’t read any new books in the recent years aside from the ones from you and Aneeka.

    “Extra points if they’ve been published in the last 2 years since I can use them as comp title in query letters to agents hahaha”
    I don’t understand what comp means. Competition? Comparison? Why would you use books liked by random people on the internet for query letters? What’s the difference to looking up the top books (or the top ones related to your genres) that came out recently?

    Anyway, @comic:
    It’s good that Rob and Ada finally had a real-talk. When Rob said “I know you do” I understood the opposite of what he inteded to say. XD

    • NotImportant Reply

      Comparison titles! Every agent requires that. It’s to show them that your book is marketable and judge the potential audience. So whenever I query, I need to find 2 books that are similar to my own that sold moderately well.

      • Alex Reply

        Ok, that’s interesting. I guess they get so many queries they need references for orientation.
        But why from us? Why not look at bestsellers instead? Since you already wrote queries I bet you already did that anyway, didn’t you? 🙂

        It’s difficult to find books that are similar to yours. I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of things that were new to me, which I don’t want to spoil here (I think I mentioned them in my E-Mails here and there). But maybe it’s because by reading your book I left my bubble, as far as novels are concerned. Are there any other books with female protagonists who are capable fighters without superhuman abilities or overpowered gadgets?

        • NotImportant Reply

          Well, in case something good came out recently and I didn’t notice and coincidently I can use it in query letter? And yes, for Sheena’s story I do have comps already, but I have 3 other books in progress so I’m always looking for reference titles. Well, maybe not always, but I am looking now too lol
          And yes, it was difficult for me as well. In most of the books the MC is either a descendant of an emperor/king/someone in power or a chosen one. Sheena is neither. She’s just trying to live a life and I made it extra hard for her 😀 Although, you can probably count the noona as an overpowered gadget hahaha

        • Alex Reply

          Ok, you’re right, it can’t hurt to ask. 🙂 Well, if we go beyond novels, then your book about monsters in dreams vaguely reminds me of Stranger Things season 1.

          Yeah, the Noona technically counts, but you put a lot of effort into preventing this “gadget” from solving Sheenas problems most of the time.

  5. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I wonder if Ada is aro rep. And I wonder why it’s taken me so long to wonder that.

    • NoriMori Reply

      I’ve been wondering for a while if she’s arospec. Maybe aromantic, maybe quoiromantic, maybe alterous… Something along those lines. Maybe a queerplatonic relationship would be right for her, but I doubt she’s aware of that concept, and it’s not clear whether Robert would want that anyway.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        I had to look up 2 of those terms, but that makes a lot of sense… There’s such a lot of depth and complexity to it.

        I found out I was demi in my late 30s, just assumed that was what everyone was for like 20 years, finding out that was true for only a small subset of people put a lot of life experiences into a more understandable context.

        • NoriMori Reply

          Oof. That’s rough. It’s kind of fascinating how misunderstandings like that can persist for so long because we can’t see inside each other’s heads. It’s like how people with aphantasia can go for decades not knowing that other people can visualize things in their minds, even though we have so many expressions to describe that very act.

          Obviously you don’t have to answer, but I’m curious about what kinds of experiences you had that became more understandable after you found out that most people aren’t demisexual?

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