Greetings from Malaysia! This drawing was done when I was in NY, btw. I’m all over the place this month, somehow. Enjoy a bit different Sofia and we’ll be starting chapter III next week!

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No video for this one because I drew it on the Surface and had no computation power to record as well. But I’m not sure… do you guys even care for the videos? Or it’s not interesting in the end? Would you rather see me draw comic pages? Let me know!

The print will be available though, I’ll add it to the shop later!

Well, I’m off to pack, we’re flying to Singapore tomorrow 😉

15 comments on “Hunting”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    Here comes the badass chicken rescuer! ^^

    You became quite the traveling person 🙂
    It reminds me of my younger years when we were all over the world.

    I can’t talk for others, but I really love your little videos, you know that 🙂
    But we have to be honest, its sadly something not a lot of people enjoy 🙁

    • NotImportant Reply

      It’s a bit on accident, I didn’t know I’ll need to go to US before I planned my trip to Thailand. And then my fiance wanted to go to Singapore on the way to see his team. And then it turned out that flying though Malaysia is way cheaper so we did that. And hey, turns out I’ll visit… 5 countries this month lol

  2. JW Reply

    At first I thought it was new character which had two horns. Which would be cool. I like horny girls, err, girls with horns.
    Hmm, would people based on horned animals have horns in this style? Like antelope people, or something?

    My second thought was, “Wait, what? Sofia being capable?” Which, I realize, is a bit unfair, because she demonstrated to be a great climber. But I’m still a bit biased by her first appearance cowering in the wake of a demon attack.

    The knives look cool, but I do wonder a bit how you’d get them in and out of their sheaths. I suppose they’d have to open (partly) at the back, instead of just on top.

    I commend the bravery of the chicken. To act as bait, luring that demon into Sofia’s ambush, that really takes guts.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I know about the sheaths, I was wondering if someone would point it out! I actually drew it like an idiot, laughed and decided it would be fun to see if someone spots it. So good job!

    • T3hOgre Reply

      You sure she’s not a chicken assassin using her trained chicken demon to flush chickens from the brush? At least, that is what I see. Specialized chicken assassin daggers… Get ’em Sof.

  3. Bry Reply

    Sof, your badassery is showing again~ acrobatic and a chicken savior, what else does the little lady have up her sleeves and under that shy, soft-spoken exterior

  4. Dragon Master Reply

    NOBODY hurts chicken on her watch – NOBODY!

    Also I’m interested in the videos.

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