Hard landing

Uh oh? So many questions!

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How are you guys doing? I’m barely alive, since we just got back from the mountains and every muscle in my body is hurting. It was a lot of fun, though! I haven’t done any serious hiking in a while, and the weather was… surprising, but we survived! I’m also 13k words into my new novel draft, trying to get a headstart before NanoWriMo comes (for those who don’t know: National Writing Month, google it!). I also finished reading Under the Whispering Door and boy… I do get disappointed by books, but this one just made me angry. I don’t want to rant. Most people love it. For me, it was one of those you want to throw at the wall.



22 comments on “Hard landing”

  1. JW Reply

    Good thing those sword didn’t drop on them. These two don’t exactly need any more holes in them.

    • HKMaly Reply

      They couldn’t dropped ON them. They teleported at same time to same height and if anything, they would be falling faster due to lower air resistance – and they would rotate along the center of mass in air. So, those swords you see stuck in earth touched the earth sooner than them.

      • JW Reply

        Teleportation is magic, though. There’s no particular reason all teleported objects should stay in the same relative location, I think.
        When they teleported the first time, they fell on top of each other even though they weren’t on top of each other before teleporting. https://replaycomic.com/comic/iii-30/

  2. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Well, at least they got a bunch of the swords brought with them. But more importantly, now she has a chance to save Rob.

  3. Sabreur Reply

    Clearly, this is a spell to rescue the things you love.

    By which I mean the swords, obviously. 😉

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Right? She’ll be slapping a Band-Aid on Rob and telling him to “Suck it up, Rob. It’s only a flesh wound!” whilst shining and sharpening the sword haul.

  4. JW Reply

    I also finished reading Under the Whispering Door and boy… I do get disappointed by books, but this one just made me angry. I don’t want to rant. Most people love it. For me, it was one of those you want to throw at the wall.

    I can’t help but be curious about what you dislike about it, and whether I should actively avoid reading it or just never get around to it. 😛

    There’s three books that come to mind that I really disliked. From one I can only recall that someone peed in the sink. And even after all this time it still makes me angry that my teacher accused me of not reading it, just because I couldn’t remember anything from this book in which nothing happened. I only wish I hadn’t read it.
    The second book was one I picked up because my favorite author said he liked it. All I can remember from it is that somewhere it describes that act of sex as slapping dead fish together. That taught me to stick to what he writes, and not what he reads.
    And for the third, it was written like the author had devoured a thesaurus and vomited it up on paper, and the world was foul and depressing, as were the characters. Which made it clear to me I don’t share my brother’s taste in books either.

    • NotImportant Reply

      There was nothing that I liked. The author’s sense of humor irked me (two times the main character appeared wearing almost nothing, and that’s the author’s idea of a funny scene – I could have squinted through one, but two is a bit much), the idea wasn’t novel (a tea shop as a little stop on your way to the afterlife), characters (including the main ones) were cartoony to me and I didn’t buy either their personal growth or their developing feelings, 70% of the book was just boring, the plot resolutions seemed absurd (the main adversary decides to change his mind and save the main character just because), the book was supposed to be about death and grieving but sounded like a bad self-help book and the difficult topics were glossed over.

      I don’t really like ranting about book. This one was clearly not for me. I would have been fine with a slice-of-life ghost story that just doesn’t offer anything novel or interesting, with characters that don’t appeal to me. The author has a very specific style and sense of humor that just just aren’t my cup of tea. And the way he treated the difficult topics he put into the book made me cringe, but that’s probably personal too. But when he set up a tragedy (for which I was even a bit sad, things really looked hopeless) and then resolved it with a deus ex machina “just because” (this is the argument the former adversary uses – “because I can”) then I just felt insulted. The main character got his happy ending and I was utterly disappointed.

      • JW Reply

        Thanks for indulging my curiosity 🙂
        I generally don’t like deus ex machina use either. So that’s helpful to know, at least.

        I suppose I could image situation in which “because I can” would be a justified reason for a villain to change their mind, but it would probably need to be preceded by a history of capriciously jerking people around and playing with their lives just for entertainment.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Some people aren’t bothered by things like this, but it completely breaks the immersion for me. Oh well. There’s plenty of other books to read.

  5. Noyb Reply

    I watched a video where a book reviewer admitted she had to get dunk in order to read a Sarah J Maas book. It was hilarious

    • NotImportant Reply

      Lol I haven’t read anything from her yet haha Well, no book is for everyone, I guess.

      • Random Guy Reply

        If you do it right, the book is for the author alone but everyone else enjoys the ride!

  6. Refugnic Reply

    From whence you came, you now shall go,
    the waypoint you’ve once set.
    In blood you paid for magic’s flow,
    no more you now shall fret.

    And take your blades, that you have gathered,
    take home all of your loot.
    You people all are such a hazard,
    and I shan’t give a hoot.

    Now’s not the time to be confused,
    this boy needs first aid stat.
    His wounds run deep, he’s not just bruised,
    later’s the time to chat.

    Run to the cabin, do run home,
    where Julia once did hide.
    And where you’d once did keep your tome,
    of all the things you’ve tried.

    Here’s your shelter, safety calls,
    a bed, a sink and more.
    Now it’s to you, caretaking falls,
    and to wash off the gore.

    He might yet live, if you act fast,
    do wonder down the line.
    Your cry was heard, he might yet last,
    by magic’s spell divine.

  7. HKMaly Reply

    So many questions indeed! Like if they still have the backpack and if not, how much will then miss what was in it. But at least they got the swords.

  8. Austin Coté Williams Reply

    Is this a tarot card on purpose, or did you just accidentally the nine of swords?

    • JW Reply

      I only count 8 swords in the first panel. Though tarot has an eight of swords as well, so the count doesn’t matter that much.
      The depictions I find on google of the nine of swords mostly seem to have a person sitting in bed, and the eight of swords has a blinded and bound person.
      Do you have one with falling people? I have no idea how standardized the depictions are. I haven’t seen a full set in many years. (My brother had one, I think. Long, long ago.)

    • NotImportant Reply

      I count 8 and it was accidental. Still, a nice fit! “The general meaning in the Eight of Swords is that of a feeling of being trapped and victimized. You may feel powerless because, in your mind, you feel that changing the situation might be beyond you.”

      • Austin Coté Williams Reply

        I was pretty tired when I wrote this. I counted twice and got nine each time, but you’re right – it’s eight. And the eight of swords IS a better fit anyway!

  9. Norfendil Reply

    First Point of order : Making sure Rob is alright !
    Second Point of order : where are those sweet, sweet looking daggers ? :p

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