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Replay has re-launched on Tapas! Please like, comment, subscribe! Replay on Tapas

Peaceful times

Posting from the airport lol

I have a video for this one as well and I’ll add a print option to the shop too but after I land.

Enjoy the chickens while I spend the next 13 hours on the plane!


I have returned! Tokyo doesn’t seem to care about Hagibis although some of my friends did say that it was pretty scary. I missed the typhoon but I had fun in NY, I went to see the Comiket and had a team-building event at an axe throwing bar lol It was great, I became the Queen of axe throwing by beating everyone else on the team. I had no idea I had a talent for this!

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The print is also available in the store: SEE THE PRINTS AND NOTEBOOKS! If you’re a +$10 Patreon patron the full-size version has been included in the post so go ahead and download it to see all the details or print it yourself 🙂

Please vote to see the next one! We’ll have 4 illustrations total in this intermission and then the new chapter will start. Two more to go!

10 comments on “Peaceful times”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find…

    It’s quite unusual to see her happy and blissful like this.
    But then again, I guess that’s the blessing of being young and unaware of the problems brewing around them.

    Almost a shame that she had to grow up.
    Definitely a shame, that her smile had to be turned upside down like that.
    Though I guess that’s what the end of the world will do to you.
    Especially if you happen to be among ‘the chosen ones’, who get to fight whatever is coming.

    But then again…it’s still better than being unable to do anything but watch…is it not?

  2. John Reply

    Is it bad that practically the first thing that I noticed was that she is not wearing a bra under that?

  3. Regis Earsquake Reply

    I Just voted for TWCand aaw rhe Preview. Now I really wanna See rhe next Strip. Even the scatch Looks intence.

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