Creepy sleeper

UPDATE: This page has been redrawn in 2018! Old version here: old version.


Everyone has some bad habits, right? Being a creepy sleeper is not all that terrible.

Let’s enjoy a short chit-chat before the real action begins…! And if you have some free time on your hands (about 5 seconds is quite enough) you can always support the comic by voting! I’ve also updated the vote incentive, check it out, link to voting gateway is at the top.

For those who didn’t see the previous voting image – you can always visit our facebook page and check it out. When I have more than 2 images I’ll be sure to add a proper section for additional drawing. For now facebook is enough I suppose…

See you next week and thanks for the votes!

11 comments on “Creepy sleeper”

  1. xthorgoldx Reply

    Only a few comics in and already I’m getting creeped out by Robert. Not because he’s a creepy character, but because he shares my name and tendency to nod off like a dead man. I’ve slept through a military parade on my feet, it’s not as fun as it sounds. Yay, narcolepsy!

    • Ryan Reply

      Heh I did something similar but it was for band in high school when we made it to finals somehow we made top 15 band in America though

  2. Ezarkal Reply

    Hi! I just found the comic and I must say, it’s a very good start. I’ll come back for more!

    See you around, and thank you for sharing this amazing train up thought.

  3. Caleb Hawn Reply

    Hi! I’m new to this comic and just started reading it. I’m enjoying it so far, so I’ll be sure to leave a vote. Can’t wait to see where this story leads! ^_^

  4. Lindsay Davis Reply

    Ok guys…….THOSE HELMETS ARE FREAKING ADORABLE with the little ears awwww

  5. antrik Reply

    I recognise that tree! (And that guy trying to move it…)

    Weird that I have such a distinct memory of this part that I actually recognised these elements not having been redrawn…

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