Hugs and goodbyes

Someone’s upset~ And as you can see Ada is quite huggable! Depends on the person. Kasper doesn’t wake up her inner angry tsun, or whatever it is that makes her unapproachable. And I hope Privates and Corporals enjoy the 2 pages ahead on which Filip makes quite a scene, oops.

I’ve been to the mountains this weekend, jumped the train straight after work and got back just aΒ few hours ago (it’s late Sunday evening as I write this note). I posted some pictures on my Instagram if you are curious, we went to Nikko (Tochigi) to see if trees are already turning yellow and red. It turned out to be a fantastic trip, the weather was great and we saw some first autumn colors up high in the mountains. Now I feel like resting after all that walking but… new week of work begins. I need a weekend after this weekend lol

I’m late with drawing so I can’t promise you a new episode of First Steps but I’ll be trying to ink it tomorrow so that it’s posted on Wednesday. Thanks for the votes anyhow, new month has started, a new battle begins! I’m counting on you!

And I’ve been reading Uprooted by Naomi Novik and was surprised to see Poland woven into the story, along with some Polish tales about magic and what not. It’s a fun read, the book really grabbed me. If you like witches and fairy tales it’s worth checking out! I’m almost done with it and it was quite delicious so far.

45 comments on “Hugs and goodbyes”

  1. Dragon Master Reply

    Filip what did you do? Did you break the spell?
    I wonder what would happen if someone broke the circle around camp, because IIRC you have to draw a circle around the area you want protected, than write the the forumlae inside another circle while chanting the spell.

    • bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

      No,the ward is still up; you can see it shimmering around the crime-scene tape in the final panel. Filip must have something else on his mind.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I don’t think Ada ‘hasn’t noticed it yet’.
      After all, she’s doing this on full purpose to get Robert jealous.

      At least that’s my interpretation.

      I’m a little surprised that Laura hasn’t intervened yet.
      After all, there’s someone awfully close to her precious brother.
      An unhealthy person to be close to too.

      Great, now I have a scene of Pokemon before my inner eye: ‘Laura, I choose you! Use ‘Let go of my brother’!’
      Okay, I’ll see myself out now. πŸ˜€

      • JW Reply

        I don’t think Laura would mind one bit to extend her family with Ada. It’d be more gaining a cool “big” sister than losing a precious brother.

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        “After all, she’s doing this on full purpose to get Robert jealous.” Is she?

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I agree that Laura wouldn’t mins Ada. She thinks she’s cool (which I think too).

      • antrik Reply

        I don’t think Ada is doing anything “on purpose” here. She seems rather passive in this; awkward even. This is all on Kasper as far as I can tell — or mostly at least.

        (Note that Kasper, not Ada, is the one Robert is accusing of trying to piss him off…)

        To be honest, I don’t really see why Ada would even want to make Kasper jealous?… One thing at least I’d consider fairly clear at this point: that she kinda seems to be keeping him at arm’s length. (Although her motivation, and maybe even awareness of that fact, are among the many aspects up for speculation…) The idea of making him jealous on purpose at the same time, doesn’t really add up to me.

        • antrik Reply

          Ugh, that should have been “why Ada would even want to make ROBERT jealous”, obviously…

    • antrik Reply

      Well yeah, Robert has been very “obvious” in the past ( or ) — rather *too* obvious, if anything. However, he was basically making fun of it; so it was not clear whether he was even serious. (If he was, it seemed like he didn’t want to let it show too much…) The open display of jealousy here is a total departure for that — and very unexpected for me…

      To be honest, I’m still kinda shocked at him being this possessive, especially since they aren’t even officially a couple…

      And that makes me wonder whether I might have been misreading this scene? Is it possible that Robert is not actually that jealous of someone else touching his putative love interest; but rather simply of the fact that an almost stranger can easily get away with it, while he himself is still struggling, despite them having been friends for years?…

      If that were the case, it would invalidate a bunch of conclusions I have been drawing regarding the situation between these two — pretty much throwing us back to square one… [sigh]

  2. bitflipper Camp dweller Reply

    Oh, chill, Rob. Remember that Ada will fight demons at your side and then snuggle by your side to relax, afterwards; that’s special, that is.

    • xthorgoldx Reply

      While true, she isn’t snuggling into his shirt to smell minty goodness. It’s the little things.

      • JW Reply

        Well, two can play that game. There’s no reason Robert couldn’t put mint in his clothes. Better yet, he could put donuts in his clothes, that way Ada would be unable to resist him at all. Might leave the clothes a bit sticky, though.

      • NotImportant Reply

        I love that donuts idea lol
        Although I’m pretty sure what kind of face she’d make if he approached her covered in donuts, a blissful smile on his face, arms spread… Yeah, I can see that clearly. And it’s not a happy expression hahaha~

      • JW Reply

        She’d be aghast at the mistreatment of donuts?
        “If you have enough donuts to start wearing them, you should be feeding them to me! ヽ(ΰ² _ΰ² )γƒŽ”

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Because I seem to have forgotten to comment on the VI yesterday:

    Not so sure if he considers those two his ‘friends’.
    Classmates, sure.
    But friends?

    And well, if that’s all it takes to get Ada to enter an essentially strangers room, I worry for her just a little bit.
    Not everyone is as decent a guy as Robert. πŸ™‚

    • Dragon Master Reply

      I was thinking it was just that Ada didn’t get their names right, I certainly don’t remember them. Then again, I absolutely SUCK at remembering people’s names. There was a time when I went for ~6ish months without actually knowing/remembering my roommate’s name.

      • JW Reply

        The girl’s name was Maya. And who honestly cares about what boys are called. Well, ok, fine, I looked it up and it’s Mathew.

        Names are always the first thing I forget when I’m introduced to someone because I’m too preoccupied with the introduction. I’m much better at remembering names when they’re mentioned in any other context (and if I have any interest in remembering what the person is called).
        Come to think of it, I got a few new colleagues today, and I’ve already forgotten what their names are. On the plus side, I can look up their names; on the minus side, since there’s two, I won’t know which is which. Hmm, maybe they’ll upload a picture in the ticketing-system. Well, they’ve probably forgotten my name as well, since they had to learn ten times as many new names today as I did.

      • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

        I once was good at remembering people, names so-so. But I very much lost that ability. Maybe I don’t care as much, as it seems that I can remember comic characters’ names well enough…

  4. SKy Reply

    Naomi Novik might have some interest in Poland. In her Temeraire series a dragon hatchling who later joins the main cast is very adamant about being named “Iskierka” after she heard the word in a song (she can breath fire).

    • NotImportant Reply

      She has people from Poland in her family tree, maybe she heard some stories from her grandparents as a child..? It was a surprise for me! And ‘iskierka’ means ‘little spark’ πŸ™‚ Did you like her books?

    • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

      I’m not sure readers get to make story-line requests, it’s written and it unfolds as it unfolds.

    • NotImportant Reply

      There is a goal on Patreon for that (・Ρ・)

      Okay, I’m joking… And I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait and see what happens! I make no promises!

      • Alex Reply

        That joke made me laugh! πŸ˜€

        Maybe Ada will get together with the bad guy from the beginning of the story. πŸ˜› You know what they say about age ratings:
        PG: The hero gets the girl
        PG-13: The bad guy gets the girl
        R: Everyone gets the girl

        • NotImportant Reply

          Let’s not think about the possibility of half-demons and what not… xD

  5. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Yay, Ada is wearing her hair in a ponytail again! πŸ˜€
    Robert is so jealous!

    Also, wait! Filip has an important question.

  6. antrik Reply

    I’m not sure I’d call that “huggable”… While she is not actively resisting, her stance is not exactly signalling enjoyment.

  7. antrik Reply

    I’m a bit surprised there was so little discussion of this scene… It’s such a key moment — and totally unexpected to me — for understanding the dynamics between Robert and Ada…

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