Effective threat

Oh Rob, you could have done so much better than this… But what matters is that Ada is full of energy now and ready to work some magic! I’ll add a new spell next week!

And I really wanted to make a holiday illustration, or even a quick sketch or whatever, but I spent the whole weekend painting walls again and I imagine the next few days will be a bit hectic as well since I need to visit my family. Sorry everyone, I do have an idea for a Christmas drawing but I’m not sure if I find the time to make it happen.

See you next week and have fun with picking presents for your loved ones! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥


41 comments on “Effective threat”

  1. Tzaphqiel Reply

    *You listen to Robert’s pep talk. It fills you with DETERMINATION.*
    Also, Robert, I’m fairly sure that a single breeding pair wouldn’t be nearly sufficient for that sort of thing. I forget the exact source, but I’m fairly sure that humans would need at least 80 or so breeding pairs to sufficiently avoid inbreeding.
    Excellent work, as always. Both with the main comic and with the mini-comic.

    • JW Reply

      Yeah, you need around 80+ to avoid inbreeding. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t repopulate the earth starting with just one breeding pair, it just means you can’t avoid inbreeding. And a bigger problem in the first generations would probably be childbirth mortality.

      What you’d really want to repopulate the earth after an apocalypse is as many women as possible and a fridge full of “samples”.
      (On the other hand, if maintaining technology is an issue, males might be practical to keep around. No, no, not to maintain technology. To take over the function of the fridge, and keep the “samples” fresh.)

  2. ety Reply

    I’ll take what I can get.

    Sorry, I keep meaning to work on the fan art piece I started and I keep getting side tracked by other things.

  3. HrabiaVulpes Reply

    For some reason I feel his face when he makes that joke is not enough smug-face, but whatever.
    Determination! Probably whole internet will se it as a reference to Undertale, until they forget ^_~

    As always great comic, I’m waiting for next page.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thank you! Glad you enjoy!

      I felt it would be weird to make him seem very smug as he really isn’t. He’s just making a silly joke~

  4. NiWo21k Reply

    Oh, Rob – thats normaly not how you do such talks, but it worked out so i give you this one 😀
    Something i noticed, or maybe its just me, the characters are reminding me to some similiar ones, but i cant tell *shrug* – Ah what the heck it doesnt matter, they are great and i love them 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Some people mentioned Toradora and Spice and Wolf (I didn’t know then until I started drawing this), maybe there’s more… Happy to hear that you like them haha (°◡°♡)

      • Dæmon Reply

        Ah, Toradora. I finally saw it, and I love the series. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I recommend it highly. Also, it’s about 25 episodes, so if you’re already taking time off, and you aren’t going anywhere, this is a good time to see it, especially since the Christmas episodes were my personal favorite. It’s one of only a few instances in the media and pop culture, anime or not, that’s managed to get me to cry. I loved it, and it managed to give me a little faith in humanity, which I’ve needed, especially this year.

  5. JW Reply

    Faust: “Hey baby, how about you and me repopulate the earth?”
    Woman (grossed out): “Not if you were the last man on the planet, you smarmy git!”
    Faust (insulted): “We’ll see about that!”

    And that’s how the apocalypse happened.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nice JW! I see there’s no need for the ‘how this all happened’ flashback! (‘∀’●)♡

    • Refugnic Reply

      Though, if ‘getting shot down by a woman’ (Ada?) was his primary motivation for unleashing the apocalypse, I think he would be smart enough to go about it quite a bit differently.

      Cause you see, the thing is, he would’ve had far better chances if he had chosen a more selective pandemonium, like a virus, which primarily targets guys and to which he (and maybe a few other lucky ones) are immune.

      Male population would drop to next to zero in a matter of days and the few remaining males would be in extremely high demand, including him.

      I mean, he wouldn’t be the ‘last man on Earth’, but being ‘the last viable male that didn’t mutate into some gross grotesque of a man if he wasn’t lucky enough to die first for many miles to come’ comes pretty close. 😛

      Not this messy approach with the demon apocalypse.
      Why, the girl(s) he wants could get killed in the mayhem!

      …unless, of course, there is more to the treaty with the demons than meets the eye.
      I’m thinking about something along the lines of ‘the chosen one who must not be killed, no matter how hard she tries’.
      At least that would explain how they’re not dead yet. 😀

      As for why Robert also still breathes, it’s quite simple: Offing him would put Ada at risk, which is, as we’ve just learned, forbidden by contract.

      There is, of course, also the chance that Robert isn’t an actual person (any more), but much rather some sort of guardian spirit which took the shape of Robert and keeps her safe and advised during these darkest of times.
      The real Rob would be long dead already in this case, but meh…details, am I right? 😛

      Ah, such wonderful ideas…:)

      • JW Reply

        I mean, he wouldn’t be the ‘last man on Earth’, but being ‘the last viable male that didn’t mutate into some gross grotesque of a man if he wasn’t lucky enough to die first for many miles to come’ comes pretty close.

        Maybe demons = mutated men.
        Okay, that doesn’t quite explain the apartment-building sized demon we saw in one of the photo’s. But maybe it’s a magical virus 😉

        • Refugnic Reply

          Why yes, I did have the idea, that the demons propagate by feeding (much like the Chryssalids from XCOM: Enemy Unknown).
          Messy, but without a doubt, effective.

          Regarding the skyscraper sized one…maybe an amalgamation?

  6. Corvixin Reply

    I personally think that Ada and Robert would make a cute couple but its probably way to early in the series to create something like that.

    • Refugnic Reply

      And why would that be?
      People are entitled for their own little piece of happiness, wouldn’t you agree?

      And they wouldn’t be the first ‘couple’ in the story either (looking at Filip and Nina here).

      Plus, if they become a couple and stuff, it opens the door for a lot of misery as well.
      Sofia, who has a thing for Robert for example could try to interfere with their relationship.
      Or get bitter and do a Faustian deal (yes, pun intended) in order to get rid of her rival.

      There’s never more misery to be had than where you would expect to find happiness. 😉

      Also, with Ada’s quick temper, there’d be all kinds of fun situations to be had, even if they were a couple.
      Or do you think that she would suddenly be happy and docile and all rainbows and sunshine?

      If so, I want some of the stuff you gave her to smoke. 😀

      • Corvixin Reply

        I’m not saying it shouldnt happen but if it happens RIGHT NOW, it might not make sense, I mean yeah they are strongly connected and yes I could see it happening eventually but maybe not at this exact moment. And no I didnt think that, I just said they would make a cute couple, that doesnt mean a man has to be overly masculine or a woman overly feminine, I just see their character personas and see that they fit together, yes it would create drama in many places, especially since its the apocalypse but at that I just made a remark, you didnt have to read to much into it.

          • Refugnic

            No, my hobbies are:

            As a matter of fact though, all three of these require me to think ahead, which leads to ‘reading too much into it’. 😛
            That, and I have a good old runaway fantasy. 😀

  7. Keidryn Reply

    So I stumbled into this comic because I was reading TwoKinds and decided waiting for one page a week wasn’t enough and kept leaving me with a need for more content. Rather than complain in the comments about wanting faster updates, which is far less practical of a solution, I decided to find another webcomic. Sure enough I find this in the top 10 on a ranking page and after reading through, I see why it was ranked that highly. The artwork is absolutely adorable (I love Ada’s freckles) and the story has piqued my interest, both wanting to know their past history and what’s going to happen to them as time goes on.

    Keep it up, because reading this comic will now become one of my weekly rituals. I expect nothing short of the wonderous material you’ve worked out so far — that isn’t to put pressure on your quality, but to imply your work will always be of high quality regardless.

  8. Alex Reply

    Yup, Rob definitely knows Terry Pratchett: “Don’t get scared, get angry!” (Susan Sto Helit, Hogfather)

  9. NEVADA9 Reply

    I’m pretty certain they may already have to. That’s the scary part. Also the sad and hilarious part.

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