In case of trouble

Okay, so who remembers when Filip snuck those notes into her papers? Foreshadowing in comics is hard.

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Hm. I don’t like to blab about such things on the Internet, but eh, those are strange times. Between this year and the last, many of us have someone they mourn. I have received very sad news last week, and I’m no longer so excited about visiting Poland for Christmas. The home that I’ll be returning to will be very different from the one I left those 2.5 years ago before the pandemic started. I’m fine now, so please don’t worry about me. And in case you’re mourning someone too – well, you aren’t alone.

From less unpleasant news” I’ve finished the Middlegame and the Terminal Boredom: Stories. The first one was quite charming but way too long for the content and the ending was very unsatisfying. It read well, and the premise was interesting, but I felt the author simply wanted to write some of the scenes, without any regard to how little sense it made. The character motivations were weak at time, and the main plot made little sense. If you can squint past those and just follow the story without questioning why things happen this way and not the other then it’s an enjoyable read. The ending is not very satisfying either – no big reveals, no twists, nothing, just waving hands, running in circles, and bad decisions (example: the main characters decide to confront the main antagonist, so they just go and visit his lair; the main antagonists proceeds to club them unconscious and tie them up – excuse me…? they were supposed to be adults? two geniuses, on top of that? I guess even geniuses make bad decisions sometimes).  The other book is a scifi short stories collection by a Japanese author and it would have been maybe interesting if not for the fact that most stories touched topics such like gender, sexuality, and drugs – I am not interested in any of those, so the stories weren’t interesting for me personally.

I started The Mask of Mirrors and The Bone Shard Daughter. The first one is very long and fairly complex. It also talks about fabrics and clothes a lot, but if you get past that, then it’s quite rewarding how all of the characters are clever and with strong agendas and continue to step on each other toes while struggling to achieve their goals. The Bone Shard Daughter stole my heart almost immediately and I’m going to secretly wish for the author to become my writing mentor and teach me her ways. I’m in 25% and I love it so far.

Well, that’s all for now. See you guys next week!

7 comments on “In case of trouble”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    When in trouble, when in doubt,
    run in circles, scream and shout.
    If that won’t work, well here’s a spell,
    I wish you luck and wish you well.

    So now I’ve done all that I can,
    For this I stopped to be her man,
    so I could give this spell to you,
    give my regards to Robert too.

    In the meantime, far away,
    a once sad girl has joined the fray.
    Whatever did ol’ Stefen do?
    You’d better run, she’s on to you.

  2. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Uh oh. Nina doesn’t seem to be too happy about something right now.

    Nice that Filip thought ahead and slipped that spell in there. Would have been nicer if he’d TOLD her about it though.

  3. Alex Reply

    Yes, this is one of the rare occasions where I did remember the foreshadowing for once. 🙂
    Not sure why he wanted it to be a secret from Ada back then, though. Probably because she hates him I guess?

  4. Unwanted Narrator Reply

    “Little did Ada know, the paper was a slip from an internet memer, paying their respects in case anything goes wrong. In her misunderstanding, she continued to draw the classic “pepehands” meme on the paper, believing it to be a magical circle that will help her.”

  5. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I had to click on the button many times to get back to that particular moment. And I remembered being confused by Filip at that time. Now it makes sense…

    But my brain will rarely pick up on or hold on to such details, so I’m usually content with finding the hints after getting the resolution. 😉

  6. Crestlinger Reply

    Providing of course that He didn’t translate the spell wrong himself and instead of heal-ing it summons heel-s of bread for consumption until the spell is stopped. Hopefully not Too high a price for it either I mean it would Suck if it was just a wound transfer type.

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