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Hello hello! Two more pages for $10+ supporters so go ahead and enjoy the latest upload. And I’m still taking suggestions for names for all those kids!

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I’m happy to hear that you’re still reading and enjoying this little comic of mine! I’m looking forward to drawing this chapter, we’ll finally visit the city, learn a bit more about the magic, see Ada and Rob being badass again and enjoy some good and bad moments of the camp drama~ It’ll be fun so stick around!

What happened recently… Ah, yes, Christmas. I didn’t have any. Bad planning, no break from work, me and my fiance ended up not doing anything at all and basically just working through the whole week. We’ll maybe cook something nice for the New Years’ eve, we’ll see. I was too busy drawing Historia to plan for Christmas and I wasn’t sure if I’ll have the time to relax. It’s fine, I can’t really enjoy Christmas without snow anyway. It’s just not the same.

But. We’re pretty much done with the first path of Historia. It’ll launch in 2 days. I’ll be screaming about it on social media and there should be updates on the blog as well: My fiance played the final version today and liked it a lot so I hope you guys will do too, ahhh! I’m very excited, I worked very hard for this game and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

From other news, working on Historia put a little bit too much of a strain on my poor, old body. My eyes are super puffy every day, my hand is tired and I can’t really hold the pen for more than 30 minutes and my shoulders are killing me. Gotta take it easy in the next days, try not to look at the pc screen too much, find something else to do… I’m terrified of my willpower, I didn’t feel any pain while I was working, only now, when everything’s done, I fall apart. But please don’t worry, I’ll be fine, nothing that a little rest can’t fix and I took time off from work until 6th as well.

Okay guys, I’ll have an update in a couple days, stay tuned! Ah, check the Cast page too, I updated it!  

24 comments on “This guy”

  1. NiWo21k Reply

    That panel in the middle with Ada XD – That expression – priceless XD

    Now, I was thinking, should I say it or not… You know what, yes:
    “Didn´t I say you should stress yourself so much? – Now, look at what happened!”
    I really hope you dont have do endure what I had the past 8 weeks – it was hell and I still feel the pain in my hand even if I can work again 🙁 So please, promise me you look after yourself, ok?
    And yes, I know to whom I am talking o.O

    You know, I can’t say for everyone, but there is time, I feel like the “Christmas spirit” doesn’t really is there anymore. It is a time like every other. I look around and see a lot of people just using these days to stuff themselves with food or use it as an excuse to meet the whole family – maybe it is because I am living with my family and we do a lot together that I dont feel this time of year is any special, but I see it happen more often. But New years eve is actually different, no clue why.
    But I hope you two have a nice time 🙂

    And I will try to get it after launch – if I have enough funds left (I so had to order this new Holo figure that was announced – god why do I always get weak if it has to do with “Spice and Wolf” or “Replay” – I am just a weak person -.-

  2. JW Reply

    I’m still taking suggestions for names for all those kids!


  3. Refugnic Reply

    Those kids are plain adorable.

    As for suggestions…please don’t ask me why, but when I look at the little guy on Ada’s head, the name ‘Dante’ popped into my head…calamity awaits.

    Because you know…beware the cute ones, for they are harbingers of chaos. (Disclaimer: I have a five year old son who is currently going nuts about Pokemon and now guess who the leading authority for everything that is Pokemon in the household, be it attack/defense type relationships, names of the critters or their evolution stages and partially even triggers, just happens to be…)

    *Ahem*, back to the topic, nothing to see here.

    Either way, as for the guy next to Filip…a bit far fetched, but since older names are coming back these days and I really liked Chrono Trigger, how about Janus? Or maybe Magnus (cause Magus is just too cruel)?

    The girl on Laura’s head…hmm…we already have a Sofia, but maybe we have room for a Sophie?
    Having similar names is not all that uncommon and I imagine it to be somewhat funny if you call one and the other responds.

    Unless you ARE that person, then it’s annoying…God, how often I got sent E-Mails and received phone calls, just cause there’s a guy in the IT department with the same first name… 😀

    As for the last girl at the table…hah, how about Nayru? (Goddess of Wisdom, usually featuring the color ‘blue’, except for in ‘A Link to the Past’, where the amulet of Wisdom from Hera’s tower was colored red, which is usually associated with ‘Din, the goddess of Strength’. From the ‘Legend of Zelda’ series, not like I actually need to tell this anyone around here…)
    Cause we know, parents from the 1980s+ can be cruel with the naming of their children.

    And no, my kid’s not named after an important video game character…though I did play a game, where the protagonist does have a similar sounding name, though I swear that’s just a coincidence! 😀

    As for Christmas…honestly, I’m not a fan.
    I don’t give presents (except to my son, not even I am that cruel), I don’t want presents…maybe, one day it’ll actually stick, but people just refuse to get it into their thick skulls, that Christmas would be better without all that ‘present’ stuff.

    For all I care, we could celebrate Christmas in peace and quiet…and for the kids, there could be presents on the 6th of January…cause that’s the only place in the entire Christmas story, where ‘presents to someone’ are actually mentioned.

    As for Historia: Great job, NI.
    Too bad that I couldn’t help, but I wish you all the best for your launch.

    Unfortunately I’m not very big on visual novels in general, however I do expect it to be quite a bit better than the bulk.
    After all, you worked so hard on it and I know what you are capable of. 🙂

    Now rest.
    And recover.

    Cause you know…some peace and quiet every once in a while does wonders to recharge those dried up batteries.
    If only I knew how to take my own advice…:)

    • JW Reply

      Christmas would be better without all that ‘present’ stuff.

      But, but, then you’d have a ghost of Christmas past, a ghost of Christmas future and just a ghost of nothing in between.

      • Refugnic Reply

        …where is that ‘Edit’ button, when you need it.
        Good catch. 😀

        But really, everything about (modern) Christmas is superficial, hectic and loud…at least that’s the way I perceive it.
        There’s nothing ‘silent’ about that night any more…and most definitely nothing ‘holy’ about it either.
        Except for New years, it may even be the loudest night of the entire year.

        Martin Luther did a lot of good things…but when he (or one of his followers, who’s to tell) proclaimed, that presents should not be given on the 6th of December (because that would have been a veneration of Saint Niklas, a.k.a. Santa, which he generally rejected, because for him only one ‘holy person’ ever walked the Earth and they nailed the guy to a cross…), but on Christmas instead, he created an abomination…

        For all I know, he could’ve done without all that ‘presents’ stuff as well, but people tend to love their customs so very much, so if he went around basically telling them to throw their long-lived customs over board just like that…well, he may not even have made it to the Wartburg.

        • JW Reply

          I guess over in the Netherlands we can be happy to still celebrate Saint Nicolas eve. Though increasingly people do shift the gift-giving to Christmas, I think.
          I don’t think presents are in themselves are really the problem with Christmas. It’s that it needs to be bigger and better and more, year on year. And that’s not just with the presents, but also with Christmas dinner, and decorations etc.
          And frankly it’s not just with Christmas, either. People have been misled to believe that you can make something more meaningful by spending more money on it.

    • T3h Ogre Reply

      There are two people named Refugnic at the same company? This I could not have imagined. Steve or Steven (or Stephen, Stefen, Ctipan) but Refugnic? 🙂

      • Refugnic Reply

        As far as I know, I am, thus far, the only one on the entirety of the Internet who has chosen the moniker ‘Refugnic’ (especially in combination with the surname ‘Eternium’).

        (Un-)fortunately my parents were not quite as original, when they decided on the name, which is to appear in all official documents regarding me…although it still IS a rather uncommon name in the parts I hail from…not so much on the other side of the ocean, but here it’s a fairly rare name…at least compared to ‘Stephan’ and it’s derivatives (of which I have THREE in my department alone) 😀

        And yes, I know you were joking. 😛

    • Speedy Reply

      I like the name Magnus. Especially if they learn how to cast balls of fire, ice, electricity, etc.

      I want him to figure out that if he spins the ball, he can make it curve around obstacles (or even other people). That way, they could give him the superhero name “Magnus Effect”

      Oh, and all the kids are gonna need superhero names that go with their most proficient spells.

      Also, I see this going horribly wrong in a wonderful ways…

      “Miss Ada! Miss Ada! Timmy warded me out of the bathroom, and I really need to poop!”

      “Ada! Have you been teaching the young children magic?!”
      “Hi, Kasper! You noticed? Pretty awesome, huh?”
      “Awesome is not how I’d put it. And, I couldn’t help but notice, when I awoke to my tent flying away in a whirlwind! Laura would’ve gone with it, if I hadn’t grabbed ahold of her sleeping bag!”
      “Umm… Oopsies?”

  4. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    New cast page? Almost forgot you were going to change it…

    Nice new lines all over the place, but I find the changed ones more interstings 😉

  5. Ooorah Reply

    You can’t have a girlfriend to do ritual magic? As in, users have to be virgins? Or some kind of relationship/external connection/Jedi issue? Additional reason that Ada doesn’t want to get together with Rob???

    • JW Reply

      Yeah, you need to be “pure” to do ritual magic. Though ritual cleansing might purify you enough to be able to do it. But with Nina around I doubt Filip would get far with that route.

      I can imagine Ada might use it as an additional excuse not to get together with anyone, but I doubt it’s a reason. I mean, she didn’t want to get with anyone long before magic started working.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        To be honest the whole “purity” thing is breaking my suspension of disbelief… Even Jedi “magic” has some measurable property and connected with evilness of humans it does makes sense. How do you measure “purity”? What makes it go up or down? Questions I don’t want answer to like does rape and molestation affect it? What about growing up? Girls would lose “purity” years before boys… Having naughty thoughts vs being frigid? What about orgasms? Heard of night (nocturnal) orgasms? What if someone has anorgasmia? Or loves aircrafts (literally)? Don’t even think about midichlorians, that won’t save it… Explaining “pure” sociopaths would be fun…

  6. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    Wow, Ada is such a bi… wait, isn’t she fox? She’s such a fox… Kinda starting to dislike her.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I believe the word you were looking for is ‘Vixen’.
      But then again, foxes belong to the same families as dogs do, and since a female dog is actually called ‘bitch’, so…

      However, seeing how the animal traits are, as per the author and artist, purely cosmetic, we should probably not call her either. 🙂

      • JW Reply

        Especially not to her face or in earshot of Robert.

        Personally I don’t see a reason to dislike her just because she doesn’t hide that she dislikes Filip (or maybe just dislikes him intruding in her magic class). Not every girl can be a bubbly Disney princess.

      • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

        Oh there are more reasons. Of course, there’s not much yet to make a full opinion on her, so I only get bits here and there before story develops and we’ll see more of them and of their personalities. I never fully watched Disney “fairy tales”, princesses mostly have no personalities to make me care about them (and I prefer original stories). I wouldn’t be here [reading comic] in the first place if I got such a feeling from characters(-:

      • NoriMori Reply

        EnterTheNameHere, if you think Disney princesses have no personalities, I have to question whether you’ve actually watched a Disney movie. (I guess the answer must be no, since you said yourself that you never fully watched them.)

  7. T3h Ogre Reply

    The ragamoodlums are exceptionally twee in this episode (that’s ragamuffin and hoodlum). Especially the carrot-top perched atop our scarlet heroine. He definitely appears to be picking up her vibe toward Fil. I also like to think our young camp matroness is effortlessly denying her lap bound ragamoodlum access to the table contents as her elder brother would have done – having been there and done that herself. I really like this page.

    Ooorah – Does not the cast page hint at a foreshadowed Filip with tricks up his sleeves (regardless of how many times he has been near Nina)? His weapon after all is magic, no? I assume NI is not making a euphemism there 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful new decade and year, NI (and to the rest of you, as well). Happy Oodalolly.

  8. Speedy Reply

    Ugh! Stop, Filip! I know what you’re thinking. There are other ways to protect her. You don’t have to…

    Cue train wreck in 3(?) pages… 2…

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