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Hello there, sweetie~

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I really like how this one turned out~ I wonder if I’ll make this comic long enough to actually reach the point when the desert appears haha! It’s up to you guys, mostly, you’re the ones fueling my motivation. Thanks for reading this comic and enjoying the story with me!

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The print is also available in the store: SEE THE PRINTS AND NOTEBOOKS! If you’re a +$10 Patreon patron the full-size version has been included in the post so go ahead and download it to see all the details or print it yourself 🙂

There will be one more illustration coming and then we’ll start chapter III! I hope! Cause I’m flying out for vacation this Friday so it might be hard to draw, I still plan to do so though. I’ll be back from vacation in two weeks so worst-case that’s how long the potential hiatus will be. Keep your fingers crossed that I can just keep updating. Vacation is fun and all but I’m really excited about this next chapter!

What else… I updated the site a little, clear your browser cache if you can’t see the difference hehe. I’ve been also drawing for the Historia project this weekend, made a brand new background in a day and felt really proud of myself hahah. Still, a long way until the visual novel is done though. Also, Japan upped the taxes which is a bummer.

As a side-note, have you guys seen the latest Tanya movie? I’ve watched it this weekend and damn, that was a good ride! I love this series (and I love the beautiful, cloudy skies in this animation). Give it a go if you don’t know it!

Please vote to see the sketch for the last illustration from this small intermission!

35 comments on “Enemies”

  1. Doom Reply

    Someone is feeling stabby! Go Ada!

    I am not happy with where Faust put his left hand.

    • Bry Reply

      why else do you think she stabbed him? he groped her and Ada got stabby-stabby while Rob is no doubt out of frame having a mini heart attack! xD

      lol, all jokes aside, the bastard deserved it. “Go, Ada!” indeed >:3

  2. Regis Earsquake Reply

    Clearly a win-win situation. Ada gets her stabbing action and he gets… something in return.

    • Klorix Camp dweller Reply

      There needs to be a reason why she’s stabbing him after all…
      Kind of a harsh punishment, though. ;-p

  3. NotImportant Reply

    Damn it, he’s just pulling her shirt, okay?! XD I seriously didn’t realize it until someone on Patreon pointed it out.

    • Regis Earsquake Reply

      I mean, we don’t know hin to well, but from all we know It’s perfectly within His character.

  4. The_Squished_Elf Reply

    Now that’s a REAL Faustian bargain…

    I know you said it isn’t but I couldn’t resist!

  5. Crestlinger Reply

    Wonder what he finally said that flipped her ‘KILL!’ switch.
    *Meanwhile Robert is in the background just going O.O *Okaaaay no more height jokes.*

  6. Rorianna Reply

    Ack for a minute I freaked out because I thought Ada was stabbing Robert. T-T
    I’m happy she isn’t but…yeah. Also, is that a chicken on the sword blade? I love it!!

  7. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Love the little NotImportant logo on Ada’s blade. 😀

    I’m curious whether this scene will be part of the story. It’s clearly set just a few moments after what we already saw in the vision, starting page 1.

    I wonder if the desert is far away from their forest shelter. This appears to be the ‘nearby’ city in the background.

    Also, I’m already enjoying the new drawing in the vote incentive.

    I’m really loo

  8. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    BTW, Ada, enjoying killing or hurting people, even bad ones, is the path to the dark side.
    On the other hand, she might have just snapped, Faust seems to be quite the annoying type. I hope she will not regret her actions. Remorse is not a fun feeling…

  9. JW Reply

    @NI the new css seems to cut people’s words off in the middle sometimes.
    In the two posts above, I see “vision”, and “actions”, and those word breaks are not in the source.

    In another news, I really like the look on Ada’s face. I think she might be better off stabbing a bit lower and to the right, but on the other hand Adam strikes me as a heartless bastard, so maybe it’s no use trying to stab him there.

    • JW Reply

      Haha. I should not have tried to insert “newline” with angle brackets to indicate where I see word breaks. Cause obviously i want things I type to disappear.
      So, let’s use an underscores instead, “visio__n” and “acti__ons”. And in my post there’s “on t__he other hand”.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Hmmm that might be, although I don’t see those examples haha. Let’s see if I can fix it. Adjusting this theme is a real pain in the ass.

      • NotImportant Reply

        My man, what’s your browser? I feel like I’ve set the word-break correctly (should only break very very long words/urls).

      • JW Reply

        I have firefox ESR 45 + noscript (So, a bit outdated, but mozilla keeps removing all the good features, so I’m not very inclined to upgrade.)

        There’s a
        .comment-content {
        word-break: break-all;
        in the css, and when I remove it everything looks good to me. If it’s just me, I can fix it via my “stylish” plugin.

        • NotImportant Reply

          You have fallen into the failsafe. Firefox should be fine with this so you really have an old version…

          .comment-content {
          padding-right: 60px;
          -ms-word-break: break-all;
          word-break: break-all; // <--- failsafe word-break: break-word; // <--- that's what I actually want }

          Maybe I should just get rid of the failsafe... but some comments with very very long urls really were breaking the layout :/
          Also, no idea why this doesn't want to formt correctly.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Awww then pick your poison I guess! Broken long urls, broken words or updated Mozilla ;D Not many people read Replay and still I hit that minority basket haha

          I’m thinking of changing the theme in general at some point so I guess you can also try waiting for that to happen? This change was necessary since I made the font size bigger and realized that long urls broke comment section :C

      • JW Reply

        Well, I already fixed it for myself using “stylish” (which allows me to (partially) override a site’s style with my own. Or at least it does in the pre-quantum firefox version 😛 )

        • NotImportant Reply

          I see 😀 I imagine you just removed the word break completely? Good to hear that you could make it work for you, sorry that I couldn’t offer anything better..!

      • JW Reply

        Yeah, I just overrode it with “word-break: normal”.
        And don’t worry about it. I’m just glad it’s not something that’s likely to cause other people a problem.

  10. Skally Reply

    Honestly, I can’t help it. This posture is just amazing. I love it so much, the way they look as if they hate each other, but love each other at the same time. And the blood, *shudders in delight*. Yes it is lovely, I just wanna lick that sword. And the blue, I cannot tell if it is grass of flames, but, man, they really accent the picture. I absolutely love it.

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