First kill

How’s everyone doing? I hope you can still enjoy Replay despite everything that’s going on. Two more pages for Patreon supporters + everything without text and much much bigger so that you can see all the juicy details:

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Things are slowly changing in Tokyo. With Olympics canceled, everyone’s getting bolder with the restrictions. Shops and restaurants were closed in Tokyo over the weekend and stopping the trains was also under consideration. We’ll see how it goes… Until now people in Japan were free to roam and enjoy life as usual but that might quickly change. I don’t mind staying home and enjoying my hobbies but I might end up buying even more potted flowers or become one of those who dance on their balcony. I need nature in my life, okay. Why can’t I be quarantined in the mountains, damn it.

From other news! Some people join the discord server I made last week and even posted fanarts and such! It’s been great! Check those beauties out, special thanks to Nohealforu and Lion-bud!


7 comments on “First kill”

  1. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    Sadly e-wallpaper’s still not available. It would be nice to move into hills, even if just virtually, by making all walls a living illusion. Better than nothing… BTW you might even try to grow some food, even if it’s just in pots.

    Wear mask, wash hands and stay safe everyone…

    • JW Reply

      There might not be e-wallpaper, but you could use projectors. Some of them can work with very short distances.
      Or you can just buy screens that cover the whole wall.
      Or wear a VR/AR headset all the time.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        VR headset might not be suitable for everyone… I had catarract so I have artificial lenses in my eyes now. Before the operation I had no issues with playing games, but now I do get sick if camera moves too fast, like headbobbing in first person or turning in third person. The less the camera moves, the better, and the fewest of blurring or antialiasing and other “effects” the better – the eyes and brain already do that, why are we trying to simulate it, when graphic cards are fast enough now so it’s not necessary anymore!

        I tried PSVR, and while it’s absolutely awesome! I have trouble to focus my sight. I tried it for an hour, but I could feel headache coming too. It was better than looking on monitor though…

        Might really work for someone who is home and can’t go out. I wonder how a music concert might be in VR. Anyway I recommend trying VR if somebody didn’t yet! However bevare buying it right away because it seems more people can have issues than gets reported.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Why you can’t be quarantined in the mountains?
    Because you moved to the city, obviously!

    As for ‘growing your own food’…yeah well, you don’t even need to live in the mountains for that, a properly taken care of balcony garden just might do the job…even though the yield would obviously not be the same as if you had an expansive field in the mountains…but then again, no wild animals like boars or the likes to worry about.

    But then again, what do I know.
    My entire farming knowledge comes from games like Harvest Moon and the occasional visit to my aunt during a few summers when I was a child… 😀
    And my knowledge about the Japanese mountainside is even more limited…though I’ll just bet that Rob and Ada wouldn’t mind ‘being out in the mountains’ right now either.

    Good thing that these enchanted swords come with special effects when connecting with supernatural creatures, otherwise they might get the foolish idea that these creatures could be killed by just any blade…and by extension regular guns.

    This misinformation could otherwise well be the end of them.

  3. Dragon Master Reply

    LOL yeah I’ve got a “Corona Victory Garden” going at my place. Not very big but you’d be amazed what you can do with strategically placed raised beds and old containers.

  4. Speedy Reply

    We got 4 chicks just before the first quarantine, and now we’re getting fresh eggs every day.

    We’re not supposed to raise them within the city limits, (unless that’s changed, this year) but no one in our neighborhood has complained. I believe everyone is thinking that it might not be such a bad idea to have protein producers in the neighborhood, just in case things take a turn for the worse.

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