Upsetting the witch

Patreon readers were very upset with Filip in those few pages haha~ But now they have a different development to worry about so hopefully they’ll forgive Filip his obliviousness to other people’s anger. He’s a sweet boy, I promise ๏◡๏

I hope you saw the last episode of the First Steps mini-series! I’ll most likely post another episode this week too and an extra one or two for Patreon patrons so that they don’t feel neglected ♥ I’m still having a hard time adjusting to the new work schedule so everything is a mess, yay. I’ve been sketching next pages this weekend but it’s a slow process. I might post some sketches from those too, later on. I need to share that panel with our favorite cat-girl mixing concrete in an adorable way ლ(╹◡╹ლ) (the things I draw sometimes…)

Anyway, I’ve finished reading Uprooted and it was fun until the end so I recommend it as a bedtime story for a bit bigger kids. I’ve started reading The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. Anyone read it? Did you like it? I saw various opinions on goodreads so I’m curious.

Well, I’m going back to drawing now. I’ve got a three-day-long weekend this time so I want to get a lot done!

UPDATE: Two new First Steps episodes are up on Patreon and that means there’ll be a new episode available as a vote incentive this Wednesday and the next! Enjoy and thanks for the votes! (‘∀’●)♡

20 comments on “Upsetting the witch”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Clearly they want the first edition one, not the second. He may come with them if he doesn’t watch it out of a need to proofread.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Well, SOMEONE sure knows a lot about this stuff.

    His comment about how ‘a kid made it work’ and the link to a specific version is interesting.
    This suggests, that multiple versions of ‘the key of Salomon’ exists (possibly various translations, like the Bible), where the spell circle differ ever so slightly. (To be noted: I have done no research into the book or any of the associated conditions. :P)

    It also suggests, that ‘being (like) a kid’ is a precondition to making the magic work.
    Typical attributes associated with children are:
    A pure heart.
    A joyful and innocent mind.
    A yet to mature body.
    Probably a number more I’m not thinking of here.

    Now, I think we can rule out number 3 for Ada.
    She probably won’t grow any taller than that.
    Maybe there’s a height limit to magic? Though that would be quite ridiculous.

    I wouldn’t call Ada ‘joyful and innocent’ either…or Laura for that matter.
    Which leaves the pure heart…now, if we aren’t going by the Dragonball Z lore, where Vegeta was able to ‘step up’, cause he had a pure (-ly evil) heart (which is bullshit to begin with, but what do you expect, right?), Ada disqualifies again.

    Cause, no offense, but…a pure and gentle heart?

    Somehow…it doesn’t quite fit the bill.

    But then again, I could be completely misreading her and she’s a sweet, caring and innocent soul inside, which pets unicorns before going to bed each night…nah! 😀

    • JW Reply

      Maybe you have to start young. We know Ada was playing around with it in school (even though it probably? didn’t work).
      Maybe the brain needs that youthful plasticity to develop the ability, even if the opportunity to use it may not come until a decade later.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Why wouldn’t you call Laura joyful and innocent, or is it just the “innocent” part that you are unsure of?

  3. Mertel Reply
    Here is a bit about the books, in reality it has multiple versions and two volumes. I suppose the writer knows these well. As I see Refugnic you fond an answer, the one macing the ritual should “confess his sins and purge himself of evil, invoking the protection of God.” so yes maybe that’s why only Ada and Laura can do it right now. It’s nice to have this concept of magic in the comic even if it’s not originally hebrew magic if you can believe Wikipedia.

    • Fred Reply

      That, and the Wiki page also mentions one needs to be “worthy” for the magic to work.

      According to the mythical history of the document, as recorded in its introduction, Solomon wrote the book for his son Rehoboam, and commanded him to hide the book in his sepulchre upon his death. After many years the book was discovered by a group of Babylonian philosophers repairing Solomon’s tomb. None could interpret the text, until one of them, Iohé Grevis, suggested that they should entreat the Lord for understanding. The Angel of the Lord appeared to him and extracted a promise that he would keep the text hidden from the unworthy and the wicked, after which he was able to read it plainly. Iohé Grevis then placed a conjuration on the book that the unworthy, the unwise or those who did not fear God would not attain the desired effect from any of the workings contained therein.

      I’ll have to concur with you and Wikipedia that the book is – IRL – a fraud, though. Especially since one of the pentacles we’ve already seen contains a text from the book of Jeremiah, which lived half a millenium after Solomon.

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    This is one of those pages where I’m not sure whether ther’s context that has not yet been explained, or context that I should remember but have forgotten. I’m subsequently confused, but I’ll enjoy going back and reading through the check if I’ve forgotten something important. If not then I look forwards to things becoming clearer in future pages.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      Truly, a lot has not been explained yet:
      How magic works.
      What has happened.
      What Adam’s up to.
      Who is this mysterious Julia?
      What’s going on (or not) between Robert and Ada.
      Will they find circles of magic (aka donuts) in town?

      I’ll stop here 😉

      • NotImportant Reply

        What’s going on (or not) between Robert and Ada.

        I wonder if they’ll ever figure it out lol
        And we’ll meet Julia near the end of this chapter! That’s going to answer some questions~

        • antrik Reply

          So… Does that mean it will still be a long wait, or does it mean it’s a short chapter?… 😉

          • NotImportant

            It’ll probably be as long as the previous one, around 100 pages, maybe shorter. It’s not all that long before she appears but since there’s only 4-5 pages a month… But in 2018!

  5. Doom Reply

    Lovely Ada. So pretty!

    Her hair seems to have grown pretty fast. On this page her bangs nearly reach her nose. Compare with page 2 of this chapter where her bangs barely reach the top of her eyes.

  6. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I do understand why people were upset with Filip. But he doesn’t mean it. He’s just being pragmatic, following the “logical” thoughts of his mathematician’s mind.

    He also is quite knowledgeable about the Key. I mean, he could have heard it’s name previously, but that’s nothing like knowing about different versions. Since Ada doesn’t seem to know about that, Filip must have learned of it much earlier. Maybe this is not so surprising of a person who reads just anything that crosses his field of vision.

    Filip seems to have been thinking about magic abilities for some time. So have we, but we still don’t have a clue.

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