Mars II

A new spell! I kind of like having a dedicated page for them. It looks so nice, doesn’t it? I added it to the spellbook as well.

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What else. I’ve just finished the final drawing for Historia (I think it’s the last one) and we’re thinking of releasing the second chapter of the game for Patreon patrons early! So if you have been thinking of supporting the game but was looking for an excuse – well, here it is. It will come sometime this week or the next. Exciting! I’m looking forward to wrapping it up, it takes a while to draw a visual novel lol If you want to help us out and support the project (since the game is free to play) you can do so HERE. Thanks! <3

Also, I have finally finished the fake cover of the novel I’m querying so I wanted to brag. What do you guys think? Would it grab your attention in the bookstore? ;D I hope it would, although I have no idea about book covers design haha it was fun to draw, and I hope I’ll get some time to draw other illustrations for this story once I’m done with Historia. And no, Gabby Wright is not my real name, that’s just my writing pseudonym 😉

18 comments on “Mars II”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    And while she’s looking for salvation,
    her hand uncovers one more spell.
    To save her friend from his damnation,
    in hopes that one day, he’ll be well.

    His name be Ares, Mars and more,
    and war and fighting are his game.
    Though will he save whom you adore,
    or will you perish in his flame?

    Celestial bodies, one and all,
    I stand before you with my plea.
    Please save his life, please heed my call,
    for here I am, am begging thee.

    Name your price, I’ll gladly pay,
    if only he will live.
    Will beg, will lie, will crawl, will pray,
    take all that I can give.

    Be the shield for him, my blade,
    so that he can go home.
    And maybe rest in old trees shade,
    in this world where we roam.

  2. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I not sure those little plasters are going to cut it Ada.

    Love that book cover, reminds me of Canavan’s splendid Priestess of the White series. I hope it gets picked up a s published. A friend of mine published his novel with “Unbound” which is basically Kickstarter specialising in book publishing so that might be an option for you.

  3. JW Reply

    What do you guys think? Would it grab your attention in the bookstore? ;D

    Well, I don’t go to the bookstore so often these days. (Or even in the before days, to be honest.) But if I did, and saw the cover, it would probably pique my interest. I like her face and the confident stance, and that would probably be enough to make me look at the back cover to see what it’s about.
    On the other hand, there is something about the title I find slightly off-putting, so without the cover art (or when only able to see the spine) I’d probably let it pass.

  4. Regis Earsquake Reply

    I really like how your spells look. The entire magic in this universe looks very mysterious and on the softer side. There might be rules, but we defenetly don’t know enough to understand them. It feels like ancient technology. It’s there, it works somehow, but no one really understands what’s going on on a fundametal level. Or that’s at least my impression of your magic system. As much as I like rock hard magic systems, where the rules are exactly told to the viewer, I can appreciate some mysterious magic.

    Regarding the book cover. I think it looks really nice. The more subtle and earthy colors (the color of her shirt, her hair, the background) really go nicely together. Your eye is basically drawn to her eyes, the way your title is shaped, the way the rip things in the background are shaped, they all are basically arrows that point towards the character, leading your eye towards her. The only thing that wouldn’t make it stand out is, that a lot of fantasy books have covers, that show a character with sword in some cool pose looking at the reader [I just ralised that she doesn’t hold a sword. If people are supposed to notice that, you should make it clearer. If you want them to notice after looking at it a few times, it’s perfect]. So it probably wouldn’t stand out that much in that regard. It’s a good way to make a cover of a fantasy book, though. I guess that’s the reason why it’s used that often.

  5. bh Reply

    Two typos in the handwritten letter — I’m not sure if they’re deliberate, since they’re written by a character rather than by the author: Second paragraph, second line, “not even neded” should be “needed”; five lines later, “after al” should be “all.”

    About the cover: I find myself irritated by the holes in the letter “O.” It’d be okay if that were a thing throughout the font, but just the one letter makes it seem Wrong. Ymmv. Next, you are making the canonical new-author mistake of trying to make your name (even if pseudonymous) hide in the underbrush. Shout it out! And, still about typography, that font seems awfully clean and square if the cover’s message is meant to be about blood and guts (that /is/ a spine and rib cage, right?). Not a /fantasy/ font. Albertus? Footlight? Handwriting (Dakota)? Herculanum? Kino (which has that broken O along with other broken letters)? Lithos? Luminari (a little over the top maybe)? Optima (understated, but not formal)? SignPainter? Tekton? You might consider even a body type such as Palatino.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks for pointing out the typos! I’ll fix that once I get to the computer. It’s hard to make typos like this in a handwritten text so it makes little sense as a characterization.

      For the cover – the split letter is actually related to the plot. And I didn’t like how standard fantasy fonts looked at this. Maybe next time. Or maybe when someone actually prints this. As for my name being too small – well I’m obviously trying show off the drawing! Who gives a damn about some letters? The letters matter inside the book ;P

    • JW Reply

      Next, you are making the canonical new-author mistake of trying to make your name (even if pseudonymous) hide in the underbrush.

      Funny, that’s usually the thing I hate most about covers, that the author name stands out more than the title.

  6. Christian Reply

    I really like the Cover.
    Did you ever think about Self-publishing the books on Kindle Unlimited. There are quite a few authors making their living by self-published books that way.

    • NotImportant Reply

      That’s true, but I want to try the traditional way first. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll think about Kindle Unlimited. The problem with self-publishing is that you need to keep marketing your book and looking for the audience, and I already know that I’m terrible at that.

      • Christian Reply

        But you have an advantage there already. You have a following here with the comic, and I would assume a lot of people will give your books a chance.
        If you get enough positive reviews, that would help to get the amazon algorithms to recommend the book to others.
        What is also important is a good cover, because clickbait 😁. And you habe ghat nailed down already

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha thanks! I’m not sure how many people reading Replay would actually check out the book, but I’m definitely not discarding that option.

  7. Alex Reply

    I didn’t expect Sheena to be quite that pretty tbh. XD I imagined her as a grumpy midget and wearing sturdy armor all over her body because of the many dangerous fights she gets in. I think that from looking at the cover I would expect a story with a much more positive vibe, but she’s caught between a rock and a hard place for pretty much the entire time, like struggling not to drown in a raging torrent and it just never stops.

    But the picture is very pretty, as expected from you. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Hahaha she should wear armor, I give you that. But she was never any knight, just an unfortunate gal who inherited lots of trouble ;D I’m glad you like the cover!

  8. Brandi Lynch Reply

    I read a lot of fantasy and YA, and I would probably pick it up. I’ve been duped by pretty covers before, so I would, of course, check out the synopsis on the back first. I don’t about the title, but I suck at those myself, so I don’t have the best input there. If it’s picked up by a publisher, they may change it anyway. Good luck on your querying journey! It can be a rough road sometimes, but don’t give up!

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! We’ll see how it all goes. And for the title – I’m bad at this game, and I don’t like it much either, but it’s the only thing that came to mind. At least i won’t be sad if someone wants to change it lol

      • Alex Reply

        I’m fine with the title. I forgot the synopsis but iirc it does contain that people traditionally get cleansed by getting Ahvi seeds removed from their souls and that that tradition is gonna be questioned, so I think it’s fitting.

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