Not dead anymore

Yeeeey he’s not dead. Not this time. And we’ve learned a very important spell 🙂

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I think I have gotten over my Christmas hangover. I was upset, but so many other people are stranded in the exact same way that it’s difficult to play the victim. And actually… it still makes me happy that my family with get together for dinner even if I can’t join them. I’ll have a small Christmas-themed dinner in Tokyo, with my fiance. And we’ll wait for covid to… dunno, stop blocking travel, I guess, because it’s not going away.

I started the second volume of the Bone Shard Daughter (Bone Shard Emperor) but didn’t reach much yet. And a book about culture differences and how that affects business? Not sure if anyone here finds that kind of thing interesting, but my team at work is very multicultural and reading this book has been extremely amusing. I also discover my own biases and inclinations, which is pretty entertaining. If you’re interested: The Culture Map by Erin Meyer.

For my writing… I’ve set aside the draft I was working on since I had no heart for writing comedy. I need to wrap up that book but I don’t have the strength at the moment. So I’m taking a little break and brainstorming the next story in the meantime. It will either be a winter-themed adventure or a sci-fi weirdness with aliens. I’m still so terrible at outlining things… But the more I brainstorm up-front the better the ideas are, so I’m forcing myself to actually spend the time and go through all the alternatives and fish out the pearls from the mundane. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be able to resume writing in January, and maybe my solemn mood will continue hindering my creativity a bit longer. It’s a real thing. I don’t even feel like drawing at the moment and it’s terrifying. I hope I can fix that soon.

Stay safe and warm, and enjoy the upcoming pages! There’s a very exciting page up for the Patreon patrons already 😉


5 comments on “Not dead anymore”

  1. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Now that’s definitely a spell that going to come in handy, especially with Robert’s penchant for throwing himself in harm’s way to protect Ada.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Show me those scribbles, make my day,
    I need a good laugh now.
    These are the rules by which we’ll play,
    all sweet I won’t allow.

    You’d better learn, I can be mean,
    so you’d best watch your step.
    Give them here, don’t make a scene,
    you’re welcome to my web.

    In the meantime, far away,
    a witch has done her best.
    For just once more, kept death at bay,
    we’ll figure out the rest.

    This darn old fool kept trying hard,
    despite me being mean.
    And now you live, albeit you’re scarred,
    far better than you’ve been.

    All these times I scolded him,
    when all he tried was ‘help’.
    Got angry at him on a whim,
    enjoyed to see him yelp.

    If only just, yes, if I knew,
    why I kept blowing up.
    The reasons silly, far and few,
    feel sorry for the pup.

    So how you feel, my dearest friend?
    ‘Not dead’? That’s great to hear.
    For I just cannot let you end,
    your life, for this I fear.

    Rejoice, you’ll live, to fight some more,
    and do what must be done.
    To cause destruction, pain and gore,
    next time, you might be gone…

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    The price for this one might be her needing some red meat, and soon, based on that glow.

    As an alternative to getting there, can you set up any type of video chat with your family to show up that way or would it make it worse?

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