Frantic thoughts

Ada is not very good at this thinking under stress thing. Just going with the flow here, not being able to find something she probably still has in her pocket.

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Anyway! I saw Dune and it’s been a while since I liked a movie (or book) so much! Very refreshing. I was growing convinced that I can no longer enjoy any simple entertainment. So yeah, if you haven’t been swept away by giant sandworms and blazing dunes – go and watch that movie. Of course, the soundtrack is amazing because Hans Zimmer does not disappoint. I’ll go to sleep waddling through endless sands in my mind, watching the sky for battleships.

I also read The Song of Achilles in the meantime, a recommendation from a friend. It was supposed to be an example of a romance that makes you cry. It didn’t work for me. I was waiting for Achilles to die for the whole book, and it didn’t grab me in the slightest. The writing is very nice, but the whole idea of a half-god falling in love with a common dude just doesn’t sit well with me. Unconditional, baseless love isn’t beautiful to me, it’s fictional and forced, and I wasn’t able to enjoy the story (honestly, myths don’t make for good plots, so there isn’t much of a story there either). Anyway, if you like Greek mythology and tragic romances then you will probably enjoy this book.
I picked up the Middlegame for the next one, but I barely started so it’s hard to say if I’ll like it. Seems pretty thick, so it’ll take me a while to finish.

For those interested in my own writing – The Cleansed Ones which I’m querying is still waiting for responses from the first 25 agents I sent it to. I got a couple rejections, but those who actually read the book really liked it (I got some more feedback recently) so I’m not discouraged. We all know that I’m bad at marketing and don’t know how to sell my stories well, this will be no different. The second book I wrote – The Mind Drummer – is currently in the hands of betas, and the one I’m writing now – untitled so far – has 20k words and I hope to bring that to 70k by the end of the month. Because hey, it’s National Writing Month! So yeah, I’ll be writing a lot in November 🙂

I hope you enjoy the page (took me a while to draw this one, somehow) and see you next week!

6 comments on “Frantic thoughts”

  1. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Looks like even the swords that teleported them came with them. I believe I see one of them on the bottom right corner of the first panel.

    • Winged Kitsune Reply

      It’s kinda hard to tell, but they did have curved handles like that one I see there.

  2. HKMaly Reply

    Good. Nothing is missing, except possibly the teleportation papers which might’ve been used up.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    T’is not the time for inventory,
    or panic or regret.
    It’s time to act, but not for glory,
    must move, but must not fret.

    Now look at that, our strong lil’ girl,
    lugs round this bag of meat.
    In bed is is, he will unfurl,
    that one is quite a feat.

    Tell me, girl, ’bout desperation,
    that gave you strength today.
    Now where’s those notes of your creation,
    for there you cannot stay.

    A smart thought there, for you need help,
    his bleeding just won’t stop.
    Stay calm and think, no need to yelp,
    no good will do yer sob.

    And next time, please, do learn by heart,
    the spell for your retreat.
    I know you can, for you are smart,
    and not too proud to cheat.

    Today you live, by dumb sheer luck,
    your maker you should thank.
    But my, alas, misfortune struck,
    and played you quite a prank.

    The price is steep, it’s time to pay,
    for hubris lead your here.
    Now soon it will be ‘Hope’ and ‘Pray’,
    all mixed with mortal fear.

  4. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Maybe bringing a first aid kit along your next trip would be wise…

    And hopefully there will be a life-saving spell in her notes.

    I look forward to the discussions how she teleported them without drawing the circle and all.

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